Lethal Company: All Computer Commands + How To Get

Find out about the function of each Terminal Command along with their details and cost.

The Terminal Command on your ship is the key to your survival, and get any kind of information on Lethal Company. It is the only source through which you can get useful information and knowledge. Whether it is about discovering the insights of a Moon or details of a specific creature, the computer will help you out. So, make sure to know about Lethal Company computer commands and learn how to use them properly.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 9 main commands in Lethal Company that can be executed through the Terminal.
  • To execute or cancel a command, you have to type “confirm” or “deny.”
  • The Terminal or Computer helps you get useful information and navigate the surroundings.
  • Through different commands, obtain information about the Moons, buy useful stuff, keep in touch with crewmates, and learn about various creatures. 

Lethal Company All Computer Commands

Here is an Overview of all the commands that you can access in the Terminal by default.

Sr no.CommandShort Description
1.MoonsShows the list of all the Moons that yo can explore and loot.
2.StoreDisplays the list of items and equipment that you can buy from the company.
3.BestiaryGives the list and details of all the Monsters and Creatures that you've discovered so far.
4.StorageUsed to manage the interior of the ship and to move the furniture around.
5.View MonitorUsed to navigate and control the camera on the main monitor of the ship.
6.SwitchTo change the camera view to a specific player.
7.PingTo ping your lost team mates and let them know about the location of Radar Booster to help them navigate.
8.ScanTo scan the items that are outside the ship and how much do they worth.

Important: To access the computer, get close to it until you get the “Access Terminal” prompt.

To choose your desired operation, you have to type “confirm,” and to cancel it, you can enter the “deny” command. I used the commands “c” and “d,” and they also seemed to work fine. In the Terminal, you’ll see a list of the following options.


Lethal company computer commands
The Moon Command [Image by me]
The Moon section enlists all the different Moons that your ship can board. By entering the name of a specific Moon, you can get crucial information, which includes its climate conditions, looting potential, and how much life exists there. 

In the list, you will find the following entries:

MoonsHazard Level
Gordion /The Company BuildingN/A


Lethal Company
The Store Items [Image by me]
The next option in the Terminal is “Store,” which is one of the most important sections. In the Store, you can find all the useful items that help you survive the dangers of creepy facilities and stay in touch with your crew mates. 

In the Store, you can purchase the following items:

Walkie-Talkie12 Credits
Flashlight15 Credits
Shovel30 Credits
Lockpicker20 Credits
Pro-flashlight25 Credits
Stun Grenade40 Credits
Boombox60 Credits
TZP-Inhalant120 Credits
Zap Gun400 Credits
Jetpack700 Credits
Extension Ladder60 Credits
Radar-booster50 Credits
Loud Horn150 Credits
Teleporter375 Credits
Inverse Teleporter425 Credits

Other than the usable items and Ship Upgrades, Lethal Company also features some decorative items for entertainment purposes. I think adding these items adds more fun to the game, especially when waiting on crewmates and doing the preparations before landing on the moon. These items are shown randomly and may vary each time.

Jack o’ Lantern50 Credits
Green Suit60 Credits
Hazard Suit90 Credits
Record Player120 Credits
Romantic Table120 Credits
Television130 Credits
Cozy Lights140 Credits
Toilet150 Credits
Shower180 Credits
Pajama Suit900 Credits


The next command that you can type is the “Bestiary,” which gives you important information about the Lethal Company monsters that you’ve spotted and sent their data to the ship. The Bestiary section does not reset once you die, meaning the information about the creature will be stored the next time you operate the Terminal.


In my opinion, the Storage section is not that relevant. It is used to manage the interior of your ship and the items that you’ve stored. You can use the section to monitor the stored items on your ship. It does not have such practical usage in your voyage and exploration.

View Monitor

Lethal company computer commands
Other Commands [Image captured by me]
The “View monitor” section is used to control the camera view displayed on the main. Through this command, you can turn the camera view on and off or navigate the surroundings of the Moon you’ve landed on.


The Switch command helps you to change the camera on the monitor to a specific player. If you want to focus on a specific teammate, you can type the command, followed by the player’s name, and you will be able to navigate him.


The Ping command helps you to track your ship and return to it in case you get lost. The ping command works if you have the Radar Booster. If you ping a crewmate, it will show them the location of the Booster. It will help your teammates to navigate the area or to find the nearby exit.


If you want to check how many items there are to loot on a specific Moon and how much they cost, you can use the scan command. The scan command will scan all the lootable equipment along with their cost. It helps you determine whether a facility is worth looting or not.

My Opinion On Terminal Commands

In Lethal Company, the Terminal computer commands is the most important source of any information and knowledge. In the terminal, I find the “Store” and “Bestiary” commands most useful as the items I buy from the store make my ventures easier, and the Bestiary menu helps me identify what type of creature I am facing and how to deal with it. 

Now that you’ve all the knowledge about terminal commands, you read Haris Umar’s Review of Lethal Company for his in-depth thoughts and analysis. Other than that, you can also learn How To Open Doors From Ship in Lethal Company.


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