Remnant 2 Best Weapons: Top 15 Weapons

Wield the best arsenal of weapons in Remnant 2, including the most powerful handguns, long guns, and melee weapons.

The best weapons in Remnant 2 will include discussing the best handguns, long guns, and melee weapons. Long guns are your main weapons, whereas handguns act like secondary weapons additionally. The option to use melee weapons to crush enemies is also there if you want to utilize it.

Key Takeaways
  • The best weapons in Remnant 2 are not only limited to long guns but also include handguns and melee weapons.
  • Long Guns are your primary weapons in Remnant 2, which you’ll use to deal major damage to enemies and bosses.
  • Handguns are your secondary weapons, which will act as support in most cases.
  • Melee Weapons can be used to smash enemies in close-quarters combat in Remnant 2.
  • You can make your own loadout using the best weapons in all three categories.
  • Some regular weapons can be obtained in dungeons where you must craft special weapons.
  • You will need to collect specific items in order to craft weapons at McCabe’s Workshop in Ward 13 of Remnant 2.

Best Weapons In Remnant 2

I have discussed the top five best weapons in each category, including the best long guns, handguns, and melee weapons in Remnant 2. You can make a complete loadout based on these overpowered weapons as well.

XMG57 BonesawLong Gun121509.519m10%100%0%No Default Mod
NightfallLong Gun3110518m5%105%15%Dreadwalker
DeceitLong Gun1206228m15%90%5%Ouroboros
Alpha-OmegaLong Gun15557.224m10%100%0%Beta Ray
Chicago TypewriterLong Gun10801117m10%105%0%No Default Mod
MP60-RHandgun94214.217m10%100%0%No Special Mod
EnigmaHandgun2230412m-10%--15%Chaos Driver
Cube GunHandgun1557.518m5%85%0%Cube Shield
NebulaHandgun125588m---15%Nano Swarm
Iron GreatswordMelee105---5%95%13%No Special Mod
Atom SmasherMelee72---5%95%11%Accelerator
Atom SplitterMelee100---5%90%6%Fission Strike
Spectral BladeMelee53---8%105%-25%Whirlwind

Best Long Guns

Weapon NameBase DamageMagazine SizeRPSIdeal RangeCrit ChanceWeakspot BonusStagger ModifierSpecial Weapon Mod
XMG57 Bonesaw121509.519m10%100%0%No Default Mod
Alpha-Omega15557.224m10%100%0%Beta Ray
Chicago Typewriter10801117m10%105%0%No Default Mod

Long guns will act as the main weapon in your journey through the various worlds of Remnant 2. You can either decide to use a long gun that specializes in either close-range combat or deals high damage from range.

XMG57 Bonesaw

remnant 2 best weapons
XMG57 Bonesaw In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by Us)
Weapon NameXMG57 Bonesaw
Base Damage12
Weakspot Bonus100%
Crit Chance10%
Stagger Modifier0%
Special Weapon ModNo Default Mod

The XMG57 Bonesaw is not only one of the best long guns, but it can also be obtained at the beginning by selecting the Medic Archetype. With a huge magazine size, you’ll melt almost anything in your way during the early levels and worlds. Once you upgrade the weapon, it will become a laser at medium range, and you will be able to beat most bosses easily.

However, this gun has an overheating mechanic, which you need to keep a lookout for. Don not spam with the Bonesaw, as it will overheat. Additionally, you will rarely need to reload due to the high-capacity magazine. But the reload itself is really slow if you ever run out of a magazine.

  • The XMG57 Bonesaw is the starting weapon for the Medic Archetype.
  • Even if you don’t pick the Medic Archetype, the XMG57 Bonesaw can be bought early on at Ward 13.


remnant 2 best weapons
Nightfall In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)
Weapon NameNightfall
Base Damage31
Weakspot Bonus105%
Crit Chance5%
Stagger Modifier15%
Special Weapon ModDreadwalker

Another great medium-range long weapon is the Nightfall which comes equipped with one of the best weapon mods additionally. It has good range and damage, whereas the starting magazine size is pretty small. However, its default weapon mod, known as the Dreadwalker, is what makes Nightfall overpowered.

