Best Rings In Remnant 2: An In-Depth Guide [Top 20]

Here are the 20 best rings that you can use for the best class in Remnant 2. They range from providing offense and defense buffs.

While building the best class in Remnant 2, you need the best of the best gear and equipment. Considering players have the freedom to choose four rings at a time, they should definitely go for Remnant 2 best rings. While picking the rings, you need to take into consideration each ring’s benefits and effects along with their own playstyle. Therefore, here are the best 20 Rings that you can get in Remnant 2 for your best build.

Key Takeaways
  • In Remnant 2, there are a total of 136 rings, each having unique benefits and effects.
  • The best 20 Rings of Remnant 2 mainly contain the ones that are multi-purpose, providing the most perks.
  • Since players can equip four rings at a time, it is recommended that they equip the ones that suit their class and playstyle the most.
  • For damage class, you can opt for rings like Assassin’s Seal, Fire Stone, and Constant Variable Ring.
  • For defensive playstyle, go for rings like the Fae Shaman Ring, Guardian’s Ring, and Reserve Boosting Gem.
  • To get movement buffs, you can get rings like Black Cat Band, Fae Hunter Rung, and Dran Memento.

My Picks For Best Rings In Remnant 2

Here is an overview of the rings in Remnant 2, along with their effects on your character & how to get these as well:

RingBest ForEffectHow To Get
Black Cat BandThe Best Ring For A Second ChanceAvoid Fatal Damage and get a burst of movement speed by 25%Purchase it for 500 Scrap from Reggie in Ward 13
Assassin’s SealThe Best Ring For Sneaky PlayIncreases all damage dealt to enemies not targeting wearer by 10%. Reduces enemy Awareness Range by 25%Can be found at Council Tribunal in Losomn
Fire StoneThe Best Ring For Fire ResistanceIncreases Fire Resistance by 15 and Fire damage by 10% Can be bought for 500 Scrap from Reggie in Ward 13 or can be found in Losomn
Fae Hunter RingThe Best Ring For Increased RangeIncreases Range of Firearms by 30%Can be found in Losomn as random drop
Constant Variable RingThe Best Ring For Dmg BonusIncreases Ranged damage up to 20% based on current Weapon's Overheat valueCan be found in N'Erud
Dran MementoThe Best Ring For Increased StaminaIncreases Max Stamina by 20 and reduces Encumbrance by 5Save the Hanging Man from the mob by killing them
Deep Pocket RingThe Best Ring For More AmmoIncreases Ammo Reserves by 25%Can be found in N'Erud
Fae Shaman RingThe Best Ring For Relic SpamRelic Use Speed by 25% and Increases Health Regeneration by 0.25 Can be found in the Council Chamber
Dread FontThe Best Ring For Passive HP RegenIncreases Grey Health Regeneration rate by 2 per secondCan be found in Losomn
Endaira’s Endless LoopThe Best Ring For Sprint HealingAfter Sprinting for two seconds, the player will gain 1.5 Health Regeneration per second until they stop SprintingCan be found in Yaesha - Endaira's End
Guardian’s RingThe Best Ring For Dmg ReductionGet 20% less damage when an enemy uses a melee attackCan be bought from Stuck Merchant or let the Root Horror kill her
Reserve Boosting GemThe Best Survivability Boosting RingIf a player's health falls below 50%, the health regeneration increases by 0.333 per second and regeneration value increases by 1 per secondCan be found at Hatchery in N'Erud
Tear of KaeulaThe Best Ring For More Relic UsesIncreases Relic capacity by 2 while equippedCan be found at Kaeula's Rest in Yaesha
Ring of the RobustThe Best Ring For Defensive Stats IncreaseIncreases Armor Effectiveness by 15 and Max Health by 10Can be found in Losomn
Amber MoonstoneThe Best Ring For Status ImmunityIncoming damage reduces by 25% when health drops below 30% and player becomes immune to Temporary Status Effects.Can be bought from Cass for 500 Scrap in Ward 13
Defensive Action LoopThe Best Ring For Safe ReloadingIncoming damage is reduced by 10% while reloading, and for 3s after reload completesCan be found at Astropath's Respíte in N'Erud
Fae Warrior RingThe Best Ring For Melee Dmg BonusIncreases Melee Damage by 15%Can be found at Ironborough in Losomn
SagestoneThe Best Ring For Farming XPIncreases earned Experience by 10%Possible Spawn in The Twisted Chantry and The Lament in Yaesha
Blood JewelThe Best Ring For Bleeding EnemiesCharged Melee Attacks apply Bleeding, dealing 460 Bleed damage over 20 seconds.Can be found in the Forbidden Grove at Yaesha
Feedback LoopThe Best Ring For Escaping Surrounded SituationsPerfect Dodge triggers a 3m AoE blast that deal 115 Shock Damage and applies OverloadedCan be found in N'Erud

