Lethal Company: What Does Radiation Do & Its Affects?

Find out the consequences that await those who remove the Apparatus in Lethal Company and get the Radiation Warning.

In Lethal Company, when you discover an Apparatus, you can remove it. However, this action might not be entirely safe. Upon removing the Apparatus, there’s a possibility of receiving a warning about potential radiation increase in Lethal Company.

Key Takeaways
  • Radiation warnings triggered by removing the Apparatus in Lethal Company don’t affect gameplay or endanger your character.
  • Although the red alert implies increased radiation levels, they don’t pose any real threat to your character’s safety.
  • Removing the Apparatus causes the facility’s lights to go out and electric doors to remain stuck open, complicating power management.

What Does Radiation Do To You In Lethal Company?

Radiation Warning in Lethal Company
Radiation Warning in Lethal Company [Image by Me]
It’s actually not a significant issue. Despite the warning, the radiation doesn’t have any real impact or consequences in Lethal Company. 

Radiation might seem like a serious concern as after removing the Apparatus, it triggers a red alert, warning about “increased levels of radiation” flashing on your helmet. However, In essence, the radiation in Lethal Company is harmless, so there’s no need to worry about its effects on gameplay or your character’s safety.

What Does Removing The Apparatus Do?

Apparatus in Lethal Company
Apparatus in Lethal Company [Image by Me]
The Apparatus serves as the building’s power source, so removing it results in the lights going out and electric doors getting stuck in an open position. Importantly, you can’t simply reattach the Apparatus back onto the wall once it’s removed, adding a layer of complexity to managing the facility’s power system.

The radiation warning is more of an alert than a direct threat to your character. Things might become more challenging after acquiring the Apparatus, the essential item in the facility. 

The Apparatus value is quite high, costing about 80 credits. It might be the highest-value scrap in the Facility.

In conclusion, it’s safe to remove the Apparatus as the Radiation warning doesn’t seem to do anything for now. Find out the Best Ways to Make Money in Lethal Company with all the Monsters roaming around.


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