Lethal Company: Complete Scrap List

Learn about the complete scrap list containing various types of scrap, its usage and price in the game.

The latest co-op Lethal Company allows you to visit different moons and complete challenges. While doing so, your goal is to acquire scrap that you can sell to buy equipment to help you on your travels. For that, you will require the complete Scrap List of Lethal Company to know which one is important to keep and which is not.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 45 pieces of Scrap in Lethal Company.
  • These Scrap pieces are collected as the players go through different buildings.
  • Scrap prices vary from 3c to as high as 210c.
  • By selling Scrap, players can buy items that help them in their scavenger hunt.

What Is Scrap In Lethal Company?

The Scrap is collected to sell at the company moons and then purchase useful items.

Players have to go through different locations to collect Scrap. They have a weekly quota that they must complete. Collecting Scrap is hard. And on top of that, no two scrap pieces are worth the equal money. So you must collect scrap, which is worth collecting.

Scrap Lethal Comapny.
Scrap Collected in Lethal Company. [Image by the Author]
Here is the list of scrap with its worth, which helps you to know whether it is useful to collect or not.

Scrap NameWeightPriceUsage
Airhorn068cPlays an Air Horn sound.
Bee Hive0189cCircuit Bees taget the player.
Big Bolt1932cN/A
Brass Bell2480cN/A
Cash Register84160cPlays a cash register sound.
Chemical Jug3185cN/A
Clown Horn071cPlays a clown horn sound.
Coffee Mug568cN/A
Cookie Mold Pan1628cN/A
Dust Pan028cN/A
Egg Beater1123cN/A
Fancy Lamp21100cHas a dim light.
Gold Bar77210cN/A
Golden Cup1660cN/A
Hair Brush1120cN/A
Hair Dryer768cPlays a hair dryer sound.
Jar of pickles1540cN/A
Key03cOpens locked doors. Has single use.
Large Axle1652cN/A
Laser Pointer0100cEmits a dim red laser.
Magic 7 Ball1671cN/A
Magnifying Glass1160cN/A
Old Phone564cPlays sound.
Perfume Bottle0100cN/A
Pill Bottle020cN/A
Plastic Fish029cN/A
Player Body115cN/A
Red Soda765cN/A
Remote027cCan toggle Ship lights.
Robot Toy2158cPlayers a noise.
Rubber Duck098cPlays a Quack sound.
Steering Wheel1622cN/A
Stop Sign2128cUsed like a Shovel.
Tattered Metal Sheet2612cN/A
Tea Kettle2136cN/A
Teeth075cPlays a noise.
Toy Cube524cN/A
Yield Sign4232cUsed like a Shovel.
V-type Engine1652cN/A

This is all the scrap that is available in Lethal Company. If I have missed anything, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll be sure to add that to the Scrap List. Check out guide on Apparatus in Lethal Company, one of the valuable scraps. 

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