Remnant 2 Morrow Parish Safe [Code & Reward]

Take a look at how to unlock the Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe using the safe code and the rewards you can obtain from it.

Players will encounter the Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe when they visit Dr. Morrow’s office in the Morrow Parish Sanatorium. The code to unlock the Morrow Parish safe is 2971.

Key Takeaways
  • Players will find the code to the Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe by listening to Dr. Morrow’s song.
  • In her song, players will hear numbers at the start of each lyric.
  • Putting these numbers together will form 2971.
  • Players can put this code into the Morrow Parish safe directly without listening to Dr. Morrow’s song.
  • After opening the safe, players will obtain the Double Barrel shotgun.
  • Based on my personal experience, it is an extremely powerful weapon that works well at close range.

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How To Unlock Remnant 2 Morrow Parish Safe

  1. Players will visit the Morrow Parish Sanatorium in Remnant 2.
  2. In this area, players will run into a safe inside Dr.Morrow’s office.
  3. Players can unlock the safe by using the code 2971.
Morrow Parish Safe Remnant 2
The Correct Code | Image By eXputer
  1. This code is hidden inside the lyrics of Dr. Morrow’s song, although players do not have to listen to it.
  2. They can simply enter the code, and the safe will open.


Players will obtain the Double Barrel Hand Gun upon opening the Morrow Parish safe. It deals exceptionally high damage and close range, and personally, it’s my favorite secondary weapon to use. Honestly, I was surprised by its quick time-to-kill, and after experiencing it first-hand, I’d suggest using it against bosses while using Weapon Mods that apply DoT.


Ideal Range7m
Falloff Range20m
Max Ammo24
Critical Hit Chance5%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus+100%
Stagger Modifier10%


  • As the Double Barrel is a Hand Gun, it can be upgraded up to 20 times.
  • Players will receive the following benefits on each upgrade.
Upgrade LevelsDamageRequired Materials
1121x200 Scrap
x4 Iron
2132x220 Scrap
x6 Iron
3143x240 Scrap
x8 Iron
4154x260 Scrap
x10 Iron
5165x280 Scrap
x12 Iron
6176x300 Scrap
x4 Forged Iron
7187x320 Scrap
x6 Forged Iron
8198x340 Scrap
x8 Forged Iron
9209x360 Scrap
x10 Forged Iron
10220x380 Scrap
x12 Forged Iron
11231x400 Scrap
x4 Galvanized Iron
12242x420 Scrap
x6 Galvanized Iron
13253x440 Scrap
x8 Galvanized Iron
14264x460 Scrap
x10 Galvanized Iron
15275x480 Scrap
x12 Galvanized Iron
16286x500 Scrap
x4 Hardened Iron
17297x520 Scrap
x6 Hardened Iron
18308x540 Scrap
x8 Hardened Iron
19319x560 Scrap
x10 Hardened Iron
20330x580 Scrap
x1 Simulacrum

And there you have it; with the Remnant 2’s Morrow Parish safe code guide, you will be able to unlock the safe and obtain the Double Barrel.

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