Lethal Company: How Does Sanity Level Work [Explained]

Learn all about how the sanity level work, how it attracts the ghost girl, and how you can survive the ghost girl.

Lethal Company is quite fun to play and has different easter eggs. One is the sanity level. It is a player stat that is hidden. The player with the lowest sanity level is attacked by the ghost girl first. The sanity level is not displayed. Therefore, it is impossible to determine who has the lowest level. For that reason, every player should know how to deal with the ghost girl and how to increase their sanity level.

Key Takeaways
  • Sanity is a hidden stat in Lethal Company.
  • It is associated with the ghost girl.
  • If your sanity level is the lowest in a group or is on the low side in general, then the ghost girl will target you.
  • Your sanity reduces when you are alone or turn your camera around a lot. 
  • The ghost girl is invulnerable, so the only way to survive is to run away from the moon.

How Does Sanity Level Work

Me Taking Damage Through A Trip Mine [Image Taken By Me]
It is nearly impossible to figure out your sanity level, but what factors affect it is known. The first and most important factor that lowers your sanity level is you being alone.

Therefore, make sure you are near one other player or communicating with another player through a walkie-talkie. The number of times I turned the camera around and the times I was severely injured both played an important factor in lowering my sanity level. Another important thing to keep in mind is that carrying an expensive item increases your chance of meeting the ghost girl as well. 

However, avoiding all of these does not always work, and if everyone has a pretty high sanity level, the girl will choose a random player and attack them. But knowing how to avoid the ghost girl is a big plus.

How To Survive Against The Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl
The Invulnerable Ghost Girl [Screenshot Taken By Me]
The best and only way to survive against the ghost girl is to run away from her and leave the moon.

One thing to know is that she cannot be defeated. She is invulnerable to damage. Once she is done killing one of your teammates, she will quickly move on to the next. Therefore, your best bet is to run away from her. Quickly get to the ship and drive off the moon. Keep in mind that you need to be super quick since she can teleport into the ship as well.

Furthermore, for more on Lethal Company, you can check out Haris Umer’s thoughts on the game in our Lethal Company review.

And with that, my guide on Lethal Company Sanity comes to an end. Here, you were informed about the sanity level that attracts the ghost girl and how you can avoid the ghost girl. Other than that, if you want to add something, you can do so through the comment section below.

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