Remnant 2: How To Get Nightfall Gun [Nightweaver Boss]

Nightfall is a Long Gun in Remnant 2, firing bone shards. Obtain it by defeating the Nightweaver boss in The Tormented Asylum!

Nightfall is undeniably one of the most formidable Long Guns, captivating players with its unique design, devastating power, and versatile combat capabilities. Crafted from the spoils of the fearsome Nightweaver boss, this weapon exudes an aura of darkness and dread, reflecting the haunting world it inhabits. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Nightfall in Remnant 2 is a highly sought-after Long Gun known for its unique design and devastating power.
  • To obtain Nightfall, players must venture into The Tormented Asylum in Losomn and defeat the Nightweaver boss.
  • After defeating the Nightweaver, players receive the Cursed Dream Silks, a crucial crafting material for Nightfall.
  • Crafting it also requires 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap as additional materials in Remnant 2.

Here’s a video tutorial giving a visual guide and briefing on how to get the Nightfall via the Nightweaver boss fight:

YouTube video

What Is Nightfall In Remnant 2?

nightfall remnant 2
Nightfall Via: eXputer

Nightfall is a highly sought-after Long Gun known for its unique design and devastating power.

The Nightfall weapon design is a masterclass in both craftsmanship and intimidation. Its appearance is adorned with haunting motifs, reminiscent of the creatures that roam the Nightweaver’s realm. The darkened metal and intricate engravings suggest a weapon forged from the very essence of the Nightmare Realm itself, adding to its allure and mystique.

How To Acquire Nightfall?

NightWeaver remnant 2 nightfall
NightWeaver Via: eXputer

Follow the steps mentioned below from in-game experience to acquire the Nightfall easily:

  1. Begin by locating The Tormented Asylum, situated in the eerie realm of Losomn.
  2. Inside The Tormented Asylum, face the formidable Nightweaver boss.
  3. Defeat Nightweaver after encountering it.
  4. After defeating the Nightweaver, you’ll receive Cursed Dream Silks, a crucial crafting material for Nightfall.
  5. Collect the remaining materials required for crafting Nightfall:
    • 7 Lumenite Crystals
    • 650 Scrap.
  6. Locate and interact with McCabe in Ward 13.
  7. Provide her with the Cursed Dream Silks, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap to craft the formidable Nightfall Long Gun.

Nightfall Weapon Features & Dreadwalker Mod

Dreadwalker remnant 2 nightfall
Dreadwalker [Image Credit: eXputer]
Below, I have mentioned the unique features of Nightfall and the changing abilities granted by its Dreadwalker Mod:

  • Dreadwalker Mod – Enter the Nightmare Realm: The defining feature of Nightfall is its exclusive Weapon Mod, Dreadwalker.
  • Infinite Ammo: While Dreadwalker is active, Nightfall gains infinite ammo.
  • Increased Fire Rate: While under the influence of Dreadwalker, Nightfall’s fire rate is boosted by an impressive 35%.
  • Lifesteal: With Dreadwalker activated, Nightfall grants the wielder a 10% life steal effect.
  • Harder to Hit While Moving: The Nightmare Realm’s influence grants the wielder increased agility, making them significantly harder to hit while moving. 
  • Disable Other Weapons and Skills: While Dreadwalker is active, other weapons and skills are temporarily disabled.

Nightfall Weapon Upgrades

Here is a breakdown of Nightfall’s upgrades and the associated crafting costs:

Upgrade Level Damage Crafting Cost
1 37.2 Iron x5, Lumenite Crystal x2, Scrap x450
2 43.4 Iron x10, Lumenite Crystal x2, Scrap x525
3 49.6 Iron x15, Lumenite Crystal x2, Scrap x600
4 55.8 Forged Iron x15, Lumenite Crystal x2, Scrap x675
5 62 Forged Iron x20, Lumenite Crystal x3, Scrap x750
6 68.2 Galvanized Iron x15, Lumenite Crystal x3, Scrap x825
7 74.4 Galvanized Iron x20, Lumenite Crystal x3, Scrap x900
8 80.6 Hardened Iron x15, Lumenite Crystal x4, Scrap x975
9 86.8 Hardened Iron x20, Lumenite Crystal x4, Scrap x1050
10 93 Simulacrum x1, Lumenite Crystal x5, Scrap x1125

This is it from my side. I hope you now know everything about Remnant 2’s Nightfall! Feel free to check out our take on Remnant 2: All Tal Ratha Choices, How To Unlock Adventure Mode, and What Is Power.


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