Basically, using that mod will not only give the player infinite ammo, but the fire rate of the weapon will also increase by 35%. Additionally, Nightfall will also become a fully automatic weapon once you use that mod which will allow you to rain down hell on your opponents. Dreadwalker also allows gives 10% lifesteal to the weapon.

  • You can craft Nightfall at McCabe’s workshop, which is located in Ward 13, and you’ll need the following materials;
    • Cursed Dream Silks x1
    • Lumenite Crystals x7
    • Scrap x650

Here is a shot video entailing how to get Nightfall weapon in Remnant 2:


remnant 2 best weapons
Deceit In Remnant 2 (Image by eXputer)
Base Damage120
Weakspot Bonus90%
Crit Chance15%
Stagger Modifier5%
Special Weapon ModOuroboros

This weapon is especially good at both medium and long-range in Remnant 2 and makes for one of the best long guns. It fires deadly shots, and each bullet deals high damage to the enemy. Deceit is a really good weapon to melt most bosses in Remnant 2. You’ll have to make your shots count, however, as the magazine size is pretty small. 

Its default weapon mod, known as Ouroboros, makes Deceit even more overpowered. Basically, this mod will increase the damage of every bullet as it makes every shot deal weak spot damage. But you’ll have to pair up your melee weapon in the mix in order for the mod to work properly.

  • You can also craft Deceit at McCabe’s workshop using the following materials;
    • Imposter’s Heart x1
    • Lumenite Crystals x7
    • Scrap x650


remnant 2 best weapons
Alpha-Omega In Remnant 2 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Base Damage15
Weakspot Bonus100%
Crit Chance10%
Stagger Modifier0%
Special Weapon ModBeta Ray

The Alpha-Omega is a special pulse rifle that can fire burst shots at enemies. It works flawlessly at medium range, and the magazine size is extremely good. Further upgrades will boost the damage and ammo capacity additionally. Beta Ray is the default weapon mod that comes with the Alpha-Omega.

Using this mod will allow you to put a brand on a target. Once these enemies are killed, a brand will be left at the place they die. Now if you’ll reload or swap your weapon, it will cause the brand to explode, dealing damage to multiple enemies. The whole playstyle of using Alpha-Omega depends on capitalizing on these brands.

  • Just like most other special weapons, Alpha-Omega can be crafted at McCabe’s shop using the following items;
    • Forgotten Memory x1
    • Lumenite Crystals x7
    • Scrap x650

Chicago Typewriter

remnant 2 best weapons
Chicago Typewriter In Remnant 2 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
WEAPON NAMEChicago Typewriter
Base Damage10
Weakspot Bonus105%
Crit Chance10%
Stagger Modifier0%
Special Weapon ModNo Default Mod

The Chicago Typewriter is just as good in Remnant 2 as it was in the previous title. It is still one of the best long guns that will obliterate most enemies with its high fire rate and huge magazine size, which can be further upgraded additionally. You’ll make the best use of the Chicago Typewrite in close-quarters combat, where it will melt almost everyone.

  • You can get the Chicago Typewriter in Ward 13, but you’ll need a special item known as the Biome Portal Key to access it.

Best Handguns

Weapon NameBase DamageMagazine SizeRPSIdeal RangeCrit ChanceWeakspot BonusStagger ModifierSpecial Weapon Mod
MP60-R94214.217m10%100%0%No Special Mod
Enigma2230412m-10%--15%Chaos Driver
Cube Gun1557.518m5%85%0%Cube Shield
Nebula125588m---15%Nano Swarm

Handguns will act as your secondary weapons, and there are options to choose between various pistols and sub-machine guns as your handgun weapon. These weapons are mostly good at medium-close range and not at long range, as that is where the long guns will come in handy. Handguns are also more useful early on in Remnant 2, according to this subreddit post.


remnant 2 best weapons
Sorrow In Remnant 2 (Image credit: eXputer)
Base Damage45
Weakspot Bonus115%
Crit Chance10%
Stagger Modifier5%
Special Weapon ModEulogy

If you need a handgun that actually acts like a support weapon, then Sorrow is one of the best weapons for that in Remnant 2. It does not only have above-average stats for a handgun but its default weapon mod, known as Eulogy. This mod actually allows the player to heal themselves by shooting enemies.

