Remnant 2: Harvester’s Reach [Boss, Rings, Safe Code]

Descend into Harvesters Reach Remnant 2 and explore the secrets of foul sewers, battle difficult enemies, and uncover rare treasures such as Ring of the Robust!

Harvester’s Reach Remnant 2 is characterized by its putrid and foul atmosphere and is predominantly set within a network of dark and eerie sewers. Like other locations in Remnant 2, Harvester’s Reach offers distinct landscapes, various events, challenging dungeons, formidable bosses, a range of enemies, and an array of unique items for players to discover and interact with.

Key Takeaways
  • Ring of the Robust is a valuable ring obtained as a random drop from foes in Harvester’s Reach in Remnant 2.
  • The enemies in Harvester’s Reach include the Green Ooze, Orange Ooze, and the fearsome boss Barghest the Vile.
  • The Locked Safe event challenges players to find and decipher a 4-digit Harvester to reach Remnant 2 safe code from glowing numbers on the walls, rewarding them with the Rusted Heirloom ring.
  • The Clogged Pipe event involves navigating floating planks of wood and waiting for the water level to rise to access the Meridian, one of the best weapons in Remnant 2.
  • Harvester’s Reach Remnant 2 also features valuable items like the Lithely, Ring of Grace, and Ring of the Robust, enhancing players’ combat capabilities and survivability.

What Is Harvester’s Reach In Remnant 2

Ring Of Grace harvesters reach remnant 2
Ring Of Grace Image Via: exporter

Harvester’s Reach sewer system hosts threats like the Green Ooze, Orange Ooze, and the formidable Barghest the Vile.

The Torture Room event reveals eerie chambers where captive enemies hang, hinting at a dark history.

Valuable Items

  1. Lithely: A rare ranged mutator weapon obtained by defeating Barghest the Vile. It progressively enhances reload speed by 4% for each enemy eliminated between reloads, lasting for 7 seconds and accumulating up to 5 times.
  2. Ring of Grace: Scattered throughout the area, this ring regenerates 10% of the user’s maximum health over 10 seconds when damaged by enemies.
  3. Meridian: Found during the Flooding Sewer event, this weapon requires navigating a perilous path to reach a hidden room.
  4. Ring of the Robust: A valuable ring obtained as a random drop from foes in Harvester’s Reach. It increases the user’s maximum health by 10 points and boosts armor effectiveness by 15%.

Additionally, you can find the Tome of Knowledge, which significantly boosts player experience gain.

Quest Item

Dria's Anklet harvesters reach remnant 2
Dria’s Anklet

Dria’s Anklet – A pivotal quest item entwined with the lore and history of Harvester’s Reach. Players must embark on a journey to find and secure this anklet, and doing so will lead them down a path that unveils the past and the secrets of the forsaken sewers.

Materials To Look For

The following materials can be found:

  • Corrupted Lumenite Crystal: A rare and potent material dropped by specific red enemies found among bone piles.
    • Collecting these crystals allows players to enhance their weapons and equipment, imbuing them with additional strength and abilities.
  • Lumenite Crystal: A valuable resource found scattered throughout Harvester’s Reach. These crystals serve as a general currency in the area, enabling players to upgrade their gear.

Arcane Strike

Apart from materials, the only trait that can be found in Arcane Strike is a powerful trait that can be unlocked through a specific ritual involving the destruction of bone piles infested with Ooze enemies. The “Arcane Strike” trait in Remnant 2 offers a significant advantage to players.

  • This trait amplifies the rate at which Mod Power is generated upon successful melee hits, with each trait point invested contributing a boost of +1.25%.
  • As the trait is developed further, this bonus accumulates, reaching its peak at a substantial +25% increase in Melee Mod Power Generation when the trait is fully developed at Level 20.

What Enemies Can You Encounter In Harvester’s Reach In Remnant 2?

Barghest the Vile harvesters reach remnant 2
Barghest the Vile

The following enemies you have to fight:

  1. Barghest the Vile: The colossal boss of Harvester’s Reach in Remnant 2. Defeating Barghests yields diverse item drops.
  2. Green Ooze: A hazardous sewer-dwelling creature with corrosive attacks, agile movements, and a tendency to attack in groups.
  3. Manticora: A swift predator with razor-sharp claws and venomous stingers lurking in Harvester’s Reach.
  4. Orange Ooze: Resembling the Green Ooze but capable of spewing fiery flames.

Uncover hidden mysteries with keen observation and problem-solving skills.


These events and passages are shrouded in mystery, requiring keen observation and problem-solving skills to uncover their secrets.

Locked Safe Event

remnant 2 Safe code harvesters reach
Rusted Heirloom

In Harvester’s Reach dungeon, find the safe in the lush living area with a distinctive hole in the wall. Pass through for a second room with the locked safe.

To proceed in Remnant 2, use your flashlight and inspect walls for glowing 4-digit numbers. Break objects to reveal more numbers. Find 8, 5, 3, and 1, forming the safe code. Prioritize the glowing number’s location for the combination.

Completing the safe event rewards a Rusted Heirloom ring, offering defense below 50% health.

In the Clogged Pipe Event, clear the blockage to fill the room with water over 90 minutes. Use floating planks to reach the hidden drain for the powerful Meridian weapon.

Deep within Harvester’s Reach, discover a hidden wall behind a broken metal grate. Access sinister torture rooms where one enemy drops The Severed Hand. Use it to get the Strong Arm Band or Ring of the Damned.

That covers Harvester’s Reach in Remnant 2. Explore Remnant 2: All Editions for more details.


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