Remnant 2 Devs Roll Out Major Updates For Xbox Series X|S and PS5

A massive list of QOL improvements, balance changes, and bug fixes for the console versions.

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  • Gunfire Games has launched a comprehensive pack of updates for Remnant 2 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. These updates implement the adjustments implemented in the PC version.
  • The patches strive to improve the game balance, performance, and overall health of the title.

The next batch of Remnant 2 updates is out for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, implementing myriad QOL changes, bug fixes, and balance adjustments. The patch notes outline all of the new details for each version of the game but keep in mind that Gunfire Games is following a staggered launch system in getting these changes to each platform. 

Remnant 2 on PlayStation 5 previously received an update that nerfed Nightfall and made several tweaks to Archetypes and other aspects. This is followed up with the latest patch that fixes several trophy-related issues in addition to last week’s PC patch adjustments. These mainly include improved damage reduction by armor and an increase in evasion iframes.

Remnant 2 PlayStation 5 Patch Notes
Remnant 2 PlayStation 5 Patch Notes

Said damage reduction capabilities were adjusted by five percent. This led to an increase in the DR value of Light Armor from 15% to 25%, Medium Armor from 25% to 30%, and Ultra Heavy Armor from 45% to 50%. Additionally, Light Armor iframes were raised by two followed by a one-frame increase for Medium and Ultra Heavy Armor.

We felt that the baseline Heavy Armor values (at approximately 35% DR) were in a good spot, especially with our recent changes to certain enemy affixes, so we adjusted the other armors to bring them up to par in their own way.”

Furthermore, in line with the aforementioned DR and evasion buffs, the devs of Remnant 2 also clarified that no changes were made to the Stamina Cost Penalty. The only adjustments regarding iframes were for the two lighter Weight Classes. Beyond that, several enemy affixes were fine-tuned. Vicious and Spiteful enemy affixes went down from 33 to 15% and 0-45% to 0-25% respectively.

The Xbox Series X|S version of Remnant 2 has received all of these changes in one major patch. According to the patch notes, these adjustments include the Nightfall nerf, positive changes to Scrap gain and the Trait cap, progression blocker resolutions, damage reduction and iframe buffs, and a wide array of quality-of-life improvements.

Gunfire Games’ reasoning for adjusting Nightfall was explained previously. The Long Gun was dealing far more damage than other weapons in both Standard & Dreadwalker modes. This increase was almost 20% more with the mod active compared to other guns with active perks. The change serves to bring Nightfall in line with other weapons to ensure balanced play.

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Adjustments were also made to various other weapons in Remnant 2 as well. Aphelion now scales to Boss/Special damage instead. Shatterstar’s fire damage and the total reserve capacity of Enigma were increased. Furthermore, the latter’s AOE burst damage, subsequent tether damage and magazine capacity were reduced.

Remnant 2 Bug Fixes On PS5 & Xbox Series X|S

With the launch of these updates for the console versions of Remnant 2, all of the recent bug fixes and optimizations have been rolled out on each platform. Some of the bugs that were addressed include Cass no longer wandering out of town, making her store inaccessible, progression discrepancies with Sentinel’s KeepLiquid Escape, and Ward 13 NPCs losing their memory.

Remnant 2 Xbox Series X|S Patch Notes
Remnant 2 Xbox Series X|S Patch Notes

Several Archetype issues have been patched for the console versions of the game. Summoner’s minions will no longer target the pigs in Losomn in addition to the removal of controller rumble for when minions move closer to the player. Furthermore, Engineer kills via Turret will now grant experience points. And lastly, the problem with Handler’s Very Good Boy not waking the sleeping Huntress when attacking has also been resolved. 

Remnant 2 is out now on PlayStation 5Xbox Series XXbox Series S, and PC. Read on to find out why we consider it to be the best soulslike of the year.

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