Remnant 2: How To Open Hatchery Locked Door?

Discover how to unlock the Hatchery Locked Door in Remnant 2 using the Aerary Glyph, paving the way to exciting game progression.

Remnant 2’s Hatchery dungeon is a key part of the game, filled with puzzles, threats, and critical story progression. Located on the eastern side of the Phantom Wasteland in N’Erud, it’s home to a dangerous parasite outbreak. Players will encounter a Remnant 2 Hatchery Locked Door in this eerie location.

To open this door, players must find the Aerary Glyph, a special key obtained from specific areas within Remnant 2. Unlocking this door leads to tough battles and rewards, and it’s a crucial step for players to advance.

Key Takeaways
  • Players may find a locked door inside the Hatchery dungeon in Remnant 2.
  • The Hatchery dungeon is located in the Phantom Wasteland area of N’Erud.
  • To open this door, players need to find the Aerary Glyph.
  • The Aerary Glyph is found next to a deceased body and is used as a key.
  • Unlocking the door leads to battles with Robot Grunts and The Progeny mini-boss.
  • Winning these battles can earn players the Crisis Ring reward.
  • The Aerary Glyph is a Quest Item in Remnant 2, essential for progress.
  • The Glyph can be obtained as a random drop in two locations:
    1. N’Erud – The Hatchery
    2. and The Dark Conduit
  • There is also a locked door with a Purple icon in Hatchery, which can be opened by shooting a tank next to broken cables.

What Is The Hatchery Dungeon?

The Hatchery dungeon in Remnant 2 is a terrifying and atmospheric location on the Phantom Wasteland’s eastern side. It has become a storage facility that is now heavily infested with a dangerous parasite outbreak.

The Hatchery presents challenging puzzles and relentless enemies but holds the key to accessing the second part of N’erud and progressing in Remnant 2’s gripping storyline. The dungeon’s unique art style and design create an unforgettable and fascinating experience for players in Remnant 2.

Finding The Hatchery In N’Erud

When you land in the Phantom Wasteland area, you’ll want to find the first location on the map, the Hatchery Dungeon. N’Erud is a new world location in Remnant 2 that feels like a scary science fiction movie. It has a fantastic atmosphere that everyone will love as soon as they enter. The enemies are tough, but some areas are worth exploring to move forward in the story. 

Shoot the tanks to reveal an opening [Image Credit: eXputer]
As players explore Remanant 2, they come to understand that the game world offers different map layouts, making it a bit trickier to find dungeons like The Hatchery. However, this challenge is not impossible, and it adds value to the experience of replaying Remnant 2.

  • When visiting N’Erud, there’s a possibility of discovering The Hatchery dungeon.
  • The dungeon may not be immediately visible during the first playthrough.
  • The Hatchery dungeon consistently appears in the Phantom Wasteland area of N’Erud.
  • Players have a chance to find the entrance either by going down an elevator or in a quarry-like region within the Phantom Wasteland.
  • In addition, to get the second Seeker’s Key, you might enter The Hatchery dungeon on the eastern side of Phantom Wasteland.
  • The Hatchery dungeon grants access to the second part of N’erud.
  • The final Seeker’s Key is located in this second part of N’erud.
Seekers Keys [Image Credit: eXputer]

Progressing Through Remnant 2 Hatchery Locked Door

The locked hatchet door in Remnant 2 [Image Credit: eXputer]
As you progress through The Hatchery, you’ll encounter a locked door with which your character can interact. When attempted, the character will knock on the door but won’t be able to open it.

Eventually, players will discover the Aerary Glyph next to a deceased body. This glyph serves as a key to unlock previously encountered sealed Glyph door. 

  • Once inside, you’ll encounter Robot Grunts and The Progeny as enemies.
  • After defeating them, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain the Crisis Ring as a reward.
  • The Aerary Glyph functions as a Quest Item in Remnant 2.
  • These special items are vital in unlocking or progressing through specific quests, main storylines, and even discovering hidden areas within Remnant 2.
  • The Aerary Glyph can be obtained as a random drop in N’Erud – The Hatchery and The Dark Conduit.
Go above the locked door & shoot these tanks to open the Locked Hatchet door [Image Credit: eXputer]
Moreover, there is a locked door in the Hatchery with a Purple icon beyond it. If you find yourself stuck in the dungeon, shoot the tank next to the broken cables from the room above to progress. You can reach this room by using the floor in the nearby side room as your access point.

The Progeny Mini-Boss

The Progeny boss fight [Image Credit: eXputer]
Assuming you found the Aerary Glyph and the Glyph Door during your run in Remnant 2, you need to progress through the door and fight The Progeny mini-boss.

In Remnant 2, The Progeny, a mini-boss fight, poses a significant challenge, being a stronger and faster variant of the Slug Parasite. It lacks special attacks but compensates for this with increased resistance and damage. Strategy, precision, and mindfulness are the key elements to success in this combat scenario.

Boss Weakpoint

When you encounter The Progeny, it’s crucial to focus on evasion and aim for its weak point while staying vigilant about the Robot Grunts scattered throughout the vicinity. Maintaining your fight within its spawn point can help dodge some of the robot enemies lingering at the room’s rear.

Progeny mid-fight phase [Image Credit: eXputer]

Attack Patterns

The Progeny employs several attacks requiring different counter-strategies. First, its Melee Lunge attack involves a brief wind-up, followed by a fast, tentacle-impaling thrust. Patience is a virtue here – wait for the wind-up to finish, time your dodge perfectly, and avoid this piercing assault.

Next, watch out for the Melee Sweep. Signaled by a distinct roar, The Progeny will execute a horizontal sweep attack, spanning a broad but short-range area in front of it. The trick here is to dodge backward, out of the sweep’s path, evading this brutal, close-range attack.

Final Phase

The Progeny final phase [Image Credit: eXputer]
Finally, prepare for the Cross Claws maneuver. In this, The Progeny stands up briefly, seemingly exposing its belly before executing a short-range, slashing attack. Contrary to what you might expect, the exposed belly doesn’t yield any bonus damage.

Therefore, stay focused on its head for maximum damage output. Given the Cross Claws’ short reach, maintaining a safe distance can help you sidestep this attack entirely.

Once You’ve defeated The Progeny, you will get the following rewards:

In conclusion, the Hatchery dungeon offers an exciting challenge with Remnant 2 Hatchery Locked Door. Finding the special key, the Aerary Glyph, is a big part of this adventure in Remnant 2. This key lets you open the door, fight enemies, and get rewards. This step is very important to move forward in Remnant 2. So, remember, explore, find the key, open the door, and keep moving ahead in Remnant 2.

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