1. Black Cat Band

The Best Ring For A Second Chance.
Remnant 2 Best Ring: Black Cat Band
The Black Cat Band Ring [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Black Cat Band is very helpful as this ring can revive you whilst boosting your speed so that you can escape from attacks quickly.

It is the must-have ring considering its benefits and cost. You can easily get it for 500 Scrap from Reggie in Ward 13. With the Black Cat Band, you will avoid any fatal damage while getting a burst of movement speed by 25% for ten seconds. Since the cooldown for that is only two minutes, you can use it multiple times during an adventure or combat.

  • Saves you from dying and refreshes in 2 minutes.
  • Can be purchased very early and also increases movement speed.
  • The speed buff is activated only after dying.
  • Only revives you with one health.

2. Assassin’s Seal

The Best Ring For Sneaky Play.
Remnant 2: Assassin's Seal Ring
The Assassin’s Seal Ring [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Assassin’s Seal makes you difficult to spot, making it easier to sneak up on enemies. Also provides a DMG bonus against enemies not targeting you.

If you prefer having sneaky gameplay, I recommend you reap the full benefits of the Assassin’s Seal. Once you equip the ring, the enemy awareness will be reduced by 25%. Moreover, if an enemy is not targeting you, the damage to them will increase by 10%. To get the Assassin’s Seal, visit Council Tribunal in Losomn. There you will have to climb behind the One True King, where the ring will be on a ledge.

  • Enemies are less likely to spot you while wearing this ring.
  • Also increases the DMG on unaware enemies.
  • Loses its purpose if you’re spotted.
  • Effectiveness greatly diminishes in boss fights.

3. Fire Stone

The Best Ring For Fire Resistance.
The Fire Stone Ring In Remnant 2
The Fire Stone Ring [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: The Fire Stone Ring is useful if you are using a Fire-type weapon or fighting Fire damage-dealing enemies, as it provides Fire DMG bonus and resistance.

I must say, the Fire Stone ring is one of the best rings, and it radiates warmth. With it, the fire resistance increases by 15% while the fire damage increases by 10%. For acquiring the Fire Stone ring, you have two options. Either visit Losomn and look around in the area. The other option is to visit Reggie and buy the ring for 500 Scrap.

  • Increases both fire DMG and resistance.
  • Can be bought at a low price from a starting merchant.
  • Not suitable for every encounter.
  • The DMG bonus buff is relatively low.

4. Fae Hunter Ring

The Best Ring For Increased Range.
Remnant 2 Best Rings: Fae Hunter
The Fae Hunter Ring [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: The Fae Hunter Ring is very valuable when it comes to sniping enemies, as it substantially increases the range of firearms, including their mods.

The ring belongs only to King’s hunters, who need to steady their breath and calm down. The Fae Hunter Ring increases the range of firearms by 30%. To acquire the ring, you will need to either visit Losomn or get it as a random drop in the world.

If you are using a weapon that shoots straight bullets like the Nightfall then Targeting Jewel can make more difference in range for some scenarios.

