Lethal Company: All Monsters [Outdoor + Indoors]

Discover the different moons of Lethal Company with seventeen unique monsters, each posing a unique threat.

There are currently 17 monsters recorded in Lethal Company, with nearly all of them wanting to kill you. While some monsters wander on the moon’s surface, others are exclusively found within the facility.

Key Takeaways
  • Lethal Company currently features 17 unique monsters, each posing unique threats within the moon’s exteriors and the facility.
  • Outdoor Monsters roam the moon’s surface, presenting varying levels of danger and behavior.
  • Indoor Monsters inhabit the facility, each with distinctive characteristics and attack patterns.
  • Monsters like Forest Keepers may emerge at night, while others like Eyeless Dogs rely on sound rather than sight to detect prey.
  • Utilizing items like shovels can aid in defense against certain monsters.

All Monsters In Lethal Company

There are 17 monsters that you will find in Lethal Company, including the outdoor and indoor facilities.

Here is the summary of all the monsters in Lethal Company:

MonstersHostileFound AtShort Description
Baboon HawksYesOutdoorsWinged creatures in groups; attack if provoked.
Circuit BeesYesOutdoorsAggressive when approached; form swarms if separated.
Roaming LocustsNoOutdoorsPassive; produce sound attracting Eyeless Dogs.
Forest KeeperYesOutdoorsLarge, nocturnal creatures; dangerous if noticed.
Eyeless DogsYesOutdoorsLarge, sight-impaired canines; detect by sound.
Earth LeviathanYesOutdoorsMassive underground worm; avoid ground vibrations.
ManticoilsNoOutdoorsPassive creatures; pose no threat.
Hoarding BugsYesIndoorsThey collects and guards loot; attack when provoked.
HygrodereYesIndoorsSlow-moving blob; avoid contact, play music to calm.
BrackenYesIndoorsRed, spiky humanoid form; provoked if stared at directly.
Ghost GirlYesIndoorsHaunts individuals; sprints if approached.
JesterYesIndoorsJack-in-the-box monster; winds up and chases players.
Spore LizardNoIndoorsPlayful creatures; emit vision-obscuring mist.
Bunker SpidersYesIndoorsTrap prey in webs; tough to defeat.
Coil HeadYesIndoorsMannequin-like monster; advances unless watched.
Snare FleaYesIndoorsCeiling lurkers; suffocate victims unless removed.
ThumperYesIndoorsShark-headed monsters; fast and lethal when spotted.

Outdoor Monsters

Even though you wouldn’t interact much with Outdoor Monsters in Lethal Company, they can sure be a nuisance if you meet one.

Baboon Hawks

The Baboon Hawks are monsters with wings that mostly hang out outside and like to gather in groups. When you watch them from far away, they seem to prefer doing their own thing and usually won’t chase after you.

Even though they might be a bit curious, they usually won’t start a fight unless there are more of them than you. But if you get too close or make them mad, they will attack back fiercely and can be dangerous.

Circuit Bee

Circuit Bees
Circuit Bees [Image by Me]
Circuit Bees are always outside, no matter the time of day. They tend to gather around a red ball that serves as their hive. If you approach this hive, they’ll fly out and attack you. When they get separated from their hive, they turn into an angry swarm, moving around and attacking anything they come across on the map.

Roaming Locusts

Roaming Locusts
Roaming Locusts [Image Credit: Me]
These monsters don’t actively engage in any actions, but they create a noticeable sound if you bump into them, which can attract Eyeless Dogs to where you are. They are passive and scatter when you pass through them, only to regroup nearby shortly after.

Forest Keeper

Giant scary monsters show up outside after the sun starts going down. Forest Keepers come out of the ground and walk around, making loud thumping noises.

If you see one, crouch down and don’t move, hoping it won’t see you. If it does, it might grab you with its big hands and eat you. But if you’re inside the ship, it can’t get you.

Eyeless Dogs

Eyeless Dog
Eyeless Dog [Image by Me]
Eyeless Dogs are big dogs with a dark line along their back and tail. They come out at night outside. They have large mouths with big teeth – if one catches you, it will grab you and shake you, which can kill you. But, as their name suggests, Eyeless Dogs can’t see well, so you might sneak past them if you’re quiet and don’t make much noise.

Earth Leviathan

The Earth Leviathan is a huge worm that lives underground outdoors. It might appear and start moving around underground after it gets dark. If you’re walking outside and feel the ground rumbling, the Earth Leviathan could be right beneath you.

The smartest thing to do is quickly change your direction and run as fast as you can away from where you were heading because that’s where the Earth Leviathan might come out. If you’re carrying heavy things that might slow you down, drop them. If the Leviathan comes up under you, it could kill you instantly.


Manticoil [Image Credit: Me]
Manticoils are monsters from the Lethal Company that you’ll often find outside on many moons. They have four wings and small bodies, which make them easy to spot. These monsters are passive, so there’s no need to stress about dealing with them in Lethal Company. When you approach them, they fly away and pose no threat.

