Remnant 2: Ford Chest Code [How To Unlock]

The earliest weapon in Remnant 2, requires obtaining the Cargo Control Key from the Ford chest which is unlocked by a code.

In Remnant 2, players can obtain the MP60-R SMG, the earliest weapon. This firearm is discreetly hidden in a secret location, and conveniently accessible. To reach it, you’ll need the Cargo Control Key, which becomes available after unlocking the Ford Chest using the Chest Code in Remnant 2. 

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Key Takeaways
  • To unlock Ford’s chest in Remnant 2, use the code “0415“, which can be found underneath your flashlight in the menu.
  • Ford’s chest is located in his office on the second floor of the largest building in Ward 13, indicated by a purple dot on the map.
  • Obtain the Cargo Control Key from Ford’s chest, which allows you to unlock the cargo door located outside the central area of Ward 13, near the cargo containers in Remnant 2.
  • Inside the unlocked door, you’ll find the MP60-R submachine gun, resembling an Uzi, with a high rate of fire and decent accuracy.

  • The MP60-R is a compact handgun with stats: Damage: 9, Rounds-per-second: 14.2, Magazine: 42.
  • It excels in swiftly taking down weaker enemies in short or medium-range combat, making it a top choice for early-game encounters.

The Ford chest contains MP60-R SMG and here is a quick video showcasing how to unlock the safe and get this gun.

How To Unlock Ford Chest In Remnant 2

Chest Code Ford Remnant 2
Ford Chest Code in back of Flashlight – [Image by eXputer]
To unlock Ford’s chest in Remnant 2, use the code “0415“, which can be found underneath your flashlight in the menu. 

Upon receiving the flashlight from Ford at the start of the campaign, you can immediately inspect it to reveal the code. The flashlight will remain in your possession regardless of any inventory changes, allowing you to access the code whenever needed.

  • To locate Ford’s chest, head to his office on the second floor of the largest building in Ward 13. On the map, the chest is indicated by a purple dot.
  • Please note that you cannot interact with the chest until you’ve completed the tutorial. Once the tutorial is finished, you can unlock the chest right away if you previously skipped it.

How To Unlock The Cargo Door

Cargo Control Key Remnant 2
Cargo Control Key – [Image by eXputer]
After unlocking Ford’s chest, you will receive Cargo Control Key, indicating that there’s more to explore.

  • To use the Cargo Control Key, exit the central area of Ward 13 and proceed to where the cargo containers are located. Enter the ship and follow the path until you reach a locked door.
  • Utilize the key to unlock the door, and inside, you’ll discover the MP60-R handgun resting on a table. This weapon resembles an Uzi, boasting a high rate of fire and decent accuracy.

Is The MP60-R Worth It?

The MP60-R submachine gun in Remnant 2 is categorized as a handgun due to its compact size. Its stats are as follows:

  • Damage: 9
  • Rounds-per-second: 14.2
  • Magazine: 42

The MP60-R submachine gun is perfect for swiftly taking down weaker enemies, thanks to its high rate of fire. It allows you to unleash a substantial amount of damage in a short period. 

However, keep in mind that its effectiveness is limited to short or medium-range combat. Considering its capabilities, it is undoubtedly one of the top choices for early-game encounters.

That’s it on the guide of Ford Chest Code. Moreover, if you’ve messed up the attributes of your character, you can learn How To Respec and change your character’s attributes. Furthermore, you can unlock the Summoner Archetype and enhance your combat abilities. And if you’re alone, you can always get a Dog Companion to journey and fight with you.


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