Remnant 2: Best DPS Classes [Skills, Perks, Archetype]

The Remnant 2 Best DPS guide will showcase the Hunter and Gunslinger class, as well as their skills, perks and archetype traits!

Remnant 2 allows players to work and choose their favorite classes, essentially known as archetypes, allowing you to make your favorite builds and the deadliest character available. Players might want to know the Remnant 2 Best DPS classes available for players, their perks, overview, stats, and everything in between! 

Important: Players must focus on making a build if they choose to go with the Hunter or Gunslinger archetype!
Key Takeaways
  • The Best DPS in Remnant 2 features two classes that players can central, such as the Hunter and Gunslinger class
  • Hunter: This class is focused on dealing long-ranged damage and dealing immense burst damage. 
  • The prime perk for Hunter is Dead to Rights, and Longshot is its archetype trait
  • Gunslinger: The class is aimed at those who like to deal medium to long-range damage and conserve ammo.
  • Its prime perk is Loaded, and Longshot is the chosen Archetype trait. 

Remnant 2 Best DPS Classes

Below listed is a summarized version of the two best DPS classes in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Best DPSHunterGunslinger
Prime PerkDead to EyeLoaded
PerksDeadeye, Return to Sender, Urgency, IntuitionSwift Shot, Posse Up, Quick Hands, Sleight of Hands.
SkillsHunter's Mark, Hunter's Focus, Hunter's ShroudQuick Draw, Sidewinder, Bulletstorm

Remnant 2 Hunter Class 

Kicking things off, the Hunter is one of the first solo classes that players will want to go for to become the Remnant 2 Best DPS Class. 

Hunter (Image Credits eXputer)
  • It is essentially known to be the best archetype, mainly focused on excelling in dealing with long-ranged damage while allowing players to stay safe at a distance. 

The starting class in Remnant 2 mainly aims to remove enemies’ weak points as much as possible while also unleashing immense amounts of burst damage, which is especially good for groups of enemies. 

Prime Perk 

One of the main things that players will be able to discover is the prime perk for the Remnant 2 Best DPS Class, and when it comes to Hunter, the prime perk is Dead to Rights. 

  • Level 0: While at level 0, dealing 65 base ranged weak spot damage will extend the duration of the active Hunter skills by 2.5 seconds. 
  • Level 5: Dealing only 60 base ranged weak spot damage will extend the duration of the skills by 3 seconds. 
  • Level 10: Unleashing 55 base ranged weak spot damage will extend the total duration by 3.5 seconds. 

Archetype Trait 

When it comes to the dual archetype trait for the class, it is known as Longshot. 

  • Longshot: It can increase the overall best weapon‘s ideal range by 600 cm whenever it has been completely maxed out. 
Trait Level Weapon Ideal Range Increases (cm)


Other than that, a few specific perks are offered if you select the Hunter class, ranging from Deadeye, Return To Sender, Urgency, and Intuition. 

Hunter Perks
Hunter Perks (Image Credits eXputer)


One of the first perks that you’ll be able to see is Deadeye. 

  • Level 1: Players can get 4% ranged damage and 1.5% weak spot damage. 
  • Level 6 Upgrade: Players will get 24% ranged damage, 9% weak spot damage, and 5% ranged crit chance. 

Return To Sender 

Moving on, the next perk that you should be able to experience is Return To Sender. 

  • Level 2 Unlock: Kills gained with the critical hits and weak spot damage will enhance the overall Ammo drops by 25%.
  • Whenever it has been upgraded to level 7, the kills will increase the ammo drops by 50%. 


With Urgency, it gets unlocked at level 3. 

  • Urgency: Firearms that are used will gain 15% reload speed after a kill and end up lasting 3 seconds.
  • Its upgrade will be unlocked at level 8, and the firearms will get a 15% reload speed and a 15% enhanced movement speed after a kill has been achieved. 


Last, it is known as Intuition, which gets unlocked at level 4. 

  • Intuition: Anytime you use a relic, it will extend the overall relic duration for any hunter skill by 5 seconds, and the effect will decrease with each use.
  • The upgrade for it gets unlocked at level 9. 


Hunter's Skills
Hunter’s Skills (Image Credits eXputer)

Moving on, the next thing you will want to cater to for your Remnant 2 Best DPS class are the skills that can be used with it. 

Hunter’s Mark 

One of the first skills that players can get is the Hunter’s Mark. 

  • Hunter’s Mark: It will enhance the overall spatial awareness by casting down an Aura that will apply Mark to all opponents within a 35-meter range. 

