Remnant 2 Dev Says There Is More Weaponry To Acquire Than What The Achievements Tell You

Spoiler alert for fans of the franchise.

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  • Gunfire Games’ latest third-person shooter Remnant 2 is all set to hit the shelves on July 25, 2023, which is no more than a week from now. The hype revolving around the game is fairly immense, even to the point that the title’s pre-orders are already doing well on Steam and EGS. 
  • The latest word on Remnant 2 is that its unlockable achievements or trophies have been revealed, detailing some of the aspects of the title’s gameplay. This is spoiler territory though, so please be cautious about moving forward. 
  • Remnant 2 is the sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, which was released on August 16, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

The anticipation for Remnant 2 is through the roof right now, as Gunfire Games’ freshest Souls-like venture into the realm of third-person shooting is no more than a week away from a global release. Thanks to TrueAchievements, we also have a fair idea of what the game’s achievements are going to look like once it finally makes landfall. As of yet, a total of 50 achievements or trophies have been uncovered. 

A cumulative score of 1,000 points can be acquired with all the achievements combined in Remnant 2. 24 of these 50 are deemed “Secret Achievements,” with their descriptions usually hidden until you go on to do the exact thing that makes one of those pop up on your screen. Nevertheless, if you’d like to spoil yourself, the descriptions for the hidden achievements are also out but do proceed with caution from here on out. 

Apparently, the achievement with the highest point value—50—can be unlocked after defeating the final boss. This is a secret achievement with an otherwise unclear explanation, and titled Forever is a Long Time Coming. Another relatively high-value achievement called Ghost in the Machine warrants you to cut down 25 Aberrations and ends you up with 40 points. 

Names of multiple other in-game bosses, such as Nightweaver, Ravager, Labyrinth Boss, Tal’Ratha, Guardian of N’Erud, and more have also been revealed. One particular achievement that we’ve found of true interest and pretty much in alignment with the spirit of Souls-like games is called Only Human. This one requires the player to defeat a boss in single-player mode without taking a single hit from the enemy. 

Remnant 2 in-game
Remnant 2 in-game

The achievement list also lets us in on the amount of armaments and abilities we can expect to acquire in Remnant 2. As per the Cutting Edge achievement that will grant players 20 points, a total of 20 melee weapons can be picked up in the game. If you look at The Trigger, fans can expect to acquire about 30 guns. Finally, as far as traits go, the Proving Grounds unlockable has the prerequisite of 20 of those.

What’s surprising here, is that a developer has come forward on the r/remnantgame subreddit to comment on this disclosure of Remnant 2’s achievements. They say that the number of melee weapons, guns, and traits revealed in the title’s unlockable achievements are “nowhere near [the] max” limit. This is a fairly enticing statement coming from u/verytragic, the Principal Designer of Gunfire’s latest project.

by u/verytragic from discussion Remnant 2 Achievements Revealed
in remnantgame

In other news, the game just had a 38-minute gameplay showcase on YouTube, giving a taste to players of what’s about to come. The footage goes over multiple boss fights and an in-depth display of the Hunter Archetype‘s combat skills. In all honesty, the in-game environment and level design appears to be a substantial upgrade over Remnant: From the Ashes, and fans just can’t wait for 21 July to come sooner. 

YouTube video

That is to say, Remnant 2 will release officially on 25 July, but those who have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition will get to play the action RPG three days early. For the uninitiated, the latter comprises a DLC bundle with 3 packs, a survival pack, and 3 armor sets from the previous game. We’re sure as heck excited to see how the sequel truly unfolds when put through its paces.

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