Remnant 2: How To Get Plasma Cutter [Walkthrough]

Follow this complete walkthrough to find the plasma cutter remnant 2 location and acquire Remnant 2's top-tier plasma cutter weapon.

The Plasma Cutter is one of the most powerful guns that can be acquired in Remnant 2, but obtaining it requires some work. You would need to get the crucial Navigator’s Helm item, locate the crashed ship, unlock the navigation room inside, and finally claim this heavy-hitting weapon. The Plasma Cutter’s immense damage potential, especially against bosses, is an essential addition to your Remnant 2 arsenal.

Key Takeaways
  • The Plasma Cutter in Remnant 2 is the successor to the beam rifle from the original Remnant game.
  • Its ramping damage increases the longer you focus fire on a target.
  • The built-in Heat Sink mod temporarily boosts damage up to 3x of Plasma Cutter in Remnant 2.
  • To get Plasma Cutter, you need to kill the Navigator Zombie in Extraction Hub to get the Navigator’s Helm item.
  • With the Helm, find the crashed ship in N’Erud’s open-world areas of Remnant 2.
  • Equip the Helm to unlock the ship’s Navigation Room and claim the Plasma Cutter inside.

What Is The Plasma Cutter

remnant 2 plasma cutter
Plasma Cutter

The Plasma Cutter is a powerful long gun weapon that can be obtained in Remnant 2. It is the successor to the beam rifle from the original Remnant: From the Ashes. The Plasma Cutter specializes in dealing high damage to single targets and has ramping damage capabilities when focused on an enemy. It is considered one of the best weapons in Remnant 2, especially for taking down bosses.

Why Plasma Cutter Is A Must-Have

Due to its strengths, the Plasma Cutter is a highly desirable weapon in Remnant 2. When focused on a single target, it can dish out devastating damage, making it excellent for taking down bosses. The Plasma Cutter has innate ramping damage capabilities that increase its damage output the longer it is focused on an enemy.

It also comes with a built-in mod that temporarily boosts damage up to 3x, allowing it to melt even the toughest foes during that damage window quickly. For these reasons, the Plasma Cutter is considered one of the best and most powerful guns in Remnant 2.

Obtaining The Navigator’s Helm

remnant 2 plasma cutter
Navigator Helmet

You first need to obtain the Navigator’s Helm item to get the Plasma Cutter. This can be acquired by killing the Navigator Zombie enemy, which has a chance to spawn in the Extraction Hub area of N’Erud. The Navigator Zombie looks similar to other zombie enemies but will drop the Navigator’s Helm when killed.

To find the Navigator Zombie, go to the Extraction Hub and head towards the loud pounding sounds. There you’ll find giant pistons slamming the ground – wait for one to rise up and then drop into the hole it leaves. Down in this underground area, kill zombies until the Navigator Zombie spawns and drops the Helm when killed. With the Navigator’s Helm in hand, you can access the crashed ship to claim the Plasma Cutter.

Killing The Navigator Zombie 

The Navigator Zombie is the enemy you must kill to obtain the Navigator’s Helm item. This special zombie spawns in the underground area of the Extraction Hub in N’Erud.

Defeating the Navigator Zombie is the only way to unlock the Plasma Cutter weapon to get the Navigator’s Helm item. So eliminate all zombies in this underground area until you get the Helm drop.

Finding The Crashed Ship

remnant 2 plasma cutter
Crashed Ship [Image Credits: eXputer]

Once you have obtained the Navigator’s Helm, you must find the crashed ship where the Plasma Cutter is located. The crashed ship can spawn in certain open-world areas of N’Erud, like the Timeless Horizon or Eon Vault.

The crashed ship has a large hole in its hull and looks like a derelict spacecraft lodged into the ground. Since the levels are procedurally generated, the exact location of the crashed ship will vary each time. You’ll need to explore N’Erud until you come across the distinctive crashed ship, which will allow you to use the Navigator’s Helm to get inside.

Locations Where The Crashed Ship Can Spawn

The crashed ship containing the plasma cutter remnant 2 location can spawn in certain open-world hub areas on the planet N’Erud in Remnant 2. Specifically, the two areas it is known to appear potentially are the Timeless Horizon and Eon Vault regions. Since the world is procedurally generated, the crashed ship will be in different spots each time.

Players must fully explore the Timeless Horizon and Eon Vault hub areas on multiple visits until they encounter the crashed ship’s spawn location. The ship’s distinctive derelict appearance sticks out from the rocky terrain, so watch it when passing through these large open zones.

Unlocking The Navigation Room In Remnant 2

remnant 2 plasma cutter
Timeless Horizon Region [Image Credits: eXputer]
Once you locate the crashed ship, head inside through the breach in its hull. You’ll come across a locked door to the Navigation Room with a red laser scanner. To unlock this door and access the room, you must equip the Navigator’s Helm you obtained earlier.

Once you’ve equipped the Navigator’s Helm, approach the Navigation Room door to activate the scanner to verify you have the Helm on. It will scan you and verify you have the Helm equipped. This will cause the door to unlock, allowing you to enter the Navigation Room, where the Plasma Cutter can be claimed. The Navigator’s Helm is the key to passing this scan and opening the door.

Equipping The Navigator’s Helm

To open the Navigation Room door inside the crashed ship, you must have the Navigator’s Helm equipped, acquired by defeating the Navigator Zombie enemy.

When you approach the locked Navigation Room door, a red laser scanner prevents entry. To pass this scan, open your inventory and equip the Navigator’s Helm in your head armor slot. With the Navigator’s Helm armor piece equipped, position yourself before the scanner to trigger it again. It will recognize you are wearing the Navigator’s Helm and then unlock the door, allowing access to claim the Plasma Cutter inside.

Claiming The Plasma Cutter

remnant 2 plasma cutter
Claiming the Plasma Cutter [Image Credits: eXputer]
Once inside the Navigation Room, you’ll find the Plasma Cutter lying on the floor, ready to be picked up. You can finally obtain this powerful weapon after navigating the crashed ship and unlocking the room using the Navigator’s Helm.

The Plasma Cutter has innate abilities like ramping damage that increase its potency the longer it stays focused on a target. It also comes with a built-in Heat Sink mod that gives it a major damage boost for some time before overheating. With its single-target damage capabilities, the Plasma Cutter is one of the top-tier weapons offered in Remnant 2.

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