Remnant 2 Great Hall: Puzzle Solutions & Feast Event Rewards

Explore the mysteries within the Great Hall, solve puzzles, battle enemies, and claim rewards through the great hall feast remnant 2.

The Great Hall in Remnant 2 is a hub of mystery and adventure. Home to the intriguing Brazier Puzzle and action-packed Feast Event, it offers rewarding challenges. You will have to complete the Brazier Puzzle to earn the White Pawn Stamp ring. Not only this, but you would have to survive hordes of Fae enemies in the Feast Event.

Key Takeaways
  • The Great Hall in Remnant 2 promises excitement and adventure, offering both treasure hunting and challenging activities.
  • The Great Hall houses the intriguing Great Hall Brazier Puzzle and the action-packed Great Hall Feast Event.
  • Solving the Brazier Puzzle requires a trial-and-error approach, changing all braziers to white for a valuable White Pawn Stamp ring.
  • The Feast Event involves surviving waves of enemies and utilizing guests to regain health, rewarded with the Neckbone Necklace for status effect advantages.
  • The Great Hall Feast Event is triggered by acquiring the Ravenous Medallion, which is located in a kitchen within the Great Hall area.
  • Successfully completing the event rewards players with unlocking the Great Feast achievement on the Oracle of Dran’s quilt.
  • Completing the Feast Event also awards the powerful Neckbone Necklace, reducing Status Effect damage and increasing damage output.
  • The event provides an opportunity to earn the Decrepit Rune Crafting Material if the Ravenous Medallion is unused.

Why Is Great Hall Important In Remnant 2?

remnant 2 the great hall
The Great Hall [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Great Hall in Remnant 2 is a significant part of the Losomn world, offering intriguing details, mysterious items, and hidden secrets. It serves as a vital hub for two main activities: The Great Hall Brazier Puzzle and the Great Hall Feast Event. 

The Great Hall contains large braziers that play a crucial role in the Brazier Puzzle. Solving this puzzle requires changing the color of these braziers, so it’s essential to take note of their positions. There’s a grand dining area within the Great Hall, where an NPC is seated at a long table. Interacting with this NPC initiates the Great Hall Feast Event.

  • To access the feast event, players must possess the Ravenous Medallion, a quest item found in a kitchen within the same biome.
  • Once the Brazier Puzzle is completed, a door in the Great Hall opens, leading to a stairway that takes players to the reward area.
  • During the Feast event and the reward collection phase after the Brazier Puzzle, players can expect to face multiple enemy spawns, adding an element of challenge to the experience.

Solving Great Hall Brazier Puzzle In Remnant 2

remnant 2 the great hall
The Great Hall Puzzle [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Great Hall Brazier Puzzle in Remnant 2 is a compelling challenge that requires you to manipulate a set of braziers to reveal a hidden reward. The puzzle involves changing the color of all ten braziers within the hall from purple to white.

  • Shooting one brazier in the Great Hall alters its color and the colors of the braziers nearby, creating a cascading effect that adds complexity to the puzzle.
  • The puzzle does not have a single fixed solution, as the initial arrangement of purple and white braziers varies between players and playthroughs.
  • The key to solving the puzzle is to use a methodical trial-and-error approach. By systematically changing the color of each brazier and observing the changes in surrounding braziers, players can progress toward the solution.
  • Patience is crucial during the puzzle-solving process. While it may initially seem time-consuming and complicated, understanding the patterns and cascading effects makes it easier over time.

Once you have successfully changed all braziers to white, a door at the end of the room will open. Be prepared, as you’ll need to face multiple enemies beyond this door before you can claim your reward. Keep your weapons at the ready, your wits about you, and good luck solving the Great Hall Brazier Puzzle in Remnant 2.

Rewards For Great Hall Brazier Puzzle

Upon successfully solving the Great Hall Brazier Puzzle in Remnant 2, you are granted access to a previously locked door at the end of the room. However, your rewards aren’t handed to you on a silver platter – you’ll need to defeat a series of enemies that are triggered upon opening the door. Therefore, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and prepared for combat.

  • The bounty for your efforts is a valuable item called the White Pawn Stamp ring.
  • The White Pawn Stamp ring possesses a unique attribute: it reduces the Mod Power requirement by 10%.
  • This might not seem like a substantial amount initially, but it can make a significant difference in your gameplay.
  • The reduced Mod Power requirement means you can utilize your weapon’s special abilities more frequently, granting you an advantage in combat situations.

Regardless of where you are in your Remnant 2 adventure, this ring is a beneficial accessory. It not only validates the effort and time spent on the Brazier Puzzle but also enhances your combat efficiency, making your journey a tad bit easier.

