Remnant 2: Weapons Tier List [All Ranked & Compared]

Learn about all weapon lists in Remnant 2 with this tier list guide that is tailored to your strategy so that you can optimize damage output.

Remnant 2 is easily called Dark Souls with Guns because it features exciting action RPG where your character runs and guns enemies & takes down bosses. There is a diverse selection of primary & secondary weapons grouped into different starting classes that you can pick later on regardless of what class you run with. To assist players, I’ve created a comprehensive Remnant 2 weapon Tier List guide, taking into account attributes such as damage, range, and critical hit chance stats. 

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 offers primary and secondary weapons divided into handguns, long guns, and melee weapons categories for different starting classes.
  • Players can choose weapons outside of their initial class later in the game.
  • All weapons in Remnant 2 are ranked based on various stats including damage, range, critical hit chance, stagger modifier, and weak spot damage bonus.
  • The S-tier represents the best weapons Remnant 2, possessing top-notch attributes, special abilities, and mutators, and other tiers are considered a little inferior to the S-ranking one.

Remnant 2 All Weapons Comparison

Here is an overview of every single weapon in Remnant 2 ranked along with its Damage, Range, Critical Hit Chance, Stagger Modifier, and Weak Spot Damage Bonus weapon stats.

Serial NumberWeapon NameDamageRangeCritical Hit ChanceStagger ModifierWeak Spot Damage Bonus
3Coach Gun115155%10%+100%
5Ford’s Scatter Gun130105%10%+115%
6Royal Broadsword102N/A7%11%+95%
7Stone Breaker103N/A4%+10%+95%
11Iron Greatsword105N/A5%13%+95%
12Double Barrel11075%10%+100%
15Atom Splitter100N/A5%6%+90%
16Spectral Blade53N/A8%-25%+105%
17Night Shade47N/A18%-20%+110%
19Chicago Typewriter101710%0%+100%
20Feral Judgement53N/A13%-15%+110%
23Crescent Moon87255%-15%+70%
24Royal Hunting Bow802510%5%+115%
28Twisted Arbalest80205%5%+100%
29Scrap Hammer83N/A8%9%+95%
30Gas Giant78N/A5%0%0%
31Steel Spear61N/A9%-4%+110%
32Rusty Repeater15170%-10%+100%
33Scrap Staff65N/A6%8%+95%
34Service Pistol24205%0%+105%
35Ornate Flail63N/A11%-3%+110%
36Rebellion Spear60N/A13%2%+110%
37Dream Catcher58N/A5%3%+95%
38Huntress Spear63NA6%-5%+100%
39Labyrinth Staff64NA8%5%+95%
40Atom Smasher72NA5%7%+95%
41Hunt Master M170275%5%+110%
42Rusty Lever Action55300%0%+100%
43Wrangler 1860552510%0%+110%
45AS-10 Bulldog60105%10%+100%
46Scrap Hatchet57NA6%1%+105%
48Western Classic32185%5%+105%
49Rupture Canon42135%10%+100%
50Bone Chopper58NA7%-3%+105%
51Vice Grips55NA6%-18%+110%
52Krell Axe54NA3%-10%+85%
53Ornate Blade52NA11%-5%+105%
54Steel Sword56NA7%2%+100%
55Steel Katana56NA10%-10%+105%
56Edge of Forest59NA9%-15%+109%
57Rusted Claws51NA14%-9%+110%
58Hero’s Sword51NA5%-10%+90%
59Red Doe Staff62NA3%8%+95%
60Blade of Gul57NA4%6%+100%
61Assassin’s Dagger41NA-3%-15%+110%
62God Splitter38NA2%-20%+50%
64Silverback Model 50015185%-10%+105%
65Blade of Adventure26NA10%10%+75%
66Knuckle Dusters43NA5%5%+110%
68Cube Gun15185%0%+85%
69Plasma Cutter7175%-20%+75%
70Black Maw AR-47172010%0%+100%
71Pulse Rifle162210%5%+105%
72Repeater Pistol15185%-10%105%
73Hell Fire1380%-15%0%
75Bolt Driver261710%-10%105%
76Rune Pistol151810%0%100%
77Star Shot222110%5%110%
78Tech 2281510%-10%100%

Remnant 2 Weapons Tier List Summary

Here is a quick look at the overall weapon list of Remnant 2, and see which gun belongs to a higher or lower tier category.