  • Greatly increases the range of all guns.
  • Also increases the Fall-off range and the range of mods.
  • Does not affect melee weapons.
  • Can only be found as a random drop.

5. Constant Variable Ring

The Best Ring For DMG Bonus.
Constant Variable Ring in Remnant 2
The Constant Variable Ring [Image Captured by us]
  • Why I Chose This: Constant Variable Ring favors those who like to continuously shoot and keep their weapons close to overheating, as it provides a DMG boost at high heat levels.

If you have not gotten any good long-range weapon yet, I think you should make use of the Constant Variable Ring. Equipping the ring will let you increase your weapon’s ranged damage by 20%, depending on its overheat value. You can find the ring by visiting N’Erud. There you will need to reach the bottom of the Tower of the Unseen.

Keeping the weapon near Overheat may be a little too risky for high-hit-rate weapons so if your build is focused solely on firearms then Stone Of Expanse is your choice.

  • Provides DMG bonus on high overheat levels.
  • Can be utilized for any weapon that can overheat.
  • It may cause problems if the weapon fully overheats.
  • Melee weapons don’t overheat so it’s useless for them.

6. Dran Memento

The Best Ring For Increased Stamina.
Remnant 2 Best Rings: Dran Memento
The Dran Memento Ring [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Dran Memento allows you to dodge more frequently with its stamina boost and the stamina consumption reduction buff.

Players who prefer using all their strength without resting must equip the Dran Memento ring. Equipping it will grant an increase in maximum stamina by 20 while reducing the encumbrance by 5. To get the Dran Memento Ring, you need to find it in the Buthcer’s Quarter in Losomn.

During the Burning Event, you will see a group of drans trying to burn a hanging man. Be careful of the torches that they carry and kill them to save the hanging man.

If you want a little bit of Health along with Stamina then Fae Protector Signet would be your pick as it has the same effects but with lower Stamina along with HP.

  • Greatly increases the stamina, thus enabling fluid combat.
  • Also reduces encumbrance, causing less stamina to be consumed.
  • Cannot be obtained if you fail to save the man.
  • Only helps in combat and not in exploration.

7. Deep Pocket Ring

The Best Ring For More Ammo.
Remnant 2: Deep Pocket
The Deep Pocket Ring [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Deep Pocket Ring, as the name suggests, increases the amount of ammo that you can store, making it a very suitable choice for weapons with low ammo.

Do you always worry about running out of ammo? I assure you to worry not if you have the Deep Pocket Ring, as equipping it will increase your ammo reserve by 25%. To get the ring, you need to find it in N’Erud, as it will spawn in any of the N’Erud’s dungeons based on Remnant 2’s RNG.

If you are having trouble farming this ring then I recommend the Galvanized Resupply Band which provides a similar effect by allowing you to pick great amounts of ammo in one go.

  • Increases max ammo by a lot.
  • This effect can stack with the Ammo Reserves trait.
  • Does not affect turrets like the Engineer Turret.
  • Is only acquired as a random drop.

8. Fae Shaman Ring

The Best Ring For Relic Spam.
Remnant 2 BEST Rings: Fae Shaman Ring
The Fae Shaman Ring [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: The Fae Shaman Ring is best for builds relying on the use of relics, as it reduces their cooldown while also providing a healing bonus.

Fae Shaman is a traditional ring belonging to hunters that will increase your relic use speed by 25% and health regeneration by 0.25. There is only one location to find this one of the best Remnant 2 rings, and it is the Council Chamber. There you can find it lying on the ground.

The Celerity Stone can be more useful than this ring in various situations where a healing bonus is not needed and it also increases Consumable use speed for further self-buff.

  • Reduces the cooldown time of relics.
  • Also increases healing received to bolster your survivability.
  • Requires complicated steps to obtain.
  • The health regeneration bonus is very low.

9. Dread Font

The Best Ring For Passive HP Regen.
Remnant 2: Dead Font
The Dread Font Ring [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Dread Font increases the health gained from grey health, helpful in boss battles where large amounts of health can be regenerated.

