Lethal Company: All Easter Eggs & Secrets

Uncover the secrets hidden within Lethal Company, and learn about their importance.

Lethal Company is a game that is full of surprises and adventures. As you explore different moons or sell your collected scrap, you’ll uncover many secrets hidden within. This guide is here to help you discover all the Easter Eggs and Secrets that are present in Lethal Company.

Key Takeaways
  • As of now, five Easter Eggs have been discovered in Lethal Company.
  • Though they may not have any use currently, they could be useful in future updates.
  • Among the discovered Easter Eggs, the Mansion Easter Egg is the most valuable one as it offers many valuable items or scrap, but you will have to face many dangerous monsters to acquire them.

1. The Submarine

Lethal Company submarine
The Submarine [Image By Me]
There is a mysterious Submarine located at The Company Building on 71-Gordion Moon. The submarine has no purpose, and there is no way to interact with it. There are theories that the submarine may be used in future updates as the moon is covered in water. 

2. Skyview

skyview lethal company
Skyview [Image By Me]
To uncover a hidden viewpoint in Lethal Company at The Company Building, you need to earn enough credits to purchase a jetpack. Once you have acquired the jetpack, travel to the moon and use it to ascend the tower of the building. When you reach a sufficient height, you will be able to observe a panoramic view of the surrounding buildings and roads.

3. Backrooms

While playing Lethal Company, you may come across a strange room that resembles the spooky maze found in Escape the Backrooms. The walls and doors of this room seem intentionally confusing, but the room does not serve any significant purpose in the game. It is simply a reference to Escape the Backrooms, a multiplayer horror puzzle game.

4. The Mansion

lethal company mansion
The Mansion [Image By Me]
One of the interesting things you may come across early in the game is The Mansion. Although it is mostly found on Dine and Rend, it is possible to stumble upon it on lower-level moons such as Vow or Experimentation.

When you land on a moon, it is common to explore facilities. However, if you are fortunate enough to discover a mansion early on, you can acquire valuable items or scrap. But be cautious, as the monsters in the mansion are stronger. Once you gather sufficient credits and begin farming the moon, you will be capable of handling much higher quotas in Lethal Company.

5. Sigurd’s Log Entries

LC sigurd log
Sigurd’s Log [Image By Me]
Lethal Company includes collectibles in the form of logs and journal entries, referred to as Sigurd’s logs. You can find them while exploring moons in the game. You can listen to these logs on the Terminal by entering the “Sigurd” command. The log entries explain the origins of the monsters, moons, and Lethal Company.

These are all the Easter Eggs and Secrets in Lethal Company that I have found till now. While playing Lethal Company, you might come across a Boombox and want to learn how to use it. In that case, take a moment to read the guide on How To Use Boombox in Lethal Company. Additionally, I highly recommend reading the guide on How To Get And Use The Laser Light in Lethal Company, as it will help you use the item. Lastly, don’t forget to check out the guide on The Best Mods in Lethal Company to improve your experience further.


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