Lethal Company: The Dine Moon [Creatures & Travel Price]

Find out all about the Dine Moon in Lethal Company and what challenges you will face while exploring with your teammates.

The Lethal Company is a horror co-op game that allows you to explore multiple moons, each with its own hazard level ranging from D to S+. The hazard levels are listed as D, C, B, A, S, and S+, with S and S+ being the toughest levels. The Dine Moon in Lethal Company belongs to the S hazard level, where you will encounter the scariest and most challenging monsters.

Key Takeaways
  • Dine is a Tier 3 moon in Lethal Company with an S hazard level, making it one of the most challenging levels to explore.
  • To embark on this mission, you must have 600 credits.
  • The moon is inhabited by deadly monsters such as the Earth Leviathan, Eyeless Dog, and Forest Keeper.
  • It is strongly recommended to enter the facility with teammates who possess a strong backhold and full HP to increase your chances of survival.

What Is The Dine Moon

Dine moon
The Dine Moon On Terminal [Image By Me]
Dine is a Tier 3 moon in Lethal Company. You must have 600 credits to travel to Dine. Surviving in the Dine can be quite challenging.

It is similar to Rend Moon – a frozen, rocky, Tier 3 moon with poor visibility. Frequent blizzards and extreme cold are noticed on Dine due to its orbit around a dwarf star.

There are two entrances to the facility at Dine Moon in Lethal Company. The first is the main entrance, which can be found easily. Once you leave your ship, you will notice a lamp-lit corridor leading directly to the main entrance, connected by a rope. The second entrance is the fire entrance, which is located under the bridge.

I strongly recommend you only visit this moon with a strong team capable of handling harsh conditions to explore the moon for priceless treasures.

Creatures in Dine Moon

LC dine
Jester In Dine [Image By Me]

Night Time Creatures

The following creatures spawn at night time in Dine:

Serial No.CreatureChance PowerMax Count
1.Earth Leviathan34.76%23
2.Eyeless Dog48.17%28
3.Forest Keeper17.07%33

Indoor Creatures

The following creatures are found indoors in Dine:

Serial No.CreatureChancePowerMax Count
1.Snare Flea12.12%14
2.Hoarding Bug11.19%18
4.Bunker Spider14.92%31
6.Spore Lizards3.73%12
8.Ghost Girl4.20%21
10.Coil Head12.35%15

How To Survive the Challenges Of Dine?

Despite facing challenges and hurdles, you can still avoid losing the game. Here are some tips for you to follow:

  1. It is important to have a strong and resilient team that can withstand attacks.
  2. Ensure that all team members have full health points to endure damage from any monsters.
  3. Quick and efficient action is necessary during the night when visibility is limited, as monsters can pose a lethal threat.
  4. It is advisable to enter the moon during the day as no daytime creatures can spawn on Dine.

Is The Dine Moon Worth Exploring?

Having spent over 35 hours playing Lethal Company, I strongly recommend that you only explore the Dine Moon with a reliable team. The moon is extremely challenging, and the monsters you’ll encounter are both terrifying and difficult to handle. Furthermore, I advise you to avoid exploring the moon at night, as I myself have made this mistake many times, and every time, I was attacked and killed by a horde of Eyeless Dogs.

While you are at it, make sure to read the Lethal Company Review from Haris Umar to learn more about the game. You should also read the guide on What Does Eclipse Mean. You can also go through the guide on How To Use The Shovel to explore the moon fearlessly. Learn about the Best Weapons in Lethal Company to defeat the monsters you meet on your journey of exploring moons.

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