Once you activate the mod, you will be able to call back the bolts that have dealt 30 or more damage to the enemy. These bolts will then heal the total health of the play by an amount of 2% of the total HP additionally. This is why Sorrow is not only good for offense but defense as well.

  • You can get your hands on Sorrow in Yaesha.
  • You’ll have to exchange a Tear of Kaeula at Meidre’s Sorrow Event.


remnant 2 best weapons
MP60-R In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by Us)
Base Damage9
Weakspot Bonus100%
Crit Chance10%
Stagger Modifier0%
Special Weapon ModNo Special Mod

The MP60-R is not only fast but accurate at close-range combat. There are no unique—quirks about this weapon except for the fact that it demolishes most enemies at close-range. If you’re looking for raw damage in a handgun, then the MP60-R is your best bet. 

You can upgrade the magazine size by a hefty amount, and that will allow you to laser and gun down enemies even faster. Keeping this sub-machine gun as your secondary weapon will allow you to choose a shotgun or a high-powered rifle as your primary long gun.

  • The MP60-R is the starting weapon of the Summoner Archetype.
  • If you don’t pick that Archetype, then you can get it using the cargo key at Ward 13.
  • The cargo key is obtained by opening up Ford’s Chest in Remnant 2.


remnant 2 best weapons
Enigma In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)
Base Damage22
Weakspot Bonus-
Crit Chance-10%
Stagger Modifier-15%
Special Weapon ModChaos Driver

The Enigma handgun is a perfect secondary weapon that can be used for quickly taking care of multiple enemies at the same it. This is why it is really good for crowd control in the various levels of Remnant 2. It is the default weapon mod that helps in taking down multiple enemies.

The weapon mod is known as Chaos Driver. You can basically pierce enemies with electrified rods, and the rods will connect to form an electric field that deals damage to all enemies in range. The enemies pierced with the rods will be dealt more damage additionally.

  • Enigma is a special weapon, and it can be crafted using the following items at McCabe’s workshop at Ward 13;
    • Cipher Rod x1
    • Lumenite Crystals x7
    • Scrap x650

Cube Gun

remnant 2 best weapons
Cube Gun In Remnant 2 (Image by eXputer)
Base Damage15
Weakspot Bonus85%
Crit Chance5%
Stagger Modifier0%
Special Weapon ModCube Shield

There are two things that make the Cube Gun one of the best handguns to use in Remnant 2. Not only do the bullets fired bounce back, but the default weapon mod is also really overpowered. Basically, the shots that you fire will return, and then you can use those bullets again to reload the weapon again. That essentially creates the possibility of getting infinite ammo.

Next, the weapon mod known as Cube Shield is an extremely strong defensive weapon mod in Remnant 2. You can create a cube shield around yourself which will absorb 500 damage, and the shield lasts for 15 seconds. 

  • The Cube Gun is a special weapon, and you’ll need the following items to craft it in Remnant 2;
    • Conflux Prism x1
    • Lumenite Crystals x7
    • Scrap x650


remnant 2 best weapons
Nebula In Remnant 2 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Base Damage12
Weakspot Bonus-
Crit Chance-
Stagger Modifier-15%
Special Weapon ModNano Swarm

The Nebula handgun deals damage through acid gas which is quite unique. This handgun has the potential to deal corrosive damage to enemies if that is what you’re looking for. Corrosive damage continuously lowers the health of the enemies over time and essentially acts like a status effect. You can also effectively crowd-control enemies using poisonous gas.

Nano Swarm is the default weapon mod for the Nebula, and it also further helps in crowd control. Basically, you’ll release nanomachines that will chase enemies and deal acid damage to them. That will further lower the health of these enemies, and you will be easily able to finish them off.

