Lethal Company: Assurance Moon [Definitive Guide]

Learn everything about the items, fire exits, and how to survive in Assurance, one of the moons in Lethal Company.

Assurance is one of the moons in Lethal Company, and it is among the easiest ones to explore. However, while being easy, it does have some creatures that can catch players off guard. If you had a hard time exploring Experimentation and Vow, then you might have more trouble with Assurance. 

Key Takeaways
  • Assurance is one of the easier-level moons in Lethal Company.
  • In the Nighttime, Assurance can be scary, so players should mainly explore it during the day.
  • There are many items on the moon in Lethal Company, so try to get as many as you can.
  • Be sure not to mess with the Ghost Girl in Assurance, as so far, there isn’t a way to kill her.
  • Also, she targets only one person, so other players won’t be able to see her.
  • If things go south, players can always space via the fire exit. 

How To Survive In Assurance

Selecting Assurance From Terminal (Image By Me)

Assurance is easy to explore, but there are some entities like Ghost Girl that players should run as soon as they see her in order to survive. 

While Assurance is one of the easiest moons to explore, survival can be challenging at some point. During the daytime, players won’t really have to worry much as there will be only Circuit Bees, Romaing Locusts, and Manticoils. However, these creatures will only be in the outside areas, as in the facility, there can be some creatures lurking in the dark. So, be vary of that.

During the nighttime, the outside is way more dangerous. There will be creatures like Eyeless Dog, Earth Leviathan, Baboon Hawk, and Forest Keeper. Among these, I found Eyeless Dog to be the most difficult to deal with as it can even come inside the ship and has insane hearing abilities.

  • Inside the facilities of Assurance in Lethal Company, there are some creatures that are tough to deal with.
  • The most annoying one among them is the Ghost Girl.
  • She will even follow you outside the facility.
  • I had trouble dealing with the Ghost Girl as she targets only one person at a time.
  • Also, your friends won’t be able to see her.
  • Do note that she can’t be killed, so as soon as you see her, make sure just to run away.

How To Find The Fire Exit On Assurance 

Assurance In Lethal Company (Capture By Obaid)

Players can find the fire exit in the direction the ship is facing.

If you are exploring at night, then there are chances that your ship is surrounded by some deadly creatures. Among them could be the eyeless dog who can instantly get inside the ship. While you can distract it, there are some other creatures, too, so you might not make it back to the ship. 

You don’t have to worry about that as there is a fire exit on Assurance in Lethal Company. 

Follow these steps to find the fire exit:

  1. Run in the opposite direction of the main entrance where the ship is facing. 
  2. Soon, you will notice a ladder to your right on a rock.
  3. Climb that ladder and get on top of the pipes.
  4. Then, simply jump across them, and you will find the fire exit.
  5. Now, simply interact with it to escape successfully. 
  6. You wouldn’t need any keys or any other thing in order to open the door. 

All The Loot In Assurance

The following is all the loot players can find in Assurance: 

Item NameItem Name
Fish TestPropRed Soda Can
Big BoltOld Phone
Metal SheetTea Kettle
EngineHair Dryer
BottlesPickle Jar
Laser PointerSteering Wheel
Toy CubeAirhorn
Magnifying Glasshairbrush
Cookie Mold PanCash Register
Stop SignClown Horn
RemoteEgg Beater
Robot ToyHand Bell

If you want to get all these items, then be sure to clear out all the monsters in Lethal Company and make sure to run away from the Ghost Girl.

That is almost everything you would want to know about Lethal Company’s Assurance. While it is an easy moon, players tend to underestimate the creatures it features and end up losing in the first run. I would recommend you not to explore the area and the facility in the nighttime as the creatures at that time have a high chance of killing you. Also, some players have faced a rare phenomenon on Assurance, as discussed on the Steam Community Discussion Page.

While you are at it, you should also read the guide on how to obtain and use the Laser Pointer in Lethal Company. After that, check out the guide on Boombox to know its usage and effectiveness against monsters. When you are done with that, visit the guide page on how to get and use a shovel, one of the most useful items. Also, if you still have no idea of how Quota works in Lethal Company, check out the guide.

Besides that, check out Haris’ Lethal Company review to see where he thinks the title succeeded and could’ve succeeded.

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