In my experience, the aesthetic ring soaked in blood is incredible for you if you focus on grey health regeneration. Equipping the Dread Font ring will allow you to increase your grey health regeneration rate by two per second. To get the ring, you will need to find it across Losomn as a random drop.

  • Increases the health regenerated from the grey health.
  • Shortens the time required to regenerate. 
  • Will only take effect after you receive dmg.
  • The ring is obtained through RNG.

10. Endaira’s Endless Loop

The Best Ring For Sprint Healing.
The Endaira's Endless Loop
The Endaira’s Endless Loop Ring [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Endaira’s Endless Loop provides a unique effect that is “healing while sprinting”. This allows you to escape from attacks while also filling up your HP.

The Endaira’s Endless Loop ring was crafted by Endaira to cheat in the labyrinth garden races of the empress, and it is one of the best 10 Remnant 2 rings. Once you equip the ring, you will have to sprint for at least two seconds to get its effect. After sprinting for two seconds, you will start gaining 1.5 health regeneration per second unless you stop sprinting.

Therefore, if you have a flight response in any fight or flight situation, Endaira’s Endless Loop ring is for you. Moreover, to acquire the ring, you will need to visit Endaira’s End in Yaesha.

  • Provides healing just by sprinting.
  • Makes covering distances or running from enemies safer.
  • The effect only proves useful after long-time sprints.
  • Sprint cannot be used in congested areas.

11. Guardian’s Ring

The Best Ring For DMG Reduction.
The Guardian's Ring
The Guardian’s Ring [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Guardian’s Ring acts as a defensive tool if you like close-quarter fights, because it provides DMG reduction when you’re close to an enemy.

Unlike some rings, the Guardian’s Ring is not craftable in Remnant 2. If your Remnant 2 Class revolves around melee attacks, then I strongly suggest you to equip Guardian’s Ring. With it, you will get 20% less damage when an enemy uses a melee attack on you.

One way to get the ring is by buying it from the Stuck Merchant. Other than that, you can also unlock the Guardian Shrine. Once you do that, you must let the Root Horror kill the Stuck Merchant. Once she dies, the Guardian’s Ring will drop next to her corpse.

By using the Fae Bruiser Ring, instead of taking a melee hit, you can gain the dmg reduction bonus by inflicting a melee hit on an enemy, very viable for ranged builds.

  • Provides DMG reduction just by standing near an enemy.
  • DMG negation increases after being hit by a melee attack.
  • Effectiveness greatly diminishes in ranged builds.
  • Requires taking a hit to activate the full buff.

12. Reserve Boosting Gem

The Best Survivability-Boosting Ring.
The Reserve Boosting Gem Ring
The Reserve Boosting Gem [Image Captured by us]
  • Why I Chose This: Reserve Boosting Gem allows you to support other players by being a damage tank, as it provides HP regenerating effects upon reaching half health.

The Reserve Boosting is a ring for players who prefer increasing their survivability. If your health falls below 50%, the health regeneration increases by 0.333 per second. Moreover, until the health reaches 50%, the regeneration value increases by 1 per second. To get the Reserve Boosting Gem ring, you need to look around the Hatchery in N’Erud.

If your build heavily relies on creating shields then Generating Band would be a good substitute for this ring as it provides healing when protected by a shield.

  • Grants HP regen bonus whenever health drops below half.
  • HP regeneration will keep on stacking until you reach 50% health.
  • The HP regen bonus per second is lost upon hitting half-health.
  • Occurs as a random loot so requires grinding.

13. Tear Of Kaeula

The Best Ring For More Relic Uses.
Remnant 2: Tear of Kaeula Ring
The Tear of Kaeula Ring [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Tear of Kaeula is the best ring for those who heavily rely on relics as it increases the relic charges by 2, allowing frequent relic uses.

The Tear of Kaeula ring contains within it the powers of Kaeula. With it, you can increase the amount of Relic charges by 2. To get the Tear of Kaeula, visit Kaeula’s Rest in Yaesha.

