Remnant 2 Archetypes Tier List [Best & Worst]

The tier list ranks all the classes 12 classes from the game keeping in mind the DLC.

Update: This tier list is updated with the latest changes from the February 29, 2024 patch update.

After the Awakening King DLC, the game has changed a lot and I bring you the Remnant 2 Archetypes Tier List where I have ranked the best to the worst Archetypes in the game. Keep in mind that my preference will always go to the archetypes that can help me build a plethora of builds over the meta archetypes.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 12 Archetypes in Remnant 2.
  • S-Tier: These are the best Archetypes in the game. Whether you play co-op or you are playing solo
  • A-Tier: These are the second-best classes in the game and are not too far away from the ones in the S Tier.
  • B-Tier: Archetypes that are good but you can’t bank on them fully after the recent updates in the game.
  • C-Tier: These are the worst archetypes in the game but a new update can change their fate. 

Remnant 2 Archetypes Ranked

Here is a complete ranking of all the Archetypes with the perks and skills of each in Remnant 2.

SRitualistVile, Wrath, Terrify, Dark Blood, PurgeEruption, Miasma, Death Wish
SArchonTempest, Amplifiy, Power Creep, Spirit Within, Power LeakReality Rune, Havoc Form, Chaos Gate
AHandlerBonded, Pack Hunter, Spirit of the Wolf, Teamwork, Best FriendGuard Dog, Support Dog, Attack Dog
AGunslingerLoaded, Swift Shot, Posse Up, Quick Hands, Sleight of HandQuick Draw, Side Winder, Bullet Storm
AEngineerHigh Tech, Metalworker, Magnetic Field, Heavy Mobility, SurplusHeavy Weapon: Vulcan, Heavy Weapon: Impact Cannon, Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower
BHunterDead to Rights, Deadeye, Return to Sender, Urgency, IntuitionHunter's Mark, Hunter's Focus, Hunter's Shroud
BSummonerRuthless, Dominator, Residue, Outrage, InciteMinion: Reaver, Minion: Hollow, Minion: Flyer
BChallengerDie Hard, Close Quarters, Intimidating Presence, Powerlifter, Face of DangerWar Stomp, Juggernaut, Rampage
BAlchemistSpirited, Liquid Courage, Panacea, Gold to Lead, ExperimentalistVial: Stone Mist, Vial: Frenze Dust, Vial: Elixir of Life
BMedicRegenerator, Invigorated, Benevolence, Backbone, BenefactorWellspring, Healing Shield, Redemption
CInvaderShadow, S.H.A.R.K., Loophole, Circmvent, OverrideWorm Hole, Void Cloak, Reboot
CExplorerLucky, Scavenger, Metal Detector, Prospector, Self DiscoveryPlainswalker, Gold Digger, Fortune Hunter


Best Classes in Remnant 2
Best Archetypes – [Image Captured by Us]
S-ranking archetype classes are the best in the game. Whether you play co-op or you are playing solo. They will help you succeed and help in your encounters in the game. They are almost perfect and will help you dominate. Versatile, overpowered in many places, and just formidable.


  • It will help you clear story mode easily.
  • Best for hit-and-run playstyle.
  • Best for trivializing overworlds and dungeons.
  • Best gameplay experience in the game.
  • Affliction bug reduces DoT damage, impacting overall DPS.
  • Skill damage ineffectiveness on Eruption and Miasma hampers performance in certain scenarios.


  • Best archetype for players who play with mods.
  • Best archetype in the game for players who make a lot of builds.
  • Very powerful and has great synergy with many archetypes.
  • It requires a lot of grind from a player to unlock it.
  • The unlocking method is exclusive and very challenging for new players.
  • Archon unlocking requires a specific weapon and armor combination, limiting freedom.
  • This restriction hinders players from experimenting.


Good Archetypes of Remnant 2
Good Archetypes – [Image Captured by Us]
These are the second-best classes in the game and are not too far away from the ones in the S-ranking Remnant 2 Archetype tier list. On the flip side, they from my experience are not good for the most builds I have made so far in the game. That is the sole reason they are a tier lower but that doesn’t mean you can not use them in a variety of ways. For example, Gunslinger is probably the most aesthetic and versatile archetype in the game.


