Remnant 2: Strange Object [Location & Uses]

Get detailed information on Remnant 2 Strange Object and how to get access to it by beating the challenges that come within Losomn.

Remnant 2’s Strange Object is a quest item that you will surely need as you progress through the storyline. The quest items hold quite significance as they are used to unlock certain places or are required to access specific areas. So, make sure to get all the information on how you can get the Strange Object and use it when needed. 

Key Takeaways
  • Strange Object is a quest item in Remnant 2 that is used as a means to get access to the Biome Portal Key
  • You can get the Strange object in Losomn, in the areas of:
    1. Beatific Gallery
    2. Tormented Asylum
    3. Malefic Gallery
  • The boss you fight depends on the location you choose, as you will encounter Faelin in Baetic, Faerin in Malefic, and the Nightweaver in the Tormented Asylum, respectively. 
  • Once you get the Segment, you can use the Strange Object to trade in the Labyrinth and get to the secret portal that leads to Leto’s Stash. 

What Is Strange Object In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Strange Object
Strange Object [Image by eXputer]
The Strange Object, also referred to as “Segment,” is a special item that you can get in multiple ways and is needed to progress your journey to the Labyrinth.  You can obtain Strange Object by various methods, and it is up to you which choice you go for.

Below, you can find all the possible ways that I personally uncovered to get the Strange Object quest item in Remnant 2.

How To Get The Strange Object

Remnant 2 Strange Object
Faerin [Image by eXputer]
Once you reach Losomn, you can start your hunt to get Strange Object. Losomn is a vast realm and is one of the six main locations in Remnant 2. If you start at the Palace Courtyard, ou get the choice of fighting Faerin or Faelin in Losomn. You can look out for the Strange Object in three distinct places located in this region.

  1. The first location is the Beatific Gallery, where you will encounter the sturdy boss Faelin.
  2. If you choose to go for Malefic Gallery to get the Strange Object, then you will have to fight Faerin instead.
  3. I did find out, though, that Faelin and Faerin have little difference in their moveset and fighting either of them has little to no impact on the actual plot.


Lastly, if you start at Morrow Parish, you can reach the Tormented Asylum area, where you will meet the mighty monster known as The Nightweaver. As you face the dangers of Asylum and beat the boss, you will get the precious Strange Object as a reward.

Make sure you equip yourself with proper armor and weapons and have a proper class build to face the challenges and tactics of vicious enemies.

Strange Object Uses

Remnant 2 Biome Key
Biome Portal Key [Image by eXputer]
As I mentioned earlier, Strange Object is one of the quest items that are used to advance through certain quests or to unlock specific locations that are required to progress through the storyline. The Strange Object plays the same role.

  1. Once you have possession of Strange Object, you have to head to the next world, the Labyrinth, which is also the next task of your quest.
  2. As you progress through the storyline of the Labyrinth, you will come across the Keeper, who is a special NPC and plays an important role in gameplay progression.
  3. Once you meet the Keeper, interact with him and offer him the Strange Object.
  4. The Keeper, in return, will grant you the Biome Portal Key, which is a powerful item that you can use to unlock a special gateway.
  5. With the help of this key, you can get access to the Labyrinth’s secret location that possesses Leto’s Stash. 

That sums up my guide on how you can get the Strange Object. Now that you know everything about the Strange Object, make sure to have a look at Remnant 2’s Severed Hand guide.

Other than that, make sure to check out the Council Tribunal and the Guilty Member questline for more intriguing challenges and puzzles to solve.


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