Remnant 2: All 6 Locations [Explained]

Get to know about the six locations that Remnant 2 has to offer with it's lore and showcase!

Remnant 2 is nearly 10 days away from releasing officially, and with its solo as well as co-op gameplay, it presents players with tons of Remnant 2 Locations, which grants players the ability to explore the surfaces as well as the depths and hidden secrets of these locations, as well as fight enemies and bosses with their friends or completely alone. Players might want to know what these locations are. Therefore, a detailed walkthrough might be needed! 

Important: Players must wait for all the areas to unlock to experience them fully!
Key Takeaways
  • The six locations of Remnant 2 include Yaesha, Ward 13, The Labyrinth, N’Erud, and Dran and Fae, which belong to the Losomn world. 
  • Yaesha is an area where the citizens have attempted to fight back against the Root but to no avail. 
  • Losomn Dran: It features an area with Human-like Dran but now has Hive-minded beings that have gone into a frenzy. 
  • Losomn Fae: Features an area that lacks any sense of direction, where the nobility sits restlessly. 
  • Ward 13: An area that has managed to escape the chaos and is now rebuilding towards a safe society. 
  • The Labyrinth: An area that is the opposite of Ward 13, with nothing but chaos and tons of abnormalities appearing. 
  • N’Erud: It features the Dryzr that has observed the giant black hole in the sky, which holds the mysteries of creation. 


Kicking things off, one of the most prominent of Remnant 2’s locations that players will be able to take note of will be the world of Yaesha. 

  • It is described as an area whereby the citizens of Yaesha have tried their hardest to get rid of the tide and tried their best to fight back against the forces of the Root but did not manage to win against them. 


As was shown by the trailer, the world of Yaesha has been showcased to be a breathtaking masterpiece. 

R2 Giant Statue
Giant Statue
  • At the start, a giant statue is showcased, standing in the middle of a few ruins. And it seems to be completely abandoned and has its arms stretched out as if reaching out to something. 
  • The statue gives off extremely eerie vibes and welcomes players into its arms to explore further and beyond. 
    R2 Two Statues
    Two Statues

As you venture deeper, you are also introduced to an even deeper ruin which seems like Remnant 2 Stages, and features tree branches going down from the ground, and two statues facing against each other. The stairs lead up, and there seems to be a giant tree that blocks the exit. 

R2 Tons of Trees
Tons of Trees

Other than that, there is an abandoned area that seems like a giant tree with a small hut in front of it that has been covered by nature that has overgrown it, as well as a gorgeous area that features tons of trees and is just beautiful. 

R2 Gold Statues
Gold Statues

It follows up by showcasing another part of the ruins, with two gold statues awaiting the player. 

R2 Floating Islands
Floating Islands

Apart from that, there also seem to be Remnant 2 Levels or areas that feature floating islands, whereby players can see the beauty for themselves when they play Remnant 2. There is also a building that is present towards the left side of the floating islands. 

R2 Beast Statue
Beast Statue

The beastly statue would be able to make anyone’s hair stand on their arms, as it looks absolutely menacing and might jump out to consume you at any given moment. 

R2 Enemies Roaming
Enemies Roaming

Enemies that crawl on their bodies, roaming the grounds, await players, ready to fight them senseless and waiting for you to take them down. Beasts that roam the ruins also await you; therefore, traverse cautiously. 

Losomn: Dran 

Moving on, another of the Remnant 2 Locations is known as Dran, which is described to be an area that used to have Human-like Dran, which has now managed to become Hive-minded and go into frenzies. The Awoken Dran, who did not change, are seen as dangerous beings that cause trouble by the rest of the Dran live-ins and can be punished for simply speaking out. 


R2 Clock Tower
Clock Tower

The trailer for the Dran part of the world of Losomn starts by displaying a large tower with a sharp roof, a giant clock in front of it indicating the time, and pillars with steam emerging alongside the sides. 

R2 Town

It then follows through with a closer shot of the same area, displaying the different buildings and the working areas around it. A town emerges, displaying streets and lamps illuminating the night-time and the passing of time. 

R2 Town On Fire
Town On Fire

The town/area looked extremely broken down and abandoned, with its structures barely standing. Other than that, it also shows a workspace where people can be seen working, someone sewing, someone sitting by the fire. 

R2 House

It follows up with the shot of a house that seems extremely important, with guarded gates, two statues that act as lamps, and an abandoned interior. 

