7 BEST New Rings In Remnant 2 DLC [Expert’s Picks]

Learn all about the new rings you can get in the Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2, along with my suggested picks.

The new rings in the Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2 offer extreme variety compared to the base game. As always, you can equip up to 4 rings at a time to get several passive buffs. And, unlike weapons or archetypes, this DLC adds a ton of new rings, so there are a lot of different options you can go for.

Key Takeaways
  • Rings are equippable items in Remnant 2, which you can use to gain several abilities.
  • There are 26 new rings added to the Awakened King DLC, all of which have unique abilities and preferences.
  • However, these rings offer very incremental and straightforward buffs compared to the base game’s rings, so there’s little room for creativity.
  • Players should ideally pair rings together that complement each other’s abilities, such as both rings boosting Negative Status Effects.
  • From personal experience, the top 3 new rings in Remnant 2’s DLC include the Stone of Malevolence, Atonement Fold, and the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring.

Best Rings In Remnant 2 Awakened King DLC With Comparison

Here’s a brief overview of the best new rings available in the Awakened King DLC:

1Stone of MalevolenceGenerates 15% Mod Power upon inflicting Elemental Damage.
2Atonement FoldSelf-inflicts Bleeding Status upon the wearer, causing Bleed damage. Increases Critical Chance by 10%.
3Lighthouse Keeper's RingGenerates 3 Mod Power per second for each entity suffering from a Negative Status Effect.
4Crimson DreamstoneCrit hits increase Skill Damage 1% for 10s. Max stack 15.
5Band of the FanaticIncreases Status Effect Damage by 25% and reduces Status Effect Duration by 65%.
6Brawler's PrideIncreases Melee Attack Speed by 15%.
7Ring of Infinite DamageIncreases fire rate by 8%.

1. Stone Of Malevolence

The best overall ring in Remnant 2's DLC.
ring remnant 2
The Stone of Malevolence (Image taken by me)

The Stone of Malevolence is another offense-based ring that generates 15% Mod Power upon inflicting Elemental Damage. What truly sets this ring apart from the rest is its synergy with other DLC weapons, specifically the Sparkfire Shotgun, which I listed as one of the best DLC weapons.

Fortunately, there are other easy ways to get your weapon to do Elemental Damage, like using a Weapon Mod. Thus, triggering the Stone’s item effect is not only easy but highly versatile and reliable.

The Stone of Malevolence is a random drop in Losomn, but from my experience, here’s how to get the ring in Remnant 2:

  1. After reaching the Palace of the One True King dungeon in Losomn, head straight and go through the gate on your right to reach the Pathway of the Fallen.
  2. As you’re going through the dungeon, you’ll eventually reach a library.
  3. On the section to your extreme right, you’ll find the Stone of Malevolence atop a corpse.


  • Highly versatile.
  • Pairs well with Elemental-focused weapons.
  • Extremely high demand in the PvP community.
  • Boosts Mod Power.


  • Hard to find.

2. Atonement Fold

The best ring for DoT and generating Crit Chance.
Atonement Fold remnant 2
The Atonement Fold (Image taken by me)

The Atonement Fold can undoubtedly increase your damage tenfold, as it grants 1.1 Bleed Damage per second and a +10% Critical Chance by inflicting you with Bleed. While the ring’s drawback may seem counter-intuitive, it works beautifully with the Ritualist Archetype, specifically with its Perks. On top of that, I recommend the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring alongside it to get additional buffs like more Mod Power.

You can get the Atonement Fold for 500 Scraps from Leywise in Remnant 2. You can find this vendor in a corner of the Forlorn Coast’s sewer, which you can enter relatively early by following the main path of the Forlorn Coast.

atonement fold from leywise
Atonement Fold’s buying price (Image taken by me)


  • Inflicts Status Effect Damage.
  • Noticeably raises Crit Chance.
  • Easy to get.


  • Causes Damage over Time to Self.

3. Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring

The best Mod-focused ring.
ring remnant 2
The Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring (Screenshot taken by me)

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring is an exceptional ring that generates +3 Mod Power for every nearby entity, including yourself, inflicted with a Negative Status Effect. As I mentioned earlier, you should ideally use this ring with the Ritualist and Atonement Fold to enter a Frenzy-like state, getting extreme buffs in exchange for some HP. Personally, I used the Keeper’s Ring with Nightfall, and the buffs I got helped me breeze through dungeons.

You can find the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring in the Derelict Lighthouse dungeon using the steps below:

  1. Upon entering the Derelict Lighthouse, head west to encounter your first checkpoint near the Lighthouse.
  2. From there, go left into the broken building and face the Gorecarver and Thunderpiercer duo boss fight.
  3. Killing both bosses will give you the Lighthouse Key, after which you can go outside and proceed to the Lighthouse past the bridge.
  4. Inside the Lighthouse, head upstairs and use the Lighthouse Key on the locked door.
  5. Upon reaching the balcony, go left, and you should spot the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring on a desk.
  • Checkpoint at the Derelict Lighthouse (Image by me)
  • minibosses remnant 2
    Gorecarver and Thunderpiercer minibosses (Image by me)
  • key
    Lighthouse Key (Screenshot taken by me)
  • lighthouse remnant 2
    Lighthouse location (Screenshot taken by me)
  • door
    Lighthouse's Balcony Door (Image by me)
  • keeper ring
    Lighthouse Keeper's Ring (Screenshot taken by me)
Important: Here’s a YouTube video you can watch to learn the Gorecarver and Thunderpiercer’s moveset to beat them more quickly.


  • Generates Mod Power.
  • Buff can stack up to 5 times.
  • Works well with Ritualist.