Tier Ranking Weapon Names
S-TierSpore Bloom, Widow Maker, Coach Gun, Cross Bow, Ford's Scatter Gun, Royal Broadsword, Stone Breaker, Deceit, MP60-R, Nightfall
A-TierIron Greatsword, Double Barrel, Sureshot, Repulsor, Atom Splitter, Spectral Blade, Night Shade, Sagittarius, Chicago Typewriter, Feral Judgement, Alpha-Omega, XMG-57
B-TierCrescent Moon, Royal Hunting Bow, Meridian, Savior, Star Killer, Twisted Arbalest, Scrap Hammer, Gas Giant, Steel Spear, Rusty Repeater, Scrap Staff, Service Pistol, Ornate Flail, Rebellion Spear, Dream Catcher, Huntress Spear, Labyrinth Staff
C-TierAtom Smasher, Hunt Master M1, Rusty Lever Action, Wrangler 1860, Aphelion, AS-10 Bulldog, Scrap Hatchet, Sorrow, Western Classic, Rupture Canon, Bone Chopper, Vice Grips, Krell Axe, Ornate Blade, Steel Sword, Steel Katana, Edge of Forest, Rusted Claws, Hero's Sword, Red Doe Staff, Blade of Gul
D-TierAssassin's Dagger, God Splitter, Enigma, Silverback Model 500, Blade of Adventure, Knuckle Dusters, Merciless, Cube Gun, Plasma Cutter, Black Maw AR-47, Pulse Rifle, Repeater Pistol, Hell Fire, Nebula, Bolt Driver, Rune Pistol, Star Shot, Tech 22


Remnant 2 S-Tier weapon listing [Image Credits: eXputer]
The S-ranking category is the top tier selection of guns in the tier list featuring the best weapons with the best traits, special abilities, and mutators. S-Tier Classes in Remnant 2 provide high damage, hit chance, and stagger boost, making them ideal for team play.

Sporebloom Powerful single-shot gun with high damage and stagger, equipped with Spore Shot Weapon Mod.
Widowmaker Sniper rifle with enhanced accuracy and range, available from Brabus at Ward 13.
Coach Gun Double-barrel shotgun for short-range combat, from Brabus at Ward 13, starting gear for Invaders.
Crossbow Precise, lethal for medium-range, starting equipment for Summoners.
Ford’s Scattergun Potent shotgun for close combat, starting Long Gun for Explorers.
Royal Broadsword Ancient greatsword with high damage, found in Yaesha during the Arrest Event.
Stone Breaker Crafted blade that produces shockwaves, with “Faultline” ability.
Deceit Accurate, penetrating medium to long-range weapon, equipped with Ouroboros Weapon Mod.
MP60-R Compact handgun for close encounters, in Ward 13’s Ford’s Chest.
Nightfall Ideal for short to medium combat, equipped with Dreadwalker Weapon Mod.


A-Tier list Remnant 2 weapon list [Image Credits: eXputer]
A-ranking guns in the tier List possess excellent special abilities, damage, and range stats, comparable to S-Tier. They only lack minor abilities, placing them in the A-tier category. Nevertheless, A-Tier weapons are highly reliable and effective in the game, on par with S-Tier options.

Iron Greatsword Massive weapon from railroad tracks, high damage, starting gear for Challengers.
Double Barrel Fires destructive shots with top damage stats, found at Asylum in Losomn.
Sureshot High damage and range pistol, purchasable at Ward 13 from Barbus.
Repulsor Mid-range with powerful damage, equipped with Banish Weapon Mod.
Atom Splitter Causes controlled nuclear reactions, powerful with “Fission Strike” ability.
Spectral Blade Sword generating high and weak spot damage, has “Whirlwind” ability.
Night Shade Quick claws landing critical hits, obtained by defeating The Nightweaver for “Beyond The Veil” ability.
Sagittarius Legendary bow for high damage to weak spots, obtained in Yaesha, equipped with Starfall Weapon Mod.
Chicago Typewriter Short-range with large ammo capacity and rapid fire, obtainable from Ward 13.
Feral Judgement Gauntlet with fast melee attacks, stronger with consecutive hits, “Death Sentence” ability, extra damage to bleeding enemies.
Alpha-Omega High-damage long gun for medium-range, craftable at McCabe with Beta Ray Weapon Mod.
XMG-57 Bonesaw for long suppressive fire, more accurate with sustained fire, starting gear for Medics.


B-Tier Weapon list in Remnant 2 [Image Credits: eXputer]
B-rank guns in Remnant 2 weapon tier list provide decent stats such as damage, range, and stagger modifier, along with a sufficient weak spot damage bonus. While these weapons may not be as powerful as A or S-Tier guns in Remnant 2, still they offer solid performance in various combat situations.

Crescent Moon Long gun with empowered arrows and Moonlight debuff, found in Losomn, equipped with Moonlight Barrage Weapon Mod.
Royal Hunting Bow Medium-range bow, gifted by the Postulant, found in Losomn.
Meridian Short-range weapon for close-quarters combat, equipped with Screamer Weapon Mod.
Savior Long gun for long-range battles, equipped with Shatterstar Weapon Mod.
Star Killer Long gun for long-range, available after Apoc clears, equipped with Gravity Core Weapon Mod.
Twisted Arbalest Medium damage weapon for close to medium-range, equipped with Guardian’s Call Weapon Mod.
Scrap Hammer Heavy Warhammer from engine parts, high damage, purchasable from Brabus at Ward 13.
Gas Giant Hammer Melee weapon that charges with dealt damage, craftable at McCabe Store.
Steel Spear High single-target damage for ranged combat, available from Brabus at Ward 13.
Rusty Repeater Auto pistol suitable for short to medium-range encounters.
Scrap Staff Melee weapon from pipes and scrap, available from Brabus at Ward 13.
Service Pistol High range with weak spot damage bonus, purchasable from Ward 13 Brabus.
Ornate Flail Moderate damage, builds momentum for attacks, found in Losomn’s Council Chamber.
Rebellion Spear Ranged weapon with high damage, initial gear for the Summoner Archetype.
Dream Catcher Melee weapon for dealing with crowds, found in Asylum in Losomn, with “Dreamwave” ability.
Huntress Spear Silent weapon for precise strikes, dropped by The Huntress boss.
Labyrinth Staff Gains extra mod power from strikes, charged attacks deliver high damage, found in The Labyrinth.


