Remnant 2: Difficulty Levels [Explained]

Everything you need to know about the various Remnant 2 Difficulty levels, scaling, rewards, and how to change difficulty is explained.

Remnant 2 features four main difficulty options – Survivor, Veteran, Nightmare, and Apocalypse. This guide explains the four difficulty levels, their associated in-game rewards, and details on changing the difficulty. Each setting progressively increases enemy health, damage output, XP rewards, loot drops, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 features 4 main difficulty options: Survivor, Veteran, Nightmare, Apocalypse.
  • Higher difficulties boost enemy health, damage, and XP rewards.
  • In Remnant 2, Change difficulty by rerolling campaign at World Stone, resetting progress.
  • Choose carefully at the start; no mid-game difficulty alterations.
  • Dynamic scaling keeps enemies challenging as gear and skills improve.
  • Bosses have level minimums to prevent them from becoming too easy.
  • Apocalypse is for hardcore experts; and challenging for most players.
  • Prioritize combat mastery and gear before attempting harder difficulties.
  • Balance challenge and enjoyment by selecting the right difficulty.

All Remnant 2 Difficulty Levels

I have listed a comparison of all difficulty levels in the table below:

Difficulty Enemy Base DamageEnemy Base HealthDescription
Survivor100%100%This is for the newer player who are not familiar with intense RPG.
Veteran150%165%This is for players looking for an achievable challenge.
Nightmare250%350%Only people are who expert should try this, as you will be punished.
Apocalypse275%450%This is unlocked after you complete campaign. It is the hardest difficulty which tests your skills.

1. Survivor 

Survivor mode in Remnant 2
The Survivor Difficulty [Image Credits: eXputer]
Survivor difficulty is designed as an accessible starting point for newer players and those less familiar with intense action RPG combat. Enemies deal 100% base damage and have 100% base health on this setting.

2. Veteran

Difficulty levels Remnant 2
The Veteran Difficulty [Image Credits: eXputer]
Veteran difficulty amps up the challenge with 150% enemy health and 165% damage output. Veteran tests experienced Remnant fans looking for a demanding but achievable task.

3. Nightmare 

nightmare mode in Remnant 2
The Nightmare Difficulty [Image Credits: eXputer]

Nightmare ratchets the brutality up to the next level with 250% enemy health and 350% damage inflicted. Only seasoned Remnant experts with optimized builds should attempt this punishing setting.

4. Apocalypse 

The Apocalypse mode represents the pinnacle of difficulty at 275% enemy health and a staggering 450% damage. Apocalypse is an unrelenting trial-by-fire reserved for the most hardcore Remnant veterans seeking the ultimate challenge. Players must conquer the campaign once to unlock access to Apocalypse.

Each setting beyond Survivor also increases XP gains, rewarding players for taking on greater challenges. By providing a wide spectrum of difficulty tuning, Remnant 2 lets players find the sweet spot that matches their abilities and desires for intensity. I highly recommend players play the Apocalypse mode only when they have access to the best Apocalypse build.

Difficulty Scaling 

As far as I know, Remnant 2 utilizes a dynamic difficulty scaling system. This system increases enemy levels based on the player’s progress and gear. As players explore new areas, the zone levels scale up based on a weighted average determined by your inventory’s highest-level piece of equipment. Each new area discovered will add +1 to the weighted level average.

Therefore, Remnant 2’s dynamic scaling aims to walk the tightrope between fun power progression and maintaining the hardcore challenge the series is known for. Players must continue upgrading gear and skill to conquer the ever-escalating threats.

With this, my guide on Remnant 2 difficulty levels ends. In summary, cautiously evaluate your skill level and tolerance for frustration before selecting a Remnant 2 difficulty. While the allure of greater rewards and bragging rights on higher difficulties is tempting, an overly punishing experience can ruin your enjoyment. Select the difficulty that provides a satisfying challenge without dead-ending your progression.


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