Remnant 2: How To Get & Use Plain Ribbon

Transform the Plain Ribbon into the Golden or Silver Ribbon amulet in Remnant 2 by finding the Fae statue.

Remnant 2 plain ribbon is a quest item with a specific purpose that, from my initial experience, may easily go unnoticed or unused. To find its purpose, players must find a statue depicting two Fae touching hands.

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2’s Plain Ribbon transforms based on player choices at a statue with two Faes.
  • Wrap the Plain Ribbon around the Faes’ wrists, leave the map, and return to find it as a Golden or Silver Ribbon.
  • Found in Gilded Chambers or Shattered Gallery.
  • Silver Ribbon’s Statue Event: Shattered Gallery or The Great Hall.
  • Golden Ribbon’s Statue Event: Gilded Chambers or Council Chamber.
  • Combine Golden and Silver Ribbons to forge Nimue’s Ribbon.
  • Nimue’s Ribbon boosts Relic Healing Effectiveness by 50% and grants a 25-second burst of haste when a Relic is activated.

How To Use The Plain Ribbon

Statue of Fae
Fae Statue – [Image by eXputer]
By reading the item description of the Plain Ribbon in Remnant 2, you can discover a subtle hint about its capabilities: “It is made of some fabric that is neither silk nor but maintains the pleasurable feel of both.”

  1. You will likely collect a Plain Ribbon as an item during your adventure.
  2. Explore your current map and find a statue that depicts two Faes holding hands.
  3. Interact with the statue and choose to wrap the Plain Ribbon around the wrists of the Faes.
  4. Exit your current map, then re-enter it again.
  5. Return to the statue of the Faes and discover that the Plain Ribbon has transformed into either the Silver Ribbon or the Golden Ribbon.

Depending on whether you are in the Light World or the Dark World, the Plain Ribbon will transform into either the Golden Ribbon or the Silver Ribbon, respectively.

  1. For the Silver Ribbon: The Statue Event would be in Shattered Gallery or The Great Hall.
  2. For the Golden Ribbon: The Statue Event would be held in the Gilded Chambers or Council Chamber.

Silver Ribbon (Amulet)

  • Increases Skill damage by 25%.
  • Activating a Skill grants HASTE for 15 seconds.

Golden Ribbon (Amulet):

  • Increases Mod damage by 25%.
  • Activating a Mod grants HASTE for 15 seconds.

Where To Find The Plain Ribbon?

picking Plain Ribbon Remnant 2
Picking the Plain Ribbon – [Image by eXputer]
There are two locations you can find the Plain Ribbon in:

Nimue’s Ribbon

Nimue's Ribbon
Nimue’s Ribbon – [Image by eXputer]
Nimue, an NPC, resides in Nimue’s Retreat on Losomn. You can combine and craft the Golden and Silver Ribbons to forge Nimue’s Ribbon.

Nimue’s Ribbon is an amulet that bestows remarkable benefits upon its wearer:

  • Increases Relic Healing Effectiveness by an impressive 50%.
  • Grants a burst of HASTE, enhancing the player’s speed and agility, for a duration of 25 seconds whenever a Relic is activated.

For players who have acquired both the Golden and Silver Ribbons, I’d strongly suggest considering this item for the Best Medic Build.

That’s everything you need to know about the Plain Ribbon and decide whether to go for Golden or Silver Ribbon. The Fae statues represent the Faelin or Faerin, who are light and dark half explaining how the ribbons are acquired under such conditions. However, I think you need not worry since you don’t need to interact with them to get the ribbons.

However, you will eventually face these bosses and whoever you choose to fight will definitely give you a hard time. To defeat them easily, you need the Best Starting Class with the Best Traits and Best Melee Weapons.


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