Remnant 2: BEST Archetype Class Combos [Top 5]

The dual archetype system allows players to create overpowered combos by equipping any two of the best classes in Remnant 2.

Some of the best archetype combos can be created in Remnant 2 using the dual archetype system, which allows players to equip two different classes at the same time. However, there is a catch as one class remains primary while the other takes the secondary position.

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 allows players to equip two different archetypes, which introduces the potential for overpowered archetype combinations.
  • You can only use the prime perk of a single class even if two different archetypes are equipped additionally.
  • Challenger and Medic combination makes your character an indestructible tank in Remnant 2.
  • Invader and Hunter combo will allow you to effectively kill enemies from range.
  • If you play support characters, then the Medic and Alchemist combination is the best archetype combo for you.
  • The engineer will allow you to use heavy weapons, whereas the Medic will help you act as support in this archetype combo.
  • Lastly, the Invader and Handler combo prioritizes taking the aggro of enemies away to deal maximum damage.
Important: Out of the two classes in an archetype combo, you can only use the prime perk of a single class which you end up making primary.

Best Remnant 2 Archetype Combos

Before making a dual archetype system, you should know that you can only use a prime perk of a single class and not both of the classes. This means that one of the classes in your loadout will be primary while the other will be secondary.

Following is a comparison of the best Archetype combos in Remnant 2:

Archetype ComboPrimary ArcheytpeSecondary ArchetypePrime Perk
Challenger + MedicChallengerMedicDie-Hard
Invader + HunterInvaderHunterShadow
Medic + AlchemistMedicAlchemistRegenerator
Engineer + MedicEngineerMedicHigh Tech
Invader + HandlerInvaderHandlerShadow

1. Challenger + Medic

best archetype combos remnant 2
Challenger And Medic In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by Us)
Primary ArchetypeChallenger
Secondary ArchetypeMedic
Prime PerkDie-Hard

The Challenger and Medic combination of archetypes has to be one of the most overpowered combinations of classes in Remnant 2. It is actually a fan-favorite dual archetype system, as seen in the comments on this subreddit post. 

Basically, you’ll want to use the Challenger as the primary archetype because its primary perk is strong.

  • The primary perk, known as Die-Hard, allows the player to survive a deadly blow.
  • It also heals a huge percentage of your health back and essentially gives you a second chance in battle.

Now pair that prime perk with any of the Medic’s skills to create a tank character that can also deal high damage to enemies and bosses.

  • You can heal not only yourself but also your teammates using the Medic’s skills in battle.
  • Unlocking the Medic will also unlock the XMG57 Bonesaw, which is one of the best weapons in Remnant 2.

With the combat options of the Challenger and the healing capabilities of the Medic, there is nothing that will stop you in your adventure through the various locations of Remnant 2. Lastly, this is also considered as the best Remnant 2 Archetype Combos for Co-op.

2. Engineer + Medic

best archetype combos remnant 2
Engineer And Medic In Remnant 2 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Primary ArchetypeEngineer
Secondary ArchetypeMedic
Prime PerkHigh Tech

The Engineer specializes in heavy weapons, and if you pair that with the Medic’s healing capabilities, then you’ve built yourself an indestructible tank. The starting weapons of the Engineer class are some of the best that you can use in Remnant 2.

Engineer will be our primary archetype in the combo since you’ll be depending a lot on that powerful prime perk.

  • You can basically buff your heavy weapon with infinite ammo and increased fire rate using High Tech.
  • High Tech is the Engineer’s prime perk and it can be used by holding a skill button.
  • Even though the buff lasts for a few seconds, it is still enough to rain down hell using a heavy weapon.
  • Additionally, you’ll also get access to Atom Smasher when you unlock Engineer, which is one of the strongest melee weapons.

Now to complete our tank that not only hits hard but also has some defensive capabilities, you’ll depend on Medic’s skills.

  • Utilize any one of Medic’s skills that suits your playstyle additionally.
  • You can either choose to heal yourself and your allies or can even revive teammates instantly.
  • Getting your hands on the XMG57 Bonesaw is just the cherry on top for using Medic.