  • You can craft the Nebula handgun using the following items in Remnant 2;
    • Spiced Bile x1
    • Lumenite Crystals x7
    • Scrap x650

Best Melee Weapons

Weapon NameBase DamageWeakspot DamageCrit ChanceStagger ModifierSpecial Weapon Mod
Iron Greatsword10595%5%13%No Special Mod
Atom Smasher7295%5%11%Accelerator
Atom Splitter10090%5%6%Fission Strike
Spectral Blade53105%8%-25%Whirlwind

Melee Weapons are the third category of weapons available to use in Remnant 2. You can get up close and personal with all of the enemies and bosses and hit them with all you’ve got using these weapons.

Iron Greatsword

Rank 2
Iron Greatsword In Remnant 2 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
WEAPON NAMEIron Greatsword
Base Damage105
Weakspot Damage95%
Crit Chance5%
Stagger Modifier13%
Special Weapon ModNo Special Mod

The Iron Greatsword has the highest base damage out of all of the melee weapons. It will hit hard, and you can basically destroy big health bars if you start dealing weak spot damage additionally. The best part about the Iron Greatsword is that you can get it as early as the beginning when you choose your specific Archetype. You can also use weapon mods to further enhance this weapon.

  • You can get the Iron Greatsword as a starting weapon if you choose the Challenger Archetype as your starting class.
  • It can also be bought from Brabus, who is located in Ward 13, which is the hub area.

Atom Smasher

Rank 5
Atom Smasher In Remnant 2 (Image credit: eXputer)
Base Damage72
Weakspot Damage95%
Crit Chance5%
Stagger Modifier11%
Special Weapon ModAccelerator

The next best melee weapon on my list is the Atom Smasher, which undoubtedly has great stagger potential. Additionally, its default weapon mod which is the Accelerator, also boosts the speed of the weapon, allowing you to perform even more hits. When you charge melee attacks, it will boost the speed of all of the melee attacks using the Atom Smasher for five seconds.

  • You’ll have to complete the Train Event, which is located in N’erud, if you want to get your hands on the Atom Smasher.

Atom Splitter

Rank 1
Atom Splitter In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by Us)
WEAPON NAMEAtom Splitter
Base Damage100
Weakspot Damage90%
Crit Chance5%
Stagger Modifier6%
Special Weapon ModFission Strike

The Atom Splitter also comes with high base damage, which can be further improved by upgrading the weapon making it one of the best melee weapons in Remnant 2. Fission Strike is the weapon mod of the Atom Splitter, and it allows you to deal damage in a wide area by performing neutral evade attacks. Overall, the Atom Splitter is an above-average melee weapon with great damage.

  • There is a chance of obtaining the Atom Splitter in any dungeon in Remnant 2.


Rank 4
Stone Breaker In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)
WEAPON NAMEStonebreaker
Base Damage103
Weakspot Damage95%
Crit Chance4%
Stagger Modifier10%
Special Weapon ModFaultline

With the third-best base damage out of all of the melee weapons and a good stagger modifier, the Stonebreaker makes for a deadly melee weapon. Additionally, its weapon mod known as Faultline will allow you to deal damage using shockwaves. This is good for crowd control, but you’ll need to charge the weapon in order to fire these shockwaves.

  • You’ll need the following items to craft the Stonebreaker in Remnant 2;
    • Hollow Heart x1
    • Lumenite Crystals x7
    • Scrap x650

Spectral Blade

Rank 3
Spectral Blade In Remnant 2 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
WEAPON NAMESpectral Blade
Base Damage53
Weakspot Damage105%
Crit Chance8%
Stagger Modifier-25%
Special Weapon ModWhirlwind

Do not get fooled by the low base damage of the Spectral Blade, as it is the special weapon mod of this weapon, which makes it one of the best melee weapons additionally. The Whirlwind weapon mod allows you to obliterate multiple enemies using a plethora of slashes which can be initiated by performing a neutral backdash with this weapon mod.

  • If you want to craft the Spectral Blade, then you’ll need to collect the following items;
    • Eidolon Shard x1
    • Lumenite Crystals x7
    • Scrap x650


This concludes my guide on the best weapons in Remnant 2. I have included the best weapons in each category, including the best long guns, handguns, and melee weapons. The method of obtaining the weapons mentioned on my list has also been explained in complete detail. I hope that the guide was helpful in learning everything that you need to know about the best weapons. Let me know what you think about Remnant 2 in the comments below!


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