Indoor Monsters

Indoor Monsters will be the ones you will interact with most in Lethal Company, as you will need to head inside to collect most loot. 

Hoarding Bugs

Hoarding Bugs
Hoarding Bugs [Image by Me]
Indoors, you can come across the Hoarding Bug, which, much like you and your friends, enjoys gathering and keeping loot. They tend to guard their collected items and won’t attack unless you try to take something from them. 

Nevertheless, if needed, you can defeat them by using signs or shovels. When they turn hostile, Hoarding Bugs fly toward you. They’re pretty speedy but not so powerful that they’ll instantly defeat you, giving you a chance to defend yourself.


The Hygrodere is a strange blob that’s blue-green and can be found indoors. When it spots you, it becomes aggressive, but the good news is it moves slowly and can’t get to you if you’re standing on a higher platform. If it’s blocking your path, you might be able to jump over it – but don’t try to fight it!

Some say that playing music near the Hygrodere might calm it down somehow. Be cautious, though! Touching the Hygrodere means instant death.


Bracken resembles a bit of a human figure with a red body and spikey parts on its torso. The most noticeable feature is its white glowing eyes.

You’ll find it indoors, and it tends to sneak up on the nearest player to attack. But here’s the catch: if you look right at it, Bracken will run off for a bit. However, if you keep staring at it, it’ll eventually get provoked and attack. Once it slips back into the darkness, be very watchful because it’ll start hunting you again in less than a minute.

Ghost Girl

You’ll encounter the Ghost Girl on faraway moons that cost more to reach. She targets one player at a time, so if you spot her, you’ve been singled out as her victim. Interestingly, no one else can see her, not even if they are spectating the person she’s haunting.

The Ghost Girl might initially stand still for a bit, but if she starts skipping toward you, it is time to sprint away as fast as you can. If she catches you, she will take off your head, leading to instant death.


Jester [Image Credit: Me]
The Jester are monsters only found on the most advanced moons in Lethal Company. It looks like a jack-in-the-box with legs and an arm sticking out. At first, it might seem calm, wandering around near you, but eventually, it’ll run up and start winding itself up.

Once it begins winding up (which takes around 30 seconds, based on my experience), all players should quickly exit the building.

After finishing its wind-up, a huge skull pops out and moves toward you, causing instant death if it catches you. Then, it chases the closest player inside the building, getting faster and faster, and won’t stop until everyone either leaves or gets caught.

Spore Lizard

The Spore Lizard has four legs, a big round mouth, and a purple orb at the tip of its tail. When you come across it racing through the corridors, it might stop, open its mouth, and wag its tail at you. It acts more like a playful puppy than a threat.

If you approach them, they release a pink mist that clouds your vision but doesn’t cause any harm. If you get even closer, they might give you a gentle warning bite, nothing too serious.

Bunker Spiders

 Lethal Company Monsters Bunker Spiders
Bunker Spiders [Image by Me]
Bunker Spiders are big spiders often found indoors. They create webs around their area, so watch out and don’t step into their webs – if you do, it’ll trap you and let the spider know you’re there, likely resulting in a quick end for you. These spiders are tough to defeat, so it’s better to avoid them by sneaking past their webs and avoiding their territory altogether.

Coil Head

Coil Head
Coil Head [Image by Me]
The Coil-Head are monsters that look like mannequins, with short arms, a damaged body, and a head mounted on a spring that seems to be screaming in Lethal Company.

When the Coil-Head spots you, it rushes towards you and can instantly end your life unless someone keeps eye contact with it. It’s not wise to try fighting it. Instead, slowly move backward while making sure to keep looking at it. If you can, work with your allies to prevent it from getting any closer as you try to get away.

Snare Flea

The Snare Flea are troublesome monsters that lurk on indoor ceilings in Lethal Company, waiting for someone to pass below. Once a player walks underneath, it drops down, wrapping around their head and suffocating them slowly until they die. To avoid them, keep an eye on indoor ceilings.

If it lands on your head, there are two ways to deal with it:

  1. Have a nearby friend hit it with a shovel or sign, making it release your head and fall to the ground. Then, your ally can finish it off by hitting it.
  2. If you can’t do that, try rushing toward the exit. Once outside, the Snare Flea will perish.

When you’re suffocating, you can’t see, so you will need a bit of guidance toward the door.


Thumper Lethal Company Monsters
Thumper [Image Credit: Me]
The Thumper are monsters with shark-like heads that move along corridors by dragging themselves with two long arm-like limbs in Lethal Company. It can’t hear, so making noise won’t attract it. However, it’s speedy and will charge straight at you when it spots you, instantly killing you if it reaches you.

If you must fight the Thumper, you can position yourself on a railing or something similar to stay out of its reach while attacking it. Alternatively, you could team up with others to strike it from behind after it charges past you.’

Whenever you are landing on a dangerous moon, I suggest you take a shovel with you. That way, you can counterattack some monsters, or else you can die countless times like I did.


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