Lethal Company: Teleporter Vs The Inverse Teleporter

Learn about which one is better the Teleporter Vs The Inverse Teleporter, along with how to use both of them.

There are multiple things you can add to your ship in Lethal Company, such as the Loud horn, Teleporter, and Inverse Teleporter. I had enough money to add all of the Teleporters in Lethal Company. But if you don’t, getting the teleporter is the best option. But you might ask which one? To decide, you should know between the Lethal Company Teleporter Vs Inverse Teleporter which one is more useful for you.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of two teleporters in Lethal Company: Teleporter and Inverse Teleporter.
  • The teleporter can be used to send players back to the ship when they are extremely low.
  • The inverse teleporter can be used to send players to any random location on the map.
  • To use the teleporters in Lethal Company, you first need to buy them and place them on your ship. Then, simply press the button to teleport.
  • Also, you should know that the player can not carry items with him while teleporting.
  • Why Trust Us: After going through Lethal Company for several weeks on Steam, I feel confident going into the topic with thorough experience.

Teleporter Vs Inverse Teleporter 

Teleporter And Inverse Teleporter In Store [Image Taken By Me]
  • Teleporter: The teleporter can be used to send players back to the ship when they are extremely low. It cost me 375 credits.
  • Inverse Teleporter: The inverse teleporter can be used to send players to any random location on the map. It cost me 425 credits.

How To Use All The Teleporters

There are a total of two teleporters in Lethal Company, as mentioned before. One is the normal and simple teleporter, while the other is the inverse teleporter. Both have different uses and are used differently.

Following is how you can use both the teleporters:


Teleporter [Screenshot Taken By Me]
To use it, all I had to do was step inside it once it was installed. The process is quite simple, too: select the team member on the monitor radar and make sure a crew mate is available on the ship who can press the button to initiate the teleport. 

Some important things to know are that the device can only teleport one player to the ship at any given point. Furthermore, the machine cannot teleport the items one player is carrying.

Inverse Teleporter

Inverse Teleporter
Inverse Teleporter [Screengrab taken By Me]
The use of the inverse teleporter can be pretty dangerous since it can send one of the players on the ship to an unknown location. It is also placed anywhere on the ship and is used when you press the yellow button. It has a 3-minute cooldown. Anything the player is carrying will be lost here as well, and it is quite important that you use this teleporter when you have a simple teleporter installed as well. If the player is stuck in a tricky situation, you can bring him back.

My Thoughts On The Teleporter And The Inverse Teleporter

I personally believe that getting the teleporter first should be your main priority. Whenever and wherever a player is in need, he can be teleported back to the ship quite easily using the teleporter. It is an amazing investment. The inverse teleporter was fun to use and gave me a thrill since I had no idea where I was heading. However, this can prove to be quite risky as well.

And with that, my guide on Lethal Company Teleporter Vs Inverse Teleporter comes to an end. Here, you were informed on both the teleporters along with their uses and how to use them. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section below.

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