  • Provides two additional relic uses.
  • Relics provide powerful buffs including healing.
  • A boss fight is initiated after picking up this ring.

14. Ring Of The Robust

The Best Ring For Defensive Stats Boost.
Remnant 2 Best rings: Ring of the Robust
The Ring of the Robust [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: The Ring of the Robust is a versatile defensive option in Remnant 2 due to its stat-boosting bonus for both armor effectiveness and health.

The Ring of the Robust is a multi-purpose ring, making it one of the best 15 Remnant 2 rings on my list. Not only does it fortify the player, but it also increases the health. Equipping it will increase the armor effectiveness by 15 and max health by 10. There are three ways through which you can get this Remnant 2 Best ring.

You can find it at:

  • The Harvester’s Reach, where you will come across a pipe in a wall.
  • The top of the building is near the final checkpoint in the Butcher’s Quarter.
  • In the water by a grate in Tiller’s Rest.
  • Provides an increase in armor defense as well as health.
  • Has multiple sources and is thus easy to acquire.
  • Provides a relatively low health boost.
  • No offensive buffs are provided by this ring.

15. Amber Moonstone

The Best Ring For Status Immunity.
The Amber Moonstone Ring
The Amber Moonstone Ring [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Amber Moonstone Ring can be a lifesaver as it reduces all types of incoming DMG and provides full status immunity when HP reaches critical.

The Amber Moonstone ring seems to be the last resort when a player’s health drops below 30%. Once that happens, all incoming attacks have a damage nerf of 25%. Moreover, all types of Temporary Status Effects cannot affect you. To get the Amber Moonstone, you must visit Ward 13 and buy it for 500 Scraps from Cass.

  • Provides DMG reduction, and complete status immunity at low HP.
  • Is inexpensive and obtained very early.
  • Would not do much against attacks that can one or two-shot you.
  • Needs a high HP pool to properly utilize the status immunity buff.

16. Defensive Action Loop

The Best Ring For Safe Reloading.
Remnant 2: Defensive Action Loop Ring
The Defensive Action Loop Ring [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Defensive Action Loop allows you to safely reload weapons as it negates a set percentage of incoming damage while reloading.

Next I have Defensive Action Loop, developed by Zrzyr, it is a ring that will allow you to multitask in the truest sense. By equipping the ring, you will be able to reload with safety. As you are reloading, the incoming damage will decrease by 10%.

Moreover, if you are done reloading, the damage nerf remains for an additional three seconds. Apart from that, to get the Defensive Action Loop, you must visit N’Erud and look around Astropath’s Respite, where it will spawn as a random drop. 

For most firearms, quicker reloading is better than safer reloading and the Wind Hollow Circlet helps to achieve that as it permanently increases the reload speed for all weapons when equipped.

  • Provides all-type DMG reduction while reloading.
  • The damage negation remains active for a few seconds even after reloading.
  • Occurs as a random drop and only provides the buff after reloading.
  • You can still get interrupted by a heavy attack.

17. Fae Warrior Ring

The Best Ring For Melee DMG Bonus.
Remnant 2: Fae Warrior Ring
The Fae Warrior Ring [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Fae Warrior Ring boosts melee DMG, making it an essential ring for melee-focused builds.

Originally, the One True King granted the Fae Warrior Ring only to his most trusted captains. Equipping the Fae Warrior Ring will allow you to get a 15% melee damage buff. In order to acquire the ring, search around Losomn.

The Slayer’s Crest Ring can provide more dmg bonus but requires striking enemies from behind which is relatively easy to land on most enemies in the game.

  • Grants a damage boost to all melee attacks.
  • Can be acquired as a chance drop in the first area.
  • Not effective for ranged weapons or firearms.
  • Requires searching and waiting for it to drop.

18. Sagestone

The Best Ring For Farming XP.
Remnant 2 Best rings: Sagestone Ring
The Sagestone Ring [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Sagestone can make level farming easier due to its XP-gain boost which increases the experience gained from every source possible.

