Remnant 2: Broken Timepiece [Location & Use]

In this guide, I cover the location of the Broken Timepiece and entail how to craft a Time Lapse Weapon mod using this material in Remnant 2.

Time Lapse is one of the best weapon mods that can be crafted via the Broken Timepiece. Basically, this weapon mod allows players to freeze the enemies in their tracks and inflict them with a “Slow” effect. To acquire the Broken Timepiece, players are required to solve the Clocktower puzzle in the Losomn district.

Key Takeaways
  • Obtain the Broken Timepiece from Hewdas Clocktower for Time Lapse Weapon Mod.
  • Solve the clocktower puzzle to get Broken Timepiece Remnant 2.
  • Note the time on Hewdas Clocktower, go to Lemark District and set the time in the clock to get Clockwork Pinion.
  • Insert Clockwork Pinion in Hewdas Clocktower to obtain Broken Timepiece.
  • Take Broken Timepiece to McCabe in Ward 13 to craft the Time Lapse Weapon Mod.
  • In Remnant 2, this weapon mod freezes enemies in a 6m radius for 7 seconds.

What Is The Broken Timepiece In Remnant 2?

Broken Timpiece is a crafting material found in Hewdas Clocktower, Losomn. The timepiece can be found hanging on one of the Clocktower needles, and to drop it from there, the clock needs to be restarted from the inside. To do this, you’ll need the Clockwork Pinion located in the Lemark District.

Once you have the Broken Timepiece, you can take it to McCabe and craft the Time Lapse Weapon Mod. This weapon mod can freeze any enemies within a 6-meter radius for 7 seconds, making it one of the most potent weapon mods you can acquire in Remnant 2.

Location & Puzzle

I followed the below-mentioned steps to obtain the Broken Timepiece:

  1. Broken Timepiece is located in Hewdas Clocktower, Losomn.
    District Losomn
    District of Lonesome [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
    Location 1
    Location of Hewdas Clocktower [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  2. Zoom in on the Clocktower and note down the time. Use a Sniper Rifle for better accuracy.
    Note down the time on the clocktower [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  3. Now, follow the wooden path outside the tower and ascend to the top.
    Wooden Platform
    A wooden platform beside the entrance will take you to the top [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  4. Be wary of the flying enemies that dwell inside the clock tower.
  5. Once you are at the top, activate the lift that’ll take you to the ground floor. This shortcut comes in handy later on.
    Elevator shortcut [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  6. The clocktower is missing an essential gear, which can be found in Lemark District, Losomn.
    Location 2
    Location of Lemark [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  7. Once there, follow the straight path until you come across a broken carriage.
    Broken Carriage in Lemark [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  8. From there, take the stairs located on your left.
    Stairway beside the carriage [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  9. Keep going straight after climbing the stairs until you reach a wooden building.
    Entrance to the wooden building [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  10. Descent the building through the stairway until you reach its basement.
  11. In the basement, you’ll see a handful of clocks on the tables and walls.
  12. Interact with the unique clock located at the end of the room.
    wooden building
    Interactable Clock [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  13. Input the time you saw at the Hewdas Clocktower (Step 2).
    Input the Time [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  14. After inputting the correct time, the clock will drop the Clockwork Pinion.
    Input the correct time to acquire the Clockwork Pinion [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  15. Take the Clockwork Pinion back to the Hewdas Clocktower and insert it into the missing gear slot.
    Missing gear slot [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  16. Once that’s done, the clock will resume movement, and the Broken Timepiece will drop from its needle.
    Weapon Mod acquired
    Broken Timepiece obtained [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]

Time Lapse Weapon Mod – Crafting and Use

Weapon Mod
Time Lapse Weapon Mod [Image Credits: iheartstrudel]
  • How To Craft: After acquiring the Broken Timepiece, take it to McCabe in Ward 13 and craft the Time Lapse.
  • Requirments: Broken Timepiece x1, Lumenite crystal x5, Scrap x650
  • Use: Freezes all normal enemies within a 6m radius for 7 seconds. Attacking breaks the Time Lapse effect but applies a “Slow” effect on the rest of the enemies for the remaining period, making it an excellent weapon mod for dealing with a large group of fodder enemies.

Similar to the Hewdas Clocktower Puzzle, many of Remnat 2’s various weapon mods, craftable items, and weapons are locked behind its challenging puzzles, and if you are also stuck at another of its puzzles, consider going through our guides on Imperial Garden Puzzle, Water Harp Puzzle, Forgotten Field Puzzle, and Lament Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2.

This concludes my guide on the location and use of Broken Timepiece Remnant 2, along with how to craft the Time Lapse Weapon Mod.


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