How To Unlock Adventure Mode In Remnant 2

Revisit the areas that you have already completed for grinding or exploration by using the adventure mode in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 has an adventure mode that allows players to revisit the worlds and locations that they’ve already completed without worrying much about the main campaign. Essentially, it allows you to create a second save file just to explore more of your already completed areas.

Key Takeaways
  • Adventure mode in Remnant 2 unlocks when you are done beating the first main boss.
  • After unlocking adventure mode, you can access it from Ward 13, which is the hub area.
  • It is different from the main campaign of Remnant 2 and allows you to revisit the worlds that you’ve already explored.
  • You can also take on the bosses that you’ve beaten at a higher difficulty.
  • Adventure mode makes a separate save file for the player, and the progress here will not affect the main campaign.
  • You can grind for various items and explore areas that you previously missed in adventure mode additionally.
Important: Adventure unlocks only after you’ve beaten the main boss of your first world that you get spawned in.

How To Unlock Adventure Mode

adventure mode remnant 2
Adventure Mode Save File (Image Captured by Us)

Adventure mode is quite different from the main campaign. It unlocks after you beat the first main boss of your first world that you explore in Remnant. This mode will then allow you to go back and visit the world that you just completed.

  • Adventure mode was added to Remnant From The Ashes in an update, but it will be available in the second title at launch, according to this subreddit post.
  • Complete your first world and beat the main boss to unlock adventure mode.
  • Access adventure mode from Ward 13, which is the main hub area.
  • Remnant 2 will create a separate save file for that mode if you wish to revisit areas.
  • Using the adventure mode will have no effect on your main campaign additionally.
  • You can go back and re-explore areas and fight bosses again without worrying about the progress of your main story.

Uses Of Adventure Mode

As I’ve mentioned before, adventure mode allows you to go back and explore the worlds that you’ve already completed. This will allow you to find extra loot and will allow you to grind for various items in a second save file. It is a great quality-of-life option to have, which allows the players to choose if they want to grind or not.

  • Revisit already completed areas to grind for more items.
  • You can also find new areas to explore that you might’ve previously missed.
  • Adventure mode also allows you to choose difficulty again, so you can test out your skills by exploring already completed worlds on higher difficulties.

Remnant 2 is a successor to Remnant From The Ashes, and it is even more fun. You can pick from various classes to make your distinct characters and can even choose to have a dog companion on your journey. Additionally, you can also respec your stats and create new builds if you want. There is a lot of versatility, and Remnant 2 can also be enjoyed with friends.

This concludes my guide on Remnant 2 and its adventure mode that unlocks after you beat your very first main boss. I have not only entailed the method of unlocking the adventure mode but have also explained how you can access it. The uses of adventure mode have also been entailed in complete detail. Let me know what you think about Remnant 2 so far in the comments below!

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