Lethal Company: How Does Quota Work?

Learn how does quota work and how to complete your quota requirements.

What Is Quota In Lethal Company?

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Quota is the minimum amount of scrap that you and your teammates must gather and sell to satisfy the company’s profit. You can collect scraps from various moons and store them on your ship. Once stored, you can sell the items at The Company Building to earn credits. You will notice your profit quota requirements filling up.

It is essential to meet the required amount of profit quota in order to prevent the game from being lost and to avoid restarting.

Key Takeaways
  • In order to meet your quota requirements at Lethal Company, you will need to collect scrap from the moon and sell it.
  • By selling the scrap, you can earn the credits necessary to meet the profit quota.
  • While exploring the moon, be aware that you may encounter monsters.
  • It’s important to stay alive and avoid losing the items you’ve collected.

Highest Quota Limit

After you complete the first profit quota requirement, the next round will have a higher quota that you need to meet. This makes the game more challenging as you will have to gather more scrap from the moon and sell it while facing various dangers.

Because there is no limit to the profit quota in Lethal Company, the highest quota can vary depending on how many times you and your teammates have met the previous quota requirements. 

Tips To Reach Quota Limit

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If you’re struggling to meet your profit quota in Lethal Company, try these tips:

  1. When playing Lethal Company, it is important to work together with your teammates rather than going solo.
  2. During gameplay, it is recommended to collect scrap from a facility and drop it off at the main entrance. You can have a designated teammate responsible for taking the scrap from the main entrance to the ship.
  3. To maximize profits, it is advisable to sell your collected items on the last day when they will fetch the highest price. Remember that selling on the last day will ensure that you get the most out of your scrap.

This is all about how the quota works in Lethal Company. While you are at it, you should read the guide on Best Ways To Make Money Faster in Lethal Company. Learn about the Best Items that you should get to explore the moon while avoiding dangers. You should also read the guide Does Lethal Company Have an Ending? to learn more about the game.


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