3 BEST Remnant 2 Class Archetypes [Skills, Perks & More]

Dive into the best class of Remnant 2 & customize gameplay with tailored combat styles, perks & support abilities for an enhanced experience.

In Remnant 2, each class as you opt for it has some default perks and skills. While you get the basic one unlocked in the beginning, you can unlock the remaining for the best build of your class. Thus, the influence of equipping the best Weapons, Armor, Amulets, and Rings will always make a difference in how you play Remnant 2. That is why out of 11 classes in the game, I have listed the top 5 that you should try and run and gun with first. 

Key Takeaways
  • Classes in Remnant 2 deeply influence gameplay and strategy & how you experience the game’s worlds.
  • Each class offers its own set of default perks and skills that are only unique to it.
  • Players can always use dual archetypes in Remnant 2  & benefit from the multiclass experience such as class combos
  • Players in Remnant 2 can unlock and upgrade Perks and Skills to make the characters stronger & create customized class-based builds.
  • Equipping different weapons, armor, amulets, and rings affects heavily the gameplay mechanics in Remnant 2.
  • Gameplay can be tailored based on class choice in Remnant 2, catering to different combat styles and support roles.

All The Best Classes In Remnant 2

Here is an overview of the five best classes in Remnant 2 showcased with the best feature and playstyle of each one of these:

Serial NumberClass NameBest FeatureBest Playstyle
1HandlerDog companion that provides damage & buffsSupports in multiplayer games; prefers teamwork in solo & coop
2HunterLong-ranged damage ability and marking enemiesPrecise attacks from a distance; focuses on enemies' weak spots
3ChallengerExcellent survivability; uses melee weaponsTanks enemies, best for close combat
4AlchemistProvides buffs and increases consumable durationSurviving longer in combat & supporting teammates with buffs
5ExplorerHelps in finding items & improves loot dropsIdeal for farming items and enhancing team's movement speed

1. Handler

best solo class remnant 2
The best starting class in Remnant 2 – The Handler [Image Captured by eXputer]
The handler is easily one of the first and the best class in Remnant 2 that is best known because of a dog companion who helps to attack enemies in a fight providing damages and buffs to the team. Dog’s howl will increase the damage output.

Handler class acts as support in a multiplayer game and Teamwork is preferable by Handler in both solo and cooperative mode. You can unlock Handler Archetype in Remnant 2 by crafting the Silent Whistle.  To do so, buy an old whistle by paying 1500 sparks to Mudtooth.

Handler Trait

Handler Archetype will have Kinship Trait in Remnant 2. The level of Kinship Trait will upgrade automatically as the archetype upgrades.

Handler Archetype Perks

Handler Archetype has one prime perk and four unlocked perks. These perks will assist you with many benefits and effects in games.

  • Pack Hunter: With this perk, you can get a 3% increase in damages provided that you are not so far from the dog. You can also unlock its upgrade once at Level 6.
  • Spirit of the Wolf: With this perk, you can get a 10% increase in Movement speed. This is also helpful for allies near you, as you can give them an increased speed too. This can be upgraded once you’re at Level 7. 
  • Team Work: This is a valuable perk that allows the handler and their companion to revive more quickly. 
  • Best Friend: With this Handler’s perk, you can recharge Companion health simply by the use of Relic. 

Handler Archetype Skills

You will have three skills in Handler Archetype for Dog Companion in Remnant 2. However, you can only use one at a time. Moreover, all these skills cannot be upgraded.

  • Guard Dog: When using this skill, a Companion will run behind you and threaten the enemy as you engage in combat. Also, the damage Handler will receive will reduce by 20%, greatly relieving.
  • Support Dog: This skill helps you with healing as all the allies in the 3.5m range with you can be healed for 0.25% health. 
  • Attack Dog: Similarly to Guard Dog, when this skill is activated, the companion will automatically take part in your combats, dealing 20% damage to the enemies.

2. Hunter

The Hunter Remnant 2 Archetypes.
The best DPS Starting class in Remnant 2 – The Hunter. [Image Credit: eXputer]

The Hunter class in Remnant 2 excels in long-ranged attacks, allowing precise targeting and enemy marking through the Hunter Archetype.