The Engineer/Medic combination will not only make you an offensive menace, but it will also allow you to give support to not only your allies but also your own character.

3. Medic + Alchemist

classes in game
Medic And Alchemist In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)
Primary ArchetypeMedic
Secondary ArchetypeAlchemist
Prime PerkRegenerator

If you want to make one of the best support archetype combos in Remnant 2, then there is no better option than the Medic/Alchemist dual archetype system. Basically, this combo allows you to have heals for days, not only for yourself but also for your teammates.

Putting the Medic as our primary archetype allows us to use the Regnerator prime perk additionally.

  • Regenerator not only heals your allies but also allows you to gain a used-up relic charge.
  • Choosing the Medic as your archetype also gives you early access to the XMG57 Bonesaw, which is an extremely powerful weapon.

Aside from the Medic’s prime perk, you need to capitalize on the Alchemist’s skills in Remnant 2.

  • Elixir of Life is one of Alchemist’s powerful support skills that can not only heal but also revive teammates.
  • You can also reduce the damage taken for yourself and the team using other skills offered by Alchemist.

The Medic/Alchemist combo is solely made for support, and if you don’t like playing that position on the team, then this dual archetype system isn’t for you.

4. Invader + Hunter

classes in game
Invader And Hunter In Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)
Primary ArchetypeInvader
Secondary ArchetypeHunter
Prime PerkShadow

The Invader has a lot of tools that the Hunter’s ranged combat can capitalize on to deal even more damage. Basically, the Invader can create decoys, and buff ranged attacks by damage using his skills, which can be used by the Hunter and his sniper to one-shot most enemies.

Since the primary archetype is Invader, the primary perk in your loadout will be Shadow.

  • Shadow allows you to leave a decoy behind after you use any Invader skill.
  • The enemies that start shooting the decoy will be dealt additional damage by your bullets.
  • You can use this situation to take out most enemies from afar using Hunter’s long-range attacks.

Hunter’s skills and the starting weapon are going to help your loadout in the Invader/Hunter combo.

  • Use Hunter’s skills to buff your ranged damage even more in order to deal devastating blows.
  • The starting weapon known as Huntmaster M1 is also a good choice for a long-range weapon in Remnant 2.

The Invader/Hunter combo allows you to strategically tackle most battles and gives you a lot of options to take out enemies from range. Invader and Hunter combo is a great archetype pairing for co-op in Remnant 2.

5. Invader + Handler

best archetype combos remnant 2
Invader And Handler In Remnant 2 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Primary ArchetypeInvader
Secondary ArchetypeHandler
Prime PerkShadow

This Invader and Handler archetype combo is going to utilize the Invader’s prime perk in order to deal the maximum damage possible. You’re going to pair the Handler’s guard dog with Invader’s prime perk to create a distraction for enemies, which will be used to deal damage.

Invader’s prime perk is the most pivotal part of the combo, which is why you’ll keep the Invader as a primary archetype.

  • Shadow is Invader’s prime perk, and it allows players to leave a decoy after using any of the Invader’s skills.
  • The enemies that get distracted by the decoy will be dealt bonus damage.
  • You can pair that distraction with the Handler’s command dog to take the aggro of enemies away from your own character.

Using Handler as your secondary archetype will allow you to control a dog companion.

  • Use that dog to keep the enemies distracted for longer, which will allow you to reap maximum benefits from Invader’s prime perk.

The Invader/Handler combo focuses on keeping the enemies distracted and capitalizing on that situation by dealing bonus damage.

Remnant 2 is a direct sequel to Remnant From The Ashes, and it offers new and unique worlds for players to explore. You can still go on that adventure alone or can tag along with some friends if you wish. New archetypes have also been added, including the Gunslinger class. There are various puzzles to keep you entertained in between different boss fights, like the Huntress.

This concludes my guide on Remnant 2 and its best archetype combos using the dual archetype system. I have included the five best combinations that you can make out of the various available classes in Remnant 2. The details of which class should be primary and secondary have also been mentioned. I hope that the guide was helpful in learning about the best archetype combos. Let me know what you think about Remnant 2 in the comments below!


Image Credits For Alchemist: Legacy Gaming

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