C-Tier List of Remnant 2 Weapon list [Image Credits: eXputer]
The tier list consisting of C-ranking guns is very situational and is not reliable at all. This makes them less ideal for solo class play and more for team-based situations where others can carry you. While these weapons may still be functional, they are generally considered weaker options compared to higher-tier weapons.

Atom Smasher Close-quarters melee weapon, found in N’erud, comes with Accelerator Weapon Mod.
Hunt Master M1 Modified long-range rifle, starting gear for Hunters.
Rusty Lever Action Dependable long gun for medium-range, medium damage.
Wrangler 1860 Lever-action rifle for various ranges, starting gear for Alchemist and Gunslinger.
Aphelion Long gun with high medium-range damage, equipped with Supernova Weapon Mod.
AS-10 Bulldog Close-quarters gun, upgradable, starting gear for Challengers.
Scrap Hatchet Chopping tool with moderate damage and double attack on charge, available from Brabus at Ward 13.
Sorrow Medium to long-range weapon, precise and powerful, found in Yaesha, equipped with Eulogy Weapon Mod.
Western Classic High-damage handgun with slow reload, for Gunslingers.
Rupture Canon Medium-range pistol shotgun, found in Vault of the Formless.
Bone Chopper Razor-sharp hand axe for offense and defense, starting gear for Alchemists.
Vice Grips Ofildi tools turned weapons, high raw damage, craftable at Drzyr Replicator.
Krell Axe Deals shock damage on impact, obtainable in Yaesha.
Ornate Blade Crafted sword with reach and agility, found in Losomn after The Fae Council Event.
Steel Sword Moderate damage, versatile for combat, starting gear for Hunters.
Steel Katana Aged steel blade with moderate damage, starting gear for Invaders.
Edge of Forest High-damage blade for skilled swordsmen, found near Imperial Gardens.
Rusted Claws Sharp blades for close-quarters, high damage, purchasable from Brabus at Ward 13.
Hero’s Sword Controls areas with wide swings, quick recovery, buyable from Brabus, with “Energy Wave” ability.
Red Doe Staff Performs strong charge attacks and heals allies, comes with “Lifeline” ability.
Blade of Gul Moderate-damage sword for close-range, craftable with Blood Moon Essence and Scrap at the Bloodmoon Altar.


Remnant 2 Weapon list of D-tier ranking [Image Credits: eXputer]
The weapon tier list of Remnant 2 involving D-Tier guns is the lowest ranked and considered the weakest. This hinders their performance in both competitive and team situations, making them less reliable and versatile compared to higher-tier weapons.

Assassin’s Dagger Stealthy melee weapon, craftable at Nimue with jewel options, includes Bloodthirst Weapon Mod.
God Splitter Fused swords with a mix of abilities, amplifies damage, equipped with “Fracture” Weapon Mod.
Enigma Ideal for close to medium-range, tight spaces, equipped with Chaos Driver Weapon Mod.
Silverback Model 500 Features Root Lash mod and Bandit mutator, available for Challengers.
Blade of Adventure Versatile melee weapon with wide-arcing swings, no built-in mods.
Knuckle Dusters Boosts unarmed damage, moderate damage output, purchasable from Brabus at Ward 13.
Merciless High damage, short to medium-range, with Bloodline Weapon Mod. Opinion on its tier ranking varies.
Cube Gun Short to medium-range combat, with Cube Shield Weapon Mod.
Plasma Cutter Special long gun with high focused damage, equipped with Heat Sink Weapon Mod.
Black Maw AR-47 Controlled shots, excels at medium range, starting gear for Handlers.
Pulse Rifle Effective medium-range weapon, found in Abyssal Rift.
Repeater Pistol Reliable semi-automatic handgun for mid-range, starting gear for Hunters.
Hell Fire Devastates in short-range combat, found in Root Earth – Ashen Wasteland.
Nebula Short to medium-range combat, equipped with Nano Swarm Weapon Mod.
Bolt Driver Reliable handgun for close-range, high rate of fire and precise bursts.
Rune Pistol Accurate engagements at moderate distances, equipped with Soul Brand Weapon Mod.
Star Shot Fires fast-moving plasma, effective in short to medium-range, equipped with Big Bang Weapon Mod.
Tech 22 Automatic pistol perfect for close-ranged quick shots, purchasable from Brabus at Ward 13.

This brings me to the end of the Remnant 2 weapon tier list. Before you leave, I recommend you visit the BEST Rings In Remnant 2, Void Heart, Remnant 2: Voice Actors and Burden Of The Gambler guides. 


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