  • It is the best starter archetype in the game.
  • The dog companion provides resurrection ability and inflicts bleed.
  • The dog is best for solo play.
  • Effective for new players, drawing aggro and aiding in survival.
  • Utility diminishes as players acquire better items and weapons.
  • Limited damage output and tankiness, making it less popular in builds.
  • The “buff stick,” lacks the versatility of other archetypes in various roles.


  • Combining Gunslinger with Hunter offers a powerful synergy.
  • Gunslinger excels in DPS, with Bulletstorm being the standout skill.
  • Ideal for users of bows and rifles.
  • Notable features include automatic weapon reloading when using relics or mods.
  • Damage boosts and increased ammo reserves. 
  • The auto-reload feature may interfere with player control.
  • Gunslinger is unlocked relatively late in the game.
  • Its effectiveness in other weapon categories may vary other than bows and rifles.


  • Strong and versatile with prime perk and minigun turret.
  • High-skill damage and Fortify traits for varied scenarios.
  • Engages in broken infinite loops with the Medic archetype.
  • Limited creativity and niche in design.
  • Turret usage impractical and costly without the Overclock Prime perk
  • Without investment, the turret lacks impact in general gameplay.


Average Archetypes of Remnant 2
Average Archetypes – [Image Captured by Us]
By no means B-ranking Remnant 2 Archetype tier list classes are terrible. They are good but you can’t fully bank on them after the recent game updates. For example challenger, a very decent archetype for someone who loves playing tank characters but you now can easily be tanky without the challenger. The other archetypes are floating in the game boat one way or another.


  • The synergy of Hunter and Gunslinger results in high DPS.
  • It is great for ranged combat resulting in a damage boost.
  • A good option as a secondary class due to its utility skills.
  • Limited ammo capacity of 7 rounds.
  • Vulnerability to close-quarters combat.
  • Bad against rushing enemies.


  • Diverse summon options for versatile combat.
  • Dominator perk boosts damage significantly.
  • Incite perk enhances minions’ stats.
  • Sacrifice mechanic disrupts gameplay flow.
  • Residue perk’s healing aura may be insufficient.
  • Outrage perk’s benefits could better activate upon summoning.


  • Adaptable for solo play across various difficulties.
  • Die-hard prime perk provides an extra life.
  • End-game powerhouse with a massive damage perk.
  • Not ideal for new players due to short-range guns and heavy initial roll.
  • Difficulty spikes in Nightmare mode, requiring specific gear and traits.
  • Melee limitations against distant bosses in solo play.
  • The Back trait may be overshadowed by other amulets.


  • A powerful prime perk with valuable buffs once scrap is abundant.
  • Solid 25% damage boost and +5% crit from the damage perk.
  • Micromanaging buffs is tedious.
  • Prime perk’s impact is limited until scrap availability increases.
  • The class lacks inspiration and could benefit from a debuff-focused skillset.


  • Effective for consistent healing and regenerating relic charges.
  • Synergy with lifesteal gear and a +50% healing trait enhances health recovery.
  • Lifesteal effectiveness varies with gear and traits.
  • Archetype choice depends on individual preferences for damage and survivability.


Worst Classes in Remnant 2
Worst Archetypes – [Image Captured by Us]
C-tier archetypes are the worst archetypes in Remnant 2. Invaders do have a slight potential and in melee-based builds, it can do well but Explorer, is a pathetic choice, I hate it. It is the only archetype in my opinion that can not beat the apocalypse difficulty. 


  • Provides a unique playstyle with a focus on high speed and mobility.
  • Effective for melee tank or stealth sniper builds.
  • The absence of true stealth and backsteps restricts the Invader’s versatility.
  • Limited move pool, with most melee weapons feeling slow.
  • Reboot ability is very underwhelming.


  • Enjoyable for non-combat activities, excelling in exploration and resource gathering.
  • Ineffective in combat situations, lagging behind other classes.
  • Falls short of top-tier status due to limited combat effectiveness.

Remnant 2 Archetypes Tier List

In conclusion, the tier list accommodates a variety of playstyles. Ritualist and Archon, topping the S-Tier, embody versatility. However, A-tier contenders like Handler and Gunslinger prove their worth. Even the B and C-Tiers have their shining moments but are weak. In the post-Awakening King DLC era, it’s about personal style, not just following the “meta.” So, play it your way, my friend.

The success in the game is not solely dependent on the Archetypes. You need to know the ranking of the best weapons and the best Remnant 2 armor.


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Solid tier list overall, although I\'d put Hunter in the S tier too.

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