Lethal Company: How To Deal With Baboon Hawk

I have played for more than 40 hours and this is how you can deal with Baboon Hawk

Lethal Company consists of a lot of monsters, and you need to deal with them in order to proceed in the game. One of these monsters is the Baboon Hawk, which might not harm you if you stay away from its vicinity. The Baboon Hawk in Lethal Company might look frightening and dangerous due to its appearance, but you can easily deal with it with the right strategy.

Key Takeaways
  • Baboon Hawk is a type of monster in Lethal Company that appears in numbers.
  • They are peaceful, and you can easily avoid them.
  • In case of an attack, it can be taken down easily with shovels or stop signs in 4 to 6 blows.
  • They will avoid you being in a group and when they are outnumbered.
  • If you are alone, try to escape them and avoid any interaction.

Who Is The Baboon Hawk

Baboon Hawk Area [Image By ME]
Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company are creatures with wings and scary faces found in the open. Usually, it tends to get a bit protective when it comes to dealing with annoying intruders like us. So you must be aware when passing by them.

They mostly will scream at you to make sure that you avoid them from proceeding in their direction. If you get too close to them and don’t act accordingly, they will take you down in a few blows. 

How To Deal With Baboon Hawk

lethal company shovel
Shovel [Image By ME]
The Baboon Hawk will mostly be peaceful and never attack you for no reason. But if they attack you, they can take you down by surprise without giving you any chance. So, it would be best if you dealt with them strategically, and they are very easy to deal with. Follow these simple instructions to deal with Baboon Hawk:

  • Always watch your surroundings and spot them first because this creature can attack you by surprise.
  • Mostly, they will not attack you, so you avoid them by not getting too close to them or not making them feel threatened by your presence.
  • Try to play with a team because they tend not to attack you if they find themselves outnumbered.
  • Most of the time, you can easily flee, but if they attack you, just use a shovel or a stop sign, and you can kill them within 4 to 6 blows.
  • If you are not in a team and are outnumbered, the best option is to run away for your life.

My Recommendation For Baboon Hawk 

If I encounter a Baboon Hawk in Lethal Company, I will try to escape them. The best way is not to be violent, but if they still attack you when you are in a team, you must carry a shovel with you to kill them. 

This is all about Baboon Hawk in Lethal Company and everything you need to know about how to deal with it. If you are still in it, read Lethal Company Review by Muhammad Haris Umer.


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