To unlock the Hunter Archetype, you must craft a Sniper War Medal, obtainable from Brabus at Ward 13 for 1500.

Hunter Trait

  • The Hunter Archetype features the unique trait “Longshot,” which levels up automatically as you progress within the archetype.

Hunter Archetype Perks

There is one prime perk and four additional perks available.

  • Dead Eye: Increases Ranged damage by 4% and boosts Weakspot Damage by 1.5%.
  • Urgency: Killing an enemy grants a 15% reload speed increase for firearms lasting 3 seconds.
  • Intuition: When using a Relic, extend the duration of active Hunter Skills by 5 seconds, with diminishing effectiveness after each use.
  • Return to Sender: Enhances item looting for Hunters, increasing ammo drops by 25% upon scoring a critical hit and killing an enemy.

Hunter Archetype Skills

The Hunter Archetype offers three unique skills:

  • Hunter’s Mark: Creates an Aura marking all enemies within a 35-meter range, boosting Ranged and Melee damage by 15% for 25 seconds.
  • Hunter’s Focus: Heightens the Hunter’s senses, applying a mark to enemies when aiming at them for 0.01 seconds. Continual aiming without shooting for 1-second triggers a FOCUSED state.
  • Hunter’s Shroud: Activating Shroud mode makes the Hunter less noticeable to enemies, increasing evasion while moving. Attacking, using a Mod or Skill, exits Shroud mode, marking nearby enemies and granting AMBUSH status for 2 seconds.

3. Alchemist

Alchemist Remnant 2
The Alchemist Class in Remnant 2 [Image Credit: eXputer]

The Alchemist class in Remnant 2 enhances your survivability and offers valuable buffs to you and your team. Its standout feature is bolstering protective capabilities and providing beneficial effects.

To unlock the Alchemist class, defeat Manticora during the “Manticora from the Drain” quest and collect Philosopher Stone Material. Craft the Philosopher Stone’s Engram using these materials.

The Alchemist Trait, known as “Potency,” will be introduced as part of the Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2.

Here are the Alchemist Archetype perks:

  1. Liquid Courage: Upscaling with your Alchemist Level, enjoy a 2.5% damage boost.
  2. Panacea: Apply curative effects to all allies within a 15-meter radius, granting an additional resistance of 15.
  3. Gold to Lead: When collecting Scrap, there’s a 15% chance the Alchemist will also receive Ammo as a reward.
  4. Experimentalist: Using a Relic grants a random buff lasting 30 seconds, which cannot be overwritten.

The Alchemist Archetype offers three distinct skills:

  1. Stone Mist: Creates a mysterious vapor cloud for 10 seconds, applying Stoneskin. Stoneskin reduces incoming damage by 25%, accelerates Blight Buildup Decay, decreases Stagger by 1, and grants immunity to Status Effects for 15 seconds.
  2. Frenzy Dust: Generates a 10-second vapor cloud that induces frenzy, boosting Fire Rate, Reload Speed, Melee Speed by 20%, and Movement Speed by 15% for 15 seconds.
  3. Elixir of Life: Produces a 10-second vapor cloud with a Living Will. While active, it regenerates 5 health per second and protects against fatal damage. If downed, it can revive the user to full health, remaining active for 20 seconds.

What Is The Role of Classes In Remnant 2?

remnant 2 class
Remnant 2 Classes [Imge Credit: eXputer]
In Remnant 2, classes are pivotal in shaping gameplay and player strategy. Each class comes equipped with its own set of default perks, skills, and traits, which can be unlocked and upgraded to enhance the player’s in-game abilities.

The choice of weapons, armor, amulets, and rings further customizes each class & shapes the experiences of the Remnant 2. From the Handler, which focuses on support and has a loyal dog companion, to the Explorer, which emphasizes finding valuable items, the classes dictate combat style, support abilities, and general gameplay approach.

Out of the 11 available classes, players can choose and tailor their gameplay according to their preferences and the challenges they face in the game’s vast universe.

This brings me to the end of Remnant 2 Best Class guide, where I have listed the top 5 ones in the game. Before you leave, consider reading Remnant 2 Probability Cord, Terminus Station, Revive Or Kill The Doe, and Nightfall Gun in Remnant 2 guides. 


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