Lethal Company: How To Deal With Loot Bug?

Explore the characteristics of the loot bug and gain insights into effectively handling its attack mode.

The challenge in Lethal Company lies in dealing with multiple monsters while searching for the items and surviving their attacks. One of the monsters that you may encounter in Lethal Company is Loot Bug, also known as the Hoarding Bug.

Key Takeaways
  • Loot Bug is a monster that does not cast significant damage in Lethal Company.
  • They can be defeated in just two or three attacks, even in a one-on-one encounter with a shovel
  • I recommend you kill the Loot Bug first when gathering scrap from nests.
  • If your health is low during an attack, drop the items you have taken from the nest immediately.
  • You can also run to the exit if it is near.

What Is A Loot Bug?

LC Loot Bug
The Loot Bug [Image By Me]
The Loot Bug in Lethal Company, also known as the Hoarding Bug, is a small creature that is usually not hostile towards players and is often found in facilities.

They are mostly troublesome and cause annoyance rather than being useful. The Loot Bugs are generally not intrusive but may become angry if you invade their personal space for an extended period. They are usually seen in small groups, and their main purpose is to collect valuable items and transport them to their nests.

These creatures become aggressive only when you attempt to take their collected items. Though they don’t impose much damage individually, their combined strength and swift mobility make them dangerous. They are very fast, so escaping from them can be quite challenging.

How To Survive Loot Bugs

loot bug nest LC
Finding Loot Bug Nest [Image By Me]
In the Lethal Company game, the Loot Bug is not a significant challenge. If you stay in their territory for too long or take any of their items, you will be attacked by them.

You must follow these steps to avoid their attack:

  1. You can run to the exit immediately, as fast as possible, after stealing the items from the nest.
  2. Make sure that the Loot Bug does not spot you, as the creature is a bit faster.
  3. If the exit is far and the Loot Bug is near you, then you should make a peace offering.
  4. You must drop all the items that were collected from their nest.
  5. This is a safer option as the Loot Bug will focus on the item only and bring it back to safety.
  6. This will give you time to get away from the Loot Bug.

If the Hoarding Bug is near you and has started attacking you, then you must kill it to survive.

Follow the given steps to kill a Loot Bug:

  1. The Loot Bug can be easily defeated with just a few melee attacks with a shovel or road signs.
  2. You can even slow them down using a Zap Gun.
  3. If there is a group of Loot Bugs, attack them before picking up items, as they become aggressive when robbed.
  4. Focus on one to quickly reduce their numbers and manage the situation effectively.

Important: If a Loot Bug kills you, it will gather all the items collected by you and store them in its nest. You can go back and collect them.

My Experience With The Loot Bugs

In Lethal Company, escaping or killing the Loot Bugs is not a difficult task. I have successfully stolen items from their nests and managed to reach the exit unscathed. Similarly, killing the group of Hoarding Bugs is not a challenge either. It was enjoyable to be stealthy and steal items from their nests without getting spotted by the Loot Bugs.

That is all you might need to know about the Loot Bug in Lethal Company. While you are at it, make sure to read the Lethal Company Review by Haris Umer and get to know his thoughts on this fun multiplayer game. In case you and your teammates are having trouble navigating and opening the doors of the facilities, make sure to read the guide on How To Open Doors From Ship in Lethal Company.

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