While the senses remain heightened, players will also get 15% enhanced ranged and melee weapon damage lasting 25 seconds. 

Hunter’s Focus 

Next up, Hunter’s Focus is also an incredible skill to invest in. 

  • Hunter’s Focus: Consistently aiming at targets while uninterrupted for one second will allow the player to enter a Focused state. 

While you are Focused, it will decrease the overall weapon’s recoil and sway by 75% but give a 25% ranged weak spot damage boost. 

Hunter’s Shroud 

Hunter's Shroud
Hunter’s Shroud (Image Credits eXputer)

The Hunter’s Shroud will allow players to become shrouded, which will decrease the overall enemy awareness, but if you use a skill, the shrouded state gets canceled. 

  • While the Weapon Mod ends, it will apply Mark to all opponents within a 10-meter range and give Ambush to the hunter for 2 seconds. 

Gunslinger DPS Class In Remnant 2

Another Remnant 2 Best DPS class will be the Gunslinger, which is mainly focused on being a DPS class that has medium range and will primarily cater towards saving as much ammo as possible. 

  • Apart from that, players can unleash damage while being at a considerable distance and save ammo. 

Prime Perk 

Gunslinger (Image Credits eXputer)

For the prime perk, it is known as Loaded, and it gets automatically unlocked for players. 

  • Level 1: Anytime you activate a Gunslinger skill, both weapons will get instantly reloaded, and you will get infinite reserve ammo for all of your weapons for 5 seconds. 
  • Level 5: The duration you receive infinite ammo on all your weapons will be increased to 6.5 seconds. 
  • Level 10: Whenever you activate your gunslinger skill, both weapons will reload, and the infinite ammo duration will be increased to 8 seconds. 

Ammo Reserves 

When it comes to the Ammo Reserves, it will end up increasing the overall ammo reserves for players by 50% at the max level. 

Traits Level Ammo Reserves Increase 


Gunslinger Perks
Gunslinger Perks (Image Credits eXputer)

As far as the perks are concerned, there are four that players can look at, ranging from Swift Shot, Posse Up, Quick Hands, and Sleight of Hand. 

Swift Shot 

Starting with Swift Shot, it will be unlocked for players at level 1, allowing you a 1.5% fire rate and 2.5% ranged damage. 

  • Upgrade: At level 6, the upgrade is unlocked, allowing you to get a 15% fire rate and 25% ranged damage, and a 5% crit chance for all your firearms. 

Posse Up 

With Posse Up, it will essentially be unlocked at level 2, and the ammo pickups will grant players 20% extra ammo per player, with the bonus, which will end up being split between your allies. 

  • Upgrade: At level 7, the ammo pickups will now reward you with 30% extra ammo instead of 20%. 

Quick Hands 

Moving on, another useful utility perk is Quick Hands, which is accessible once you reach level 3, and with it, firearms will get 10% reload speed. 

  • Upgrade: At level 8, the firearms will get a 10% reload speed and a double bonus if the magazine is empty. 

Sleight of Hand 

Lastly, Sleight of Hand is a relic perk that is unlocked at level 4, and if you use a relic, it will reload your firearm. 

  • Upgrade:  Anytime you use a relic, it will reload the firearm while enhancing your ranged damage by 15% for 10 seconds. 


Gunslinger Skills
Gunslinger Skills (Image Credits eXputer)

Regarding the skills for the class, there are three to choose from: Quick Draw, Sidewinder, and Bulletstorm. 

Quick Draw 

The first skill is Quick Draw, which allows players to use their side piece and unleash 6 critical shots, and every shot will deal 35 base damage and double the total stagger value. 

  • Pressing It: If you press it, it will fire forward all opponents within view within a range of 25 meters. 
  • Holding it: If you hold and then release it, it will cast out one deadly shot. 


The next skill is Sidewinder, which allows players to summon forth the power of the Desert Sidewinder snake to increase the movement speed and speed by 50%. 


Lastly, the Bulletstorm skill shouldn’t be ignored either, as it allows you to use its full power and speed, through which you will also get a 20% fire rate increase, and the reload speed will be boosted by 50% for all ranged weapons too.  

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Remnant 2 Best DPS, so let’s wrap up with the guide! While you’re here, read the Remnant 2 All Editions guide! Alongside that, the Remnant 2 Locations guide is a must-read!

The Remnant 2 Relic Fragment guide will also showcase how to get relic fragments! Lastly, don’t miss out on the Remnant 2 Decorum Cipher guide!

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