Lethal Company: How To Survive Earth Leviathan

Dodge, outsmart, and survive the colossal Earth Leviathan by evading its lethal strikes and mastering escape tactics.

The Earth Leviathan stands out as one of the most dangerous monsters in Lethal Company due to its immense size. The monster poses a significant threat, capable of consuming a player or challenging an entire team. Despite its formidable strength, like any other enemy, the Earth Leviathan also has its vulnerabilities.

Key Takeaways
  • Watch for signs like ground rumbling and shaking stones, then sprint away to avoid the Earth Leviathan’s emergence in Lethal Company.
  • Earh Leviathan is most active in the evening after 2:00 PM and is invulnerable but won’t pursue you back to your ship.
  • Dropping items can aid in increasing your speed to escape its attacks.
  • Inside the ship, alert your team as the Leviathan’s red indicator is distinguishable, but reacting in time can be challenging.

How To Survive Earth Leviathan In Lethal Company

Lethal Company Encountering Earth Leviathan
Encountering Earth Leviathan in Lethal Company [Image by Me]
Dodging the Earth Leviathan’s attack involves being alert to signs like ground rumbling and stones shaking nearby. Once you notice these warnings, quickly sprint out of the area to avoid its emergence from the ground, preventing it from catching and killing you. I suggest you drop all items to be faster.

  • The Earth Leviathan rarely emerges during the morning or afternoon. Typically, it hunts in the evening, usually after 2:00 PM.
  • When attacking, the Earth Leviathan accelerates while underground and launches a sudden, powerful strike at a specific location.
  • Earth Leviathans can be tricked into consuming Forest Keepers if they sprint after a player at full speed.

The Earth Leviathan is invulnerable and cannot be killed. However, it won’t pursue or follow you back to your ship. You can run in any direction, but the key is to swiftly move away from its spawn location to ensure your safety.

Unlike Eyeless Dogs, according to a Steam Community thread, Earth Leviathan can’t attack you when you are inside the ship. Moreover, you can alert your team of its presence on the ship since the Earth Leviathan’s red indicator is the largest among all the enemies in the game, making it distinct. However, responding at the exact time can be difficult, so take caution when communicating this information.

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