Lethal Company: How To Spot & Deal With The Mimic

Learn how to spot a Mimic in Lethal Company and how to deal with one if you or your team ever encounter one.

In Lethal Company, among the nightmarish enemies is the Mimic. Have you experienced random things attacking you out of nowhere or heard weird noises? Well, that is what the Mimic is doing. Lethal Company Mimic is a terrifying foe that adopts the guise of anything and anyone, launching a surprise attack when least expected.

Key Takeaways
  • In Lethal Company, the Mimic can take the shape of any object.
  • It stays hidden and attacks you once you approach it.
  • Sudden movements of inanimate objects mean it’s the Mimic.
  • It is advised to stay together and scan constantly to avoid facing the Mimic.
Important: While the Mimic isn’t a classified hostile creature or entity in the base game, you can download the following Mimic Mod for free, which enables the creature to spawn for sessions alongside you and your friends.

What Is Mimic In Lethal Company

lethal company mimic
This Rock could be a Mimic [Image by Me]
No one has really seen the Mimic, as it doesn’t have a particular shape or face. It is a proposed enemy in Lethal Company that can take the form of a player, corpse, or any object you can think of in the game. It can be the smallest object lying around or maybe something big you are just going around.

How Does The Mimic Attack Or Decieve 

Mimic attacks you if you interact with it or even get close to it. The thing special about Mimic is that it can literally deceive you by playing audio clips recorded from the group chat. You have to be really careful when moving around facilities because Mimic can attack you out of nowhere. It adds a horrifying touch of tension and distrust to the game.

How To Spot The Mimic

Identifying the Mimic can be a tough job. You can only look out for subtle and hard-to-notice clues.

Shivering Or Moving Objects

Keep a keen eye for objects exhibiting slight, shivering movements. Mimics may betray their disguise by displaying subtle, shivery motions. You could also see inanimate objects making fine movements. Try to look out for any such movements.

No Radar Presence

Since Mimics don’t show up on radar pings, a missing object on your radar could signal a lurking Mimic. Use your radar ping to identify Mimics, especially when uncertain about the authenticity of an object’s appearance.

Keep these tactics in mind as you navigate the ominous moons of Lethal Company, where the difference between friend and foe is as elusive as the Mimics themselves.

How To Avoid Getting Hit By Mimic

Scanning Objects [Captured by Me]
Lethal Company Mimics are like jump-scares, but you can follow some protocols to avoid being the prey of one.

Shovel Hit Suspicious Things

One way to avoid The Mimic is to shovel-hit things that may be a Mimic. Mimics are quite dangerous but have minimal health, so a single hit should be enough to take them out. But do keep in mind that you can not go around hitting everything, as that can have its consequences. Hitting things could trigger an alarm or cause them to explode, so you just hit things that arouse suspicion.

Continuous Scanning

Keep scanning your surroundings. Radar pings are the best way of spotting and avoiding a Mimic. You can see almost everything in Lethal Company on your radar, but Mimic does not appear in radar pings.

Stick Together

And the best advice for dealing with the Lethal Company Mimic is to stick together. Mimic is a very intelligent enemy in Lethal Company and smartly chooses its prey. Mimics tend to attack lone players more than whole teams. So, moving in a group could keep the Mimic away.

My Thoughts

In my opinion, Mimics add a nice touch to the overall horrifying experience Lethal Company tries to provide its players. Facing a Mimic is not the end of the world, but it is better to stick together and avoid facing one. Look out for moving objects, and you should be safe from it. Once you face a Mimic, you’ll always feel this tension and horror moving around, so it’s a nice addition to this Co-op Horror-Thriller.

That’s about it from my side regarding the Lethal Company Mimic. If you are interested in learning about the best weapons to go for in Lethal Company, give the best weapons in Lethal Company a read. If you want to know which items to spend your money on first, head over to best items to get. For the explorers, learn about the best Moons for you to explore and loot.

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