Remnant 2: How To Solve Lemark District Clock Puzzle

Solve the Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2 Lemark District: Set the Correct Time to acquire Broken Timepiece and Craft the Powerful Time Lapse Mod.

The Clock Puzzle in Lemark District Remnant 2 is similar to other puzzles. Within a compact workshop, players are tasked with aligning the clock’s hands to the correct time for puzzle resolution.

Key Takeaways
  • Solve the Lemark District clock puzzle by adjusting hands to a specific time.
  • Find the correct time on Hewdas Clock in Morrow Parish, Brocwithe Quarter, or Forsaken Quarter.
  • Memorize the time and set the Lemark District clock accordingly.
  • Correctly set, Lemark clock releases Clockwork Pinion.
  • Go to Hewdas Clock’s location, climb the tower, and interact with the lever to activate it.
  • Insert Clockwork Pinion, restart Hewdas Clock, and receive Broken Timepiece.
  • Craft Broken Timepiece into Time Lapse mod with Ava McCabe.
  • Time Lapse mod freezes and slows enemies upon damage.

How To Solve The Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2

Lemark District remnant 2 Workshop
Workshop in Lemark District – [Image by eXputer]
During your exploration of the Losomn map, you’ll encounter the Lemark District. Within the Lemark District lies a small workshop filled with clocks.

Upon entering, you’ll notice that you can interact with one of the wall-mounted clocks. To advance, you need to set the correct time by adjusting two hands of the clock. However, the specific time you need to set is not known.

Finding The Correct Time

Clock Hewdas
Hewdas Clock – [Image by eXputer]
  1. Look for the correct time outside the workshop, usually in Morrow Parish, Brocwithe Quarter, or Forsaken Quarter.
  2. Spot the tall clock tower named Hewdas Clock at these locations.
  3. Take note of the time shown on the Hewdas Clock and memorize it.
  4. Use a scoped weapon for quick and accurate time-checking.

Adjusting The Correct Time

Time Adjusting lemark district remnant 2
Adjusting Time – [Image by eXputer]
  1. Return to the Lemark District and put the same time you memorized into the clock on the wall.
  2. If done right, the clock emits a bird-like sound and releases the Clockwork Pinion.
Pinion Clockwork
Clockwork Pinion – [Image by eXputer]

Solving The Puzzle

In order to solve the puzzle easily, I followed the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go back to the Hewdas Clock’s location.
  2. Find the entrance at the clock tower’s base.
  3. Use ladders to climb upward and watch out for disguised Winged Fae (Stone Gargoyles).
  4. Reach the top and interact with the lever near a chest to activate the Hewdas Clock.
  5. Insert the Clockwork Pinion into the gears.
  6. Use the nearby lever to restart the Hewdas Clock.
Hewdas Clock Lever Interacting
Interacting with the Lever at Hewdas Clock – [Image by eXputer]
  1. A purple item, the Broken Timepiece, drops from the clock.
Timepiece Broken
Broken Timepiece – [Image by eXputer]

Crafting the Broken Timepiece

Time Lapse
Time Lapse – [Screenshot by eXputer]
As for the Broken Timepiece, I crafted it into a Time Lapse mod through Ava McCabe.

Crafting requirements:

  • Broken Timepiece
  • 5 Lumenite Crystals
  • 650 Scrap.

Time Lapse mod releases a freezing blast with a six-meter radius, effectively immobilizing all common enemies for seven seconds. Inflicting damage to the frozen enemies activates the Time Lapse effect, causing them to experience a reduction in speed for the remaining period.

That’s everything you need to know to solve the Clock Puzzle in Lemark District Remnant 2. Read Remnant 2 Best Builds focusing on survivability and DPS, as Remnant 2 allows you to have so many builds by messing through the Dual Archetypes.


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