Not long after that, it seems like the town is set on fire, with nothing remaining amidst the flames, and nothing but ruins are left behind. In my opinion, this might be one of the procedurally generated areas that you get to visit in Losomn, so it’s entirely likely you won’t get to visit the house on your first attempt.

Losomn: Fae 

As far as the Fae portion is concerned, it is known to be an area with little to no direction, as the nobility sit restless, and the society does not have any sense of direction whatsoever. All they aim is to take the life of Dran and see for themselves what has occurred once the two worlds merge. 


R2 Tall Statue
Tall Statue

The trailer has gorgeously showcased the land of Fae, starting by displaying a giant statue standing in the middle of a giant open-air area, with buildings as tall as the eye can perceive it to be. The statue stands menacingly, towering over everyone and everything. 

R2 Statue Holding Hands
Statue Holding Hands

In the middle of the area, there is another statue with two beasts that are holding hands, with a fountain spilling water in the back, making the entire scene even more mesmerizing. 

R2 Beings Roaming The Halls
Beings Roaming The Halls

Inside the halls are tall pillars and long pathways with beasts that roam and guard the place lest anyone dare enter. 

R2 Library Area
Library Area

Other than that, there also seems to be a giant library or an area that seems to be a library with shelves lined with the oldest books, and there are even books scattered on the floor, waiting to be read. 

R2 Lines Of Statues
Lines Of Statues

Another area seems to have two lines of statues that are all holding swords swung into the ground, with their heads bowed down, seemingly praying to something or someone. 

Ward 13 

Moving on, another pretty significant location with its own sets of stages and levels will be known as Ward 13. It is essentially known to be an area in which its inhabitants were able to emerge from behind the walls and create a sanctuary that allows its people to slowly but surely thrive and rely on hope and safety as their escape from woes. 


As far as the trailer showcases the area, the area of Ward 13 starts off the shot by showing an area that seems to be emerging from an era of destruction and is just starting to rebuild itself. There are tons of containers, as well as power lines, that are lining (nice pun) the entire area, supplying electricity to the town. 

R2 Containers And Power Lines
Containers And Power Lines

Another shot of the area shows tons of construction taking place, with cranes that are at work, as well as buildings in the back. 

Another shot showcases an abandoned town with completely wrecked cars, broken or shattered windows, and train lines, buses, and other vehicles stacked on top of each other. 

R2 Rebuilt Town
Rebuilt Town

On the other hand, there is a town that seems to be rebuilt, with electricity being supplied to homes and container homes that have been repurposed as homes, and the town seems to be hustling and bustling. 

R2 Gardener At Work
Gardener At Work

Greenery and vegetation can indicate that life is returning to normal in Ward 13, with plantations in bloom, gardeners at work, and people working together to make the area thrive again as much as possible. 

Some people can be seen resting in Ward 13, seemingly enjoying the new-found life and trying to fit in. 

The Labyrinth 

The Labyrinth is one of Remnant 2’s locations that is the complete opposite of Ward 13. While Ward 13 continues to thrive, The Labyrinth manages to do the opposite, as it collapses time by time, having abnormalities appear in its world, making it inhabitable. 


R2 Broken Labyrinth
Broken Labyrinth

Now, the Labyrinth is a rather conflicted area as it is more broken down, and the Labyrinth itself can be seen disintegrating in the background, with a giant mechanism lurking in the back that looks incredibly menacing. 

R2 Broken Pathways
Broken Pathways

The pathways that connect from one end to the other can also be seen disintegrating, as they are cracked and are practically bridges that can no longer be crossed. 

R2 Statues

In another shot, some statues can be seen in the background, and there is also a circular structure in the very front, which seems to be a portal of some sort. 


Last but not least, another location that players might not want to miss out on is known as the N’Erud, which is known to be an area where it’s denizens, who are the Drzyr, have managed to encounter a black hole that seems to hold all the mysteries of creation.


R2 Black Hole
Black Hole

The trailer for N’Erud is rather interesting. That showcases a giant black hole in the sky in the first shot that seems to hold everyone in a trance who dares gaze up into the sky. 

R2 Statues

A bunch of ruins with statues lined on both sides can be seen, which welcomes players to discover the mysteries even further and aims to invite them in further. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the&nbsp;<strong>Remnant 2 Locations guide, so let’s wrap up with the guide! Looking for an in-depth breakdown of Remnant 2? Look no further than eXputer’s review, where we analyze the game’s pros and cons in detail.


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