Lethal Company: Best Ways To Make Money Faster

After spending many hours looting, these are some of the effective ways to make money faster in the game.

Money plays an essential role in Lethal Company. You will need the money to buy gear and upgrade your ship. Following some of the best ways to make money in Lethal Company can help you gain a significant advantage over your enemies, as you can have better gear and a superior ship.

Key Takeaways
  • In Lethal Company, money is used to buy gear and make upgrades and can be collected mainly by selling scrap.
  • Efficiently use the Scanner to identify valuable scrap items.
  • Explore high-risk, high-reward moons like Titan and Rend for more valuable scraps.
  • Maximize profit by selling scrap on the last day at the Company Building on 71-Gordion when all items are priced at 100%.
  • Maintain mobility by carrying only valuable items, balancing the need for loot with the impact on your speed and mobility.

These are some tips to make money more effectively in Lethal Company:

1. Use Scanner Continuously

best ways to make money
Using the Scanner [Image By Me]
The Scanner is a must-have in Lethal Company. It can be used to spot enemies or even your ship in instances you are lost. The Scanner also proves to be super helpful in making money faster in Lethal Company.

The main use of the Scanner is the identification of the most valuable scrap items. Since you only have limited inventory slots, I suggest you carry items of value only. For this purpose, you must keep scanning your environment to look out for valuable scrap. It is important to conduct a thorough facility scan as even the smallest of items can be of much value. 

2. Loot Moons With More Scrap

List of Moons [Image By Me]
In Lethal Company, you can explore different moons. When it comes to looting, moons in Lethal Company follow the simple rule of high-risk, high reward. Moons like the Titan and Rend are rather expensive to travel to and have worse enemies and monsters but give out a lot of valuable scraps. So, if you want to make money faster in Lethal Company, I recommend to head to one of these moons, but they do come with a lot harder enemies.

It’s wise to steer clear of moons in an “eclipse” state. Darker settings mean enemy creatures will appear more frequently, increasing the overall threat level significantly.

3. Sell Scrap On The Last Day

Selling Scrap [Screenshot by Me]
You can head to the Company Building on 71-Gordion whenever you want to sell scrap. But do keep in mind that you will only receive a percentage of the value on normal days. However, on the last day, all scrap is priced at 100%. To maximize the earnings and make the most of my hard-earned loot, I  wait until the counter reaches zero days left before selling all my scrap. This ensures that I get the full value for the items.

4. Only Carry Valuable Items

In Lethal Company, carrying lesser loot improves your mobility. To stay quick and avoid getting slowed down, it’s important not to carry too many items. You need to use the inventory spaces efficiently and not carry heavy items that are invaluable. You will come across two types of items in Lethal Company:

  • One-handed: These items neatly fit in the player’s inventory, enabling tool use while carrying.
  • Two-handed: These are generally more valuable, but carrying these results in a big hit to your mobility.

It is advised to maintain a good balance between mobility and value while fighting off enemies, but for looting purposes only, always look out for more valuable two-handed items.

5. Good Team Strategy

best ways to make money in lethal company
Entrance of a Facility [Captured by Me]
Though solo play is an option in Lethal Company, teaming up enhances the experience. With a well-coordinated looting strategy, you can make far more money than trying to loot alone. A four-player team works best. A properly planned venture ensures maximum chances of survival and looting.

If a player in the group dies, their items are lost for that run unless they’ve already been stored on the ship. Clear communication and assigned roles are crucial to ensure everyone’s survival. Designating one player to stay on the ship can aid in guiding teammates and interacting with facility obstacles through the ship’s terminal.

Why Make Money In Lethal Company – My Take

best ways to make money in lethal company
Scanning the Value of Scrap [Image by Me]
In Lethal Company, you must earn money continuously to buy essential gear for missions.

This includes basic supplies like walkie-talkies and flashlights, all the way up to advanced tools such as jetpacks and teleporters.

The main source of money in this game is collecting scraps throughout and selling them by the end of each run. When roaming around various abandoned facilities, the primary objective is to gather as much scrap as possible while navigating through hostile enemies and challenging environments to ensure survival.

That was my take on some of the best ways to make money in Lethal Company. If you are interested in the Apparatus, head over to Lethal Company Value of the Apparatus & Location guide. 

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