  • Locks you out of getting Sparkfire Shotgun.
  • Less effective against singular enemies.

4. Crimson Dreamstone

The best ring for offense-based Archetypes.
Crimson Dreamstone Remnant 2
The Crimson Dreamstone (Picture Captured by me)

If you’re using any Weapon Mod, Mutator, Ring, or Amulet that raises your Crit Chance in Remnant 2, you should definitely consider the Crimson Dreamstone Ring. Upon a successful Crit hit, the Dreamstone grants +1% Skill Damage, and this buff can stack up to 15 times. 

  1. To get the Crimson Dreamstone, you must first reach the Ethereal Manor in the Sunken Haunt dungeon.
  2. Enter the manor and interact with the ghost-like man inside to trigger the Ethereal Manor event.
  3. Once you’re in the event, drink Liquid Escape stored in your inventory to get the Crimson Dreamstone Ring.
Ethereal Manor remnant 2 one true king
The Ethereal Manor (Image taken by me)


  • Up to 15% Skill Damage Boost.
  • Easy to get.


  • Requires Crit-focused add-ons to work regularly.
  • Crit hits must be chained to stack Skill Damage.

5. Band Of The Fantastic

The best Status-Effecting-enhancing ring.
Band of the Fantastic remnant 2
The Band of the Fantastic (Image taken by me)

If you’re someone who focuses on inflicting Status Effects, the Band of the Fantastic is the ring for you. It can raise your Status Effect Damage by 25% but also reduce your Status Effect Duration by 35%. To put it simply, you’re basically longevity for more impact, which can work great against bosses but not so much on mobs.

  • To get the Band of the Fantastic, you must listen to the Zealot’s full speech near the start of the Forlorn Coast when he’s surrounded by Drans.
  • However, to avoid the zealot getting hostile, you must be wearing the Zealot’s armor set or the Academic set or any combination between the 2.
  • Once his speech is over, talk to him, and he’ll give you the Band of the Fantastic.
Zealot’s crowd in the Forlorn Coast (Picture Captured by me)
Important: You can find the Zealot’s Armor Set in Nimue’s Tower near the Palace of the One True King dungeon.


  • Provide offensive and defensive buffs.
  • Effectively work against minibosses and bosses.


  • Can be easily missed during the initial playthrough.
  • Reduces overall Damage Over Time.

6. Brawler’s Pride

The best melee-oriented ring.
Brawler's Pride Remnant 2
The Brawler’s Pride (Picture Captured by me)

The Brawler’s Pride is a great addition for melee-oriented builds as it raises your Melee Attack Speed by 15%. This ability works well with any melee weapon, but it’s especially useful when you’re using somewhat slow and heavy weapons like the Abyssal Hook. If you do intend to use the ring, I’d also recommend picking up the Bridge Warden’s Crest to get additional Melee Damage after a Perfect Dodge.

The Brawler’s Pride is a random drop in Yaesha, so you’ll have to rely on your luck to find it. Personally, I rerolled Yaesha in Adventure Mode and found the ring atop a corpse in the Imperial Gardens.


  • Noticeable Melee Attack Speed bonus.
  • Works well with melee-focused builds and add-ons.


7. Ring Of Infinite Damage

The best ring for Long Guns and Secondary Weapons.
Ring of Infinite Damage remnant 2
The Ring of Infinite Damage (Screenshot by me)

The Ring of Infinite Damage’s ability is fairly straightforward as it increases your Fire Rate by 8%. While the ring might be useless for melee weapons, it’s a great choice for players who mainly use Long Guns and Secondary Weapons. If you ask me, guns that have high ammo, like the XMG57 Bonesaw, will utilize this ability the most, so you should equip the ring if you’re regularly using a similar weapon.

You can obtain the Ring of Infinite Damage using the following procedure:

  1. Find the Misplaced Memoir in the Forlorn Coast (it’s a random drop in Remnant 2, and I found it in the Forlorn Coast)
  2. Inspect the Memoir and interact with it near the book strap to get the Bookbound Medallion.
  3. Return to Leywise in the Forlorn Coast’s sewers and give him the medallion, after which he’ll reward you with the Ring of Infinite Damage.
memoir location remnant 3
Misplaced Memoir (Screenshot by me)


  • Increases Fire Rate.
  • Works well with most Long Guns and Secondary Weapons.


  • Useless for melee weapons.
  • Can be problematic for weapons that can overheat quickly.

My Take And Experience Using Rings

Coming from Remnant 2’s base game, I was extremely excited to try these new rings in the DLC. Unfortunately, since most rings either added debuffs or had extremely straightforward abilities, I was disappointed with the creativity I could add from a build-to-build basis.

Remnant 2
My Remnant 2 save (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

It really felt like the game wanted you to try out the Ritualist since most of the top-tier rings in this DLC center around benefitting that archetype. As such, I mostly stuck with the Atonement Fold, Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring, and the Stone of Malevolence while using Ritualist, the Wrathbringer, and Nightfall. Honestly, I was surprised how fun it was to use these 3 rings, and with the right setup, I breezed through most bosses, including the One True King.

That wraps up my extensive guide on the best new rings in the Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2, covering their item effects, locations, pros and cons, and general use cases. I’ve already given you my personal favorites from the list, but I’d strongly recommend getting these rings and trying them out for yourself. Ultimately, you’ll discover a pair, trio, or group of rings that work harmoniously together and fit your playstyle.

For other top-tier items that you can pick in the Awakened King DLC, I have a guide on getting the Monarch Long Gun in Remnant 2. If you want to explore some of the new in-game dungeons, here’s a guide on the location and key items in the Forgotten Commune. And don’t forget to check out Usama’s review on Remnant 2’s DLC and see what you should and shouldn’t miss.


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