The BEST Suits in Lethal Company [Top Picks]

After 10+ hours of plundering scrap in the terrifying facilities, here are my favorite 2 suits in Lethal Company.

Currently, in Lethal Company, players can pick from 4 different suits, including the default orange one, since the game is still in early access. If you want to stand out while collecting scrap on faraway moons, it’s good to know the best suits in Lethal Company. After all, what’s the fun without a bit of fashion?

Key Takeaways
  • There are 4 suits that players can equip in Lethal Company.
  • The suits have no functionality apart from the cosmetic perspective.
  • It becomes way easier to spot a player wearing a Hazard suit, so it is easier to warn him about the incoming monsters or dangers.
  • Players can access more suits in Lethal Company by installing different mods.
Important: There are 4 unique suits in Lethal Company that players can choose from: Orange (Default), Green, Yellow, and the Pajama suit. The suits do not affect the gameplay and are purely cosmetics.

All Lethal Company Suits & Their Prices

With a total of 4 suits currently in Lethal Company, there isn’t that much of a choice for players to play dress-up.

The following is the list of all Lethal Company Suits that players can equip:

NameColor/PatternPrice (Credits)
HazardSolid Yellow90
PajamaBlue with Polka dots900

2. Pajama Suit

lethal company pajama suit
Lethal Company Pajama Suit [image by Me]
Funky color scheme, but heavy on the pocket.

Perhaps the most unique suit in Lethal Company, the Pajama suit comes in a solid blue color with yellow polka dots. The suit definitely makes the player stand out amongst the crew. This suit will be your go-to suit if you are looking to play Lethal Company in a cooler look.

  • Price: 900 credits

The price is no joke since the average scrap value in Lethal Company is around 50 credits. This means that just to afford this suit, you would have to make multiple trips on a difficult moon collecting valuable scrap while also avoiding monsters.

It’s really surprising that the Pajama suit doesn’t come with any extra features, given how expensive it is. Apart from the price of the Pajama suit, the funny look is really worth it, and I would prefer this suit over the green and the default suits. 

1. Hazard Suit

hazard suit lethal company
Lethal Company Hazard Suit [image by Me]
Best Suit due to its color and affordability.

The Hazard Suit is by far the best suit in Lethal Company. At just a small price, players can purchase the Hazard suit from the shop. The bright yellow color of the suit really makes you stand out from the gloomy environment of Lethal Company.

  • Price: 90 credits

That makes it easier for other players to spot you and, hence, warn you of incoming danger. Furthermore, the price is really affordable for the look this suit offers. None of the suits scare away the circuit bees or the eyeless dogs in Lethal Company, so apart from the beauty perspective, there is no other variable to judge the suits on.

So, if you are looking to dress uniquely while not spending so many credits, the Hazard suit is the best suit in Lethal Company.

How To Buy A Suit In Lethal Company

Apart from the default Orange suit, players can buy the other three suits in Lethal Company. They can do so by accessing the shop from the terminal and entering the right commands.

Here is a quick run down if you don’t want to read the guide on how to buy a suit in Lethal Company:

  1. Go to the terminal and type in ‘Store.’
  2. A list of items that can be bought will be shown, including suits.
  3. Type ‘buy [Suit Name]’ and then type in ‘Confirm’ to receive your suit.

Keep in mind that there are no refunds, so make sure your decision to buy the suit is final. After you have made the transaction, you can find the suit hanging on the hangers. Long press ‘E’ in front of the suit to change into that suit.

Getting More Suits

more suits lethal company
More Suits Mod [Image By Me]
Although Lethal Company only has 4 suits as of now, players are thirsty to get their hands on more suits. Instead of waiting for future updates and hoping that the moderators would add unique suits, many players have figured out a way to mod Lethal Company to have access to more suits.

You can get extra suit choices using the MoreSuits mod. This mod introduces various new clothing options, allowing you to play dress up in Lethal Company. So, no more sticking to the bland Solid colors suits that the game provides, you can make unique suits according to your likes.

And the most convenient thing is that the Mod is free. Easy on the pockets, as well as more options to choose from? The MoreSuits mod is a blessing for Lethal Company players.

My Thoughts On The Best Suit

In my opinion, the Hazard Suit is the best suit in Lethal Company since it is on the cheaper side and distinguishes you from the dark environment.

Now, you’re prepared to embark on adventures across the various moons wearing different suits in Lethal Company. While exploring, take the time to understand the value and location of Apparatus in Lethal Company, giving yourself a financial advantage. Be sure to try out all the suits and share which one pleased you the most.

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