Remnant 2: Who Is The Jester? [How To Get Magic Quill]

Find the Remnant 2 jester NPC and use the clap emote to secretly acquire the powerful Jester's Bell amulet.

Remnant 2’s Jester plays the role of an NPC and is a whimsical character who can be located within the confines of Beatific Palace, positioned atop a pile of bones. The Jester’s interaction with players is significant, as it involves granting them the Magic Quill, an item of importance in Remnant 2’s mechanics.

Key Takeaways
  • The Jester NPC in Remnant 2 can be found near the end of Beatific Palace, sitting on a pile of bones.
  • Interacting with him triggers a juggling performance that rewards the Magic Quill for creating portals.
  • Using the clap emote during his act also earns the secret Jester’s Bell amulet.
  • Jester’s Bell amulet boosts modern skill casting speed by 35% and damage by 20% for 15 seconds after casting.

Locating The Jester In Remnant 2

Jester remnant 2
Jester sitting on the pile of bones Via: GCrock

The Jester NPC can be found near the very end of Remnant 2’s Beatific Palace zone. He is situated on top of a conspicuous pile of bones, making him stand out in the area.

Here’s the optimal path I would recommend:

  1. When first entering the zone, players should stick to the main storyline objectives and fight their way through the palace.
  2. The Jester will not appear until players reach the later part of Beatific Palace closer to the end of the Losomn storyline quests.
  3. Once players approach the final courtyard area, the Jester can be spotted sitting nonchalantly on a mound of bones off to the side.
  4. He is hard to miss, but be sure to explore the entirety of the courtyard rather than rushing ahead.
  5. Walk the perimeter and look for the telltale bones to pinpoint the Jester’s location before moving forward.

Jester’s Interactions

Magic Quill remnant 2 jester
Magic Quill Via: Potatolorian
  1. When players first approach the Jester in Beatific Palace of Remnant 2, he is seated motionless on top of the pile of bones.
  2. Interacting with him causes the Jester to spring to life and stand up suddenly.
  3. He will then put on an elaborate juggling performance for the player, tossing balls and knives in the air.
  4. Let him complete his full act, which, from my experience, lasts around 30 seconds since no other actions are needed from the player at this point.
  5. Once finished with his juggling routine, the Jester will extend the Magic Quill item out toward the player.
  6. This is a key quest object that players need to obtain from him, so be sure to take the Magic Quill when offered.

The Magic Quill in Remnant 2 allows players to draw magical portals onto specific ornate wall surfaces found throughout the Beatific Palace zone. Using the quill to create portals on these walls is required to bypass certain obstacles and access new areas to progress the storyline. One such example is the door at the far end of the library, which can be used to access the Ironborough Overworld.

How To Get Jester’s Bell

Jester's Bell remnant 2 jester
Jester’s Bell Via: GCROCK

The Jester’s Bell is a special hidden item that players can only obtain by solving the Jester’s puzzle via these specific steps:

  1. Players must first find the Jester sitting on the bone pile to activate his juggling routine.
  2. Use the clap emote during the performance while the Jester is juggling.
  3. To do the aforementioned step, open the emote menu and select the clap emote.
  4. Let the full act finish, and do not interrupt the Jester’s performance, or you won’t be able to collect any items.
  5. After the performance and clapping, the Jester’s Bell amulet will automatically be placed in your inventory as a reward.

Jester’s Bell Item Description

jester's bell remnant 2
The Jester’s Bell description (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

The Jester’s Bell is an amulet-type item that provides two powerful bonuses when equipped:

  • Increases Modern Skill Cast Speed by 35%: This applies to all skills that fall under the Modern weapon category, allowing much faster casting and activation.
  • Grants a Damage Buff on Skill Use: Casting any skill or mod while wearing the Jester’s Bell will increase all damage dealt by the player by 20% for 15 seconds, and this bonus can be maintained through continuous skill use.

The Jester’s Bell can only be obtained in the Beatific Gallery area within the Blossom overworld zone. It is given as a secret reward for doing the clap emote during the Jester’s performance, as detailed above.

Due to its substantial boosts to skill-casting speed and damage output, I believe the Jester’s Bell is a highly useful amulet for builds that rely on Modern weapon skills and spells. The buffs significantly increase overall damage and DPS.

This is it from my side! I hope now you know everything you need to know about Remnant 2’s Jester and how to get the Jester Bell! Check out this take on Remnant 2 What Is Power Level & How To Increase and How to Get and Use the Corrosive Rounds.


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