Ultimate Lydusa Boss Battle Guide For Remnant 2

Learn about Lydusa's location and some reliable strategies to easily beat her.

Lydusa is the final boss in the latest DLC of Remnant 2, The Forgotten Kingdom. Unlike most bullet-sponges in the game, she’s very technical and comes with various weaknesses and patterns that you’ll need to learn and exploit. Coupled with a wide array of moves, she’s arguably the toughest boss in the DLC, so you might have to upgrade all your weapons and gear before you fight her.

Key Takeaways
  • Lydusa, the final boss of The Forgotten Kingdom DLC of Remnant 2, can be found in The Bloodless Throne.
  • To trigger her boss fight, players must give her the Cherished Fracture located in the Luminous Vale area.
  • Lydusa has three phases, and to make the fight easier, I suggest using the Invader and Gunslinger archetype along with using effective long-range weapons and damage-buffing Weapon Mods.

Where To Find Lydusa In Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom

lydusa remnant 2
Meeting Lydusa in The Bloodless Throne (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Players can find Lydusa in The Bloodless Throne, a primary location exclusive to Remnant 2’s Forgotten Kingdom DLC.

When you meet Lydusa for the first time here, she’s not hostile and tells you about the Pan’s backstory. After finishing her dialogue, you must find the Cherished Fracture in the Luminous Vale. Once you get the item after progressing through the DLC, a nearby portal should take you back to The Bloodless Throne, and giving the Fracture to Lydusa triggers the boss fight.

cherished fracture item remnant 2
The Cherished Fracture in the Luminous Vale (Image taken by eXputer)
Important: You can also place the Cherished Fracture in the bowl in Goddess’s Rest to get the good ending. This will restore Lydusa to her true self, avoiding the boss fight altogether.

My Tips For Beating Lydusa

lydusa fight remnant 2
Lydusa’s fight (Image taken by eXputer)

Lydusa’s boss fight is divided into 3 phases, each of which is shorter and easier than the last. I suggest using the Gunslinger or Invader archetypes since they’ll help you in offense and defense, respectively. Also, try using high-damage long-range weapons like Nightfall as Lydusa will only attack you from afar.

Phase 1

phase 1 lydusa boss
Lydusa’s Phase 1 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Lydusa’s first phase is easily the most challenging part of the fight. She’ll hover and sprint in the air while throwing projectiles that can deal serious damage. During this phase, she’ll temporarily transform into an unmasked version, which has a unique moveset and is much weaker since its attacks are much easier to dodge. Additionally, hitting her face in this version has a 100% Critical Chance.

To make things easier, here are some strategies you can apply:

  • Stay In The Middle: Since the arena’s open-ended, you can easily fall off from sprinting or an accidental roll. Therefore, staying in the center removes that uncertainty and gives you better accuracy, as Lydusa likes to run around the arena a lot.
  • Watch Your Positioning: Most of Lydusa’s attacks are AoE-based, and her most prominent move is throwing yellow-colored orbs that stick to the ground and explode after a follow-up spear attack. Be careful where the orbs land and actively avoid them.
  • Use Effective Long-Range Weapons: This probably doesn’t need to be said, but I suggest only using weapons that don’t lose too much impact at a far range. 
  • Lock In When Lydusa’s Unmasked: Lydusa’s unmasked version stays active for roughly 30 seconds, and that’s when she’s most vulnerable. Use any damage-enhancing Skills and Mods and aim directly at her face during this time.
unmasked lydusa
Unmasked form (Screenshot by eXputer)

Phase 2

In Phase 2, Lydusa temporarily disappears, and long walls pop up from the side, turning the arena into a narrow pathway. The boss then spawns at the far end of the arena and is part of one of the three walls charging at you. Your goal is to aim at Lydusa and knock off her HP to a certain point before she fully reaches you. Upon doing that, the cycle repeats until Phase 3 begins.

phase 2
Lydusa’s Phase 2 (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Here are some strategies and tips to get you through this phase:

  • Stay Far Back At The Edge: One thing I noticed is that Lydusa’s walls won’t reach you if you’re standing at the extreme end of the pathway. So, if you stand there, you’ll stay alive even if you can’t damage Lydusa enough. 
  • Duck Under Charging Walls: Sometimes, none of the three walls charging at you will be Lydusa. Instead, these walls will have a minor opening underneath, which you can use to duck them. I occasionally found out that these duckable walls reached me even when I was standing on the edge, so if they appeared during the boss fight, simply crouch and take this time to reload.
  • Aim For The Head: Unlike in Phase 1, Lydusa will be in her unmasked form at all times during this phase. So, aim directly at her face for maximum damage output and critical hits when she’s coming towards you.

Phase 3

phase 3
Lydusa’s Phase 3 (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Phase 3 is an extremely short phase in which Lydusa hovers still in the air while the walls around you close. Your goal is to use every damage-buffing technique in your arsenal to wipe the boss’s remaining HP before the walls totally close in and kill you.

Rewards From The Fight

Lydusa defeated (Image taken by eXputer)

Upon killing Lydusa, you’ll receive the following items:

  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scraps
  • Lumenite Crystals
  • Eye of Lydusa

You can give the Eye of Lydusa to Wallace at Ward 13 to craft the Monolith, an extremely powerful laser-like Long Gun. The Monolith comes with 1 Mutator slot and a non-removable Weapon Mod, Sandstorm, that launches a sphere of loam, creating a swirling sandstorm that locks nearby enemies onto nearby enemies and deals Elemental Damage.

monolith remnant 2
Showcasing the Monolith Long Gun (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

On top of that, hitting enemies with this gun for a sustained period inflicts them with EXPOSED, a debuff that makes the target receive additional damage from all sources.

Important: When you return to Lydusa’s arena after defeating her, you can pick up the Tear of Lydusa, a ring that increases Healing and Lifesteal Efficacy by 20%.

That wraps up my brief guide on fighting Lydusa in Remnant 2’s Forgotten Kingdom DLC. Beating her is the last primary objective in the expansion, so you can freely explore the world for missing loot after that. However, the DLC has three different endings that are tied to the aforementioned Cherished Fracture item, so if you want to explore alternate options, I recommend watching this YouTube video.

For more intriguing things to unlock in the DLC, check out my guide on unlocking the notorious Invoker Archetype in Remnant 2. And while you’re here, here’s my review of The Forgotten Kingdom DLC, where you can learn our thoughts about the latest expansion.

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Thankfully she isnt nearly as challenging as OTK because her 2nd and 3rd phase are a joke lol. Great guide btw


Crazy how the 2nd phase is cake easy compared to the 1st lmao, thanks for the guide and those tips


Definitely one of the harder bosses of the game; especially phase 3. The tips came in handy.

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