If you prefer speedrunning Remnant 2 then in my suggestion the Sagestone ring is definitely for you. Equipping the Sagestone ring will allow you to increase earned experience points or farm XP by 10% more. In order to get the ring, look around in Yaesha for its drop.

  • Very useful for farming levels earlier.
  • Increases the experience gained from every source.
  • Needs to be farmed as it’s a random drop.
  • Makes little difference at high XP requirements.

19. Blood Jewel

The Best Ring For Bleeding Enemies.
The Blood Jewel Ring
The Blood Jewel Ring [Image Captured by us]
  • Why I Chose This: Blood Jewel Ring is very useful for bleeding enemies which deals high DoT to them and can even make short work of smaller foes.

Being adorned with blood gems, the Blood Jewel ring will let you apply bleeding through a charged melee attack. With that, the enemy will suffer from 460 bleed damage in a span of twenty seconds. Moreover, you can find the Blood Jewel ring in the Lost Temple at Yaesha. For that, you will need to reach the waterfall, near which a ladder leads you down the water.

  • Applies bleeding that deals high passive dmg.
  • Does not need crafting or farming to obtain.
  • Not suitable for pure ranged builds.
  • Only applies bleeding on charged attacks which can be slow.

20. Feedback Loop

The Best Ring For Escaping When Surrounded.
The Feedback Loop in Remnant 2
The Feedback Loop [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Feedback Loop Ring can help you escape ambush situations and can impart good dmg to enemies with AoE Blasts.

The last on my list is the Feedback Loop ring. By equipping it you can generate an invisible field. As the field deploys, it rebounds the enemy’s force back on them. Moreover, it will trigger a 3-meter AoE blast, dealing 115 Shock Damage and applying Overload status on perfect doge. You can find the ring in N’Erud.

Buffing the dmg of one’s own weapon can be more lethal than letting the ring to the dmg so Akari War Band can be more useful as it increases the Crit rate and Dmg after a perfect dodge.

  • Exceptionally helpful in dealing with multiple enemies around you.
  • Useful in crowd control and staggering foes.
  • The Overload status is only applied after a perfect dodge.
  • The Blast travels for a relatively short distance.

Similar Options to Consider

While compiling my list of the best rings in Remnant 2, I came across some other good options for rings that can prove helpful in the game.

  • Probability Cord: Crit damage is increased by 30% whenever the player acquires this ring, which also grants a solid power boost.
  • Stone of Malevolence: An excellent ring to consider that boosts your mod power by an extra 15% through elemental damage.
  • Heart of the Wolf: Once you acquire this ring, you get a 10% increase in movement speed and a 25% boost to your stamina.
  • Feastmaster’s Signet: An ordinary-looking silver ring that adds one extra active Concoction slot for the player.
  • Burden of the Divine: A mysterious ring that reduces the incoming damage by 10% and applies a good amount of self-healing to allies.
  • Burden of the Departed: A viable ring that decreases total relic charges by 33% while boosting all damage dealt by 10%.

My Tips For Using Rings

If you want to make a strong set of rings that can turn the tide in your favor, my first recommendation would be to equip rings that synergize with each other. For instance, the Faelin’s Sigil and Dying Ember rings encourage you to use melee weapons. Both of them offer different and effective bonuses, and since their requirements affect the same thing, they pair well with each other.

remnant 2 save
My hours on Remnant 2 (Steam ID: Random_Spectator)

Another tip that players often overlook is to look for rings that either remove your archetype’s vulnerabilities or enhance their strengths. The Timekeeper’s Jewel, a ring that increases the duration of status effects you apply, works extremely well with the Ritualist archetype, whose main abilities center around status effects. With this tactic, you can complement your entire build with rings.

These are the best 20 rings in Remnant 2 that you can use to build the best classes. The ranking may vary depending on your preference and gameplay. You will need to be on the lookout for most of the rings. However, some rings can be bought for as low as 500 Scrap from dealers like Reggie and Cass.

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