The Great Hall Feast Event

remnant 2 the great hall
Ravenous Medallion [Image Credit: eXputer]
You would need the Ravenous Medallion for this event. The Great Hall Feast Event in Remnant 2 is a dynamic encounter that takes place within the grandeur of the Great Hall. This event offers an engaging change of pace from puzzles and conventional battles, introducing a survival challenge against waves of enemies as a feast takes place.

  • With the Ravenous Medallion, players gain access to the Great Hall room, where an NPC is present, awaiting the feast.
  • Starting the feast by consuming something from the table inflicts the Ravenous status effect, causing health to decrease and making healing ineffective slowly.
  • The feast event triggers waves of Fae enemies to invade the room, and players must defend themselves while dealing with the continuous health depletion.
  • During the feast, guests will start to appear, and consuming them allows players to regain health.
  • The event concludes once all enemy waves are defeated, and players need to speak to the NPC at the table, who will reward them for their efforts.

Initiating Great Hall Feast Event 

remnant 2 the great hall
Using the Ravenous Medallion [Image Credit: eXputer]
Starting the Great Hall Feast Event in Remnant 2 involves a few key steps. This event takes place within the Great Hall biome, in a room that is initially locked. Your first task is to unlock this room.

  • Players first need to obtain the Ravenous Medallion from a kitchen in the Great Hall biome to initiate the Great Hall feast event.
  • The Ravenous Medallion is a unique quest item used to unlock the doors of the Great Hall.
  • Inside the Great Hall is an NPC seated at a long dining table. Initiating a conversation with this NPC reveals information about the upcoming grand feast in honor of the new king.
  • Players must interact with the table to officially start the feast event and consume something from it.
  • Eating from the table inflicts the Ravenous status effect, causing the player’s health to decrease and making healing ineffective gradually.

Remember, this event involves surviving waves of enemies while your health slowly drains, so prepare yourself accordingly. Keep your weapons ready, and be on guard for incoming enemies as soon as you’ve initiated the feast. The real challenge starts from here.

Surviving The Waves 

remnant 2 the great hall
Surviving the Feast enemies [Image Credit: eXputer]
Surviving the Great Hall Feast Event in Remnant 2 is no easy task, but the rewards for this feat are well worth the effort. After you’ve defeated the waves of Fae enemies and the feast concludes, you need to return to the NPC at the dining table.

  • Participating in the feast event rewards players with the Neckbone Necklace, a powerful amulet that enhances combat capabilities and survivability.
  • The Neckbone Necklace provides two potent effects: decreasing incoming status effect damage by 50% and increasing damage output by 25% when afflicted by status effects or blights.
  • The damage reduction from Status Effects can prove invaluable in situations where enemies apply such effects, enhancing the player’s survivability.
  • The damage bonus granted while afflicted by status effects or blights greatly enhances offensive power.
  • Moreover, completing the event as the host unlocks the Great Feast achievement on the Oracle of Dran’s quilt.
  • In multiplayer mode, reviving a fallen ally during the feast unlocks the Glutton Trait.

Lastly, if for some reason you decide not to take part in the event, you can hand over the Ravenous Medallion to the Nightweaver’s Web, earning the Decrepit Rune Crafting Material. Nimue can use this material to create the powerful Rune Pistol weapon. All in all, the Great Hall Feast Event in Remnant 2 is full of opportunities to strengthen your character and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Rewards For Great Hall Feast Event

remnant 2 the great hall
Rewards for the Feast Event [Image Credit: eXputer]
After you have successfully overcome the waves of enemies in the Great Hall Feast Event in Remnant 2, it’s time to collect your hard-earned rewards. The character waiting at the head of the table will now awaken. Make your way over and engage in a conversation with them.

  • Players will receive the Neckbone Necklace as a reward for their valiant efforts during the Great Hall Feast Event.
  • The Necklace is not only a symbol of success but also a valuable asset, offering dual benefits.
  • It reduces the damage of Status Effects applied to the wearer by 50%, providing increased survivability against such effects in combat.
  • Simultaneously, the necklace enhances the wearer’s damage by 25% when they are under the influence of a Status Effect or Blight, giving them an advantage in battles against opponents who use Status Effects.
  • Apart from the event-specific rewards, participating in the Great Hall Feast Event allows players to unlock additional benefits.
  • Hosting the event unlocks the Great Feast square on the Oracle of Dran’s quilt, a notable achievement.
  • In multiplayer, players can unlock the Glutton Trait by reviving a fallen teammate during the event.

The Great Hall in Remnant 2 features the Feast Event, which provides not just an exciting gameplay experience but also a wide range of rewards and achievements. However, remember that each reward requires different strategies and playstyles, so plan your approach accordingly.


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