Remnant 2: How To Escape The Ethereal Manor

Learn about escaping the Ethereal Manor, an Event in Forlorn Coast, as part of The Awakened King DLC in Remnant 2.

The Ethereal Manor is a puzzle-like Event location in Remnant 2, specifically in The Awakened King DLC, in which you’re trapped and need to escape. You’ll find the manor in Losomn’s Forlorn Coast location, and you enter the trapped zone after talking to the ghost man inside.

Key Takeaways
  • The Ethereal Manor is an Event in Remnant 2’s Forlorn Coast where players are trapped inside a house and must escape.
  • To escape, they must peek through each door’s window until they find the correct door to open, which has a red glitched item.
  • Upon opening the correct door, players will initially receive a Strange Talisman, and repeating the process three more times will give them three Bloody Talismans.
  • Repeating the process one more time will give players the Death-Soaked Item, letting them automatically escape the Ethereal Manor.
  • It’s worth mentioning that players must open the correct doors in succession, as choosing the wrong door even once will force them to restart the entire procedure.

How To Get Out Of The Ethereal Manor In Remnant 2

To solve the Ethereal Manor’s Event puzzle, players must peek through each door’s window until they spot a red hovering item and continue repeating the cycle 5 times in succession to escape the manor.

Upon entering the Ethereal Manor via the ghost-like man, you’ll notice some doors which you can unlock (3 on the ground floor and 3 on the first floor.) If you open a door, you’ll likely meet another ghost-like man, interacting with who will take you back to the entrance of the Manor.

Ethereal Manor remnant 2 one true king
The Ethereal Manor (Image taken by me)

If you open a door and see that man, you’ve chosen the wrong door and must repeat the entire process. You can only open one out of the six doors in each attempt, so you must choose wisely. The correct door to open will be randomized, so always check carefully.

Here’s the path I would recommend on escaping the Ethereal Manor:

  1. Upon entering the Manor, go to the first door and hover your mouse or joystick around the small caged window on the door.
  2. By peeking inside, you’ll either find the ghost man sitting on a chair or a red glitch.
  3. If you spot the man, move on to the next door and repeat the process, but if you see an empty chair or the glitch, open the door and interact with the glitch to receive a Strange Talisman.
  4. After grabbing the Talisman, you’ll teleport back to the start and must repeat the process to collect the next red item, only this time you’ll get a Bloody Talisman instead.
  5. Once you get the Bloody Talisman, repeat the same process two more times to get two more Bloody Talismans.
  6. Find the red glitch item one more item, and instead of a Bloody or Strange Talisman, you’ll obtain the Death-Soaked Item, after which you’ll escape the Ethereal Manor and teleport back to the Forlorn Coast.
  • peeking ethereal manor
    Peeking through each door's window (Screenshot Grabbed by me)
  • item
    Red Glitched item (Image taken by me)
  • Talisman 1
    The Strange Talisman (Screenshot Grabbed by me)
  • bloody talisman ethereal manor
    The Bloody Talisman (Picture Captured by me)
  • Idol ethereal manor
    The Death-Soaked Idol (Image taken by me)
Important: You have to complete the steps mentioned above in succession without failing. If you collect some talismans and open the wrong door during the process, you must start from the beginning. Therefore, you need to be careful and peek thoroughly to ensure you’re opening the right door each time.

Rewards From The Ethereal Manor

Despite a hefty challenge, there aren’t any noticeable rewards from the Ethereal Manor in Remnant 2, except for the Death-Soaked Idol, which is a talisman that increases all damage by 5% for each nearby entity suffering from a unique Negative Status Effect.

The talismans are Quest Items, so you lose them after “waking up.” However, I believe the Death-Soaked Idol is the perfect talisman for a Ritualist build.

  • However, during the event, you can open the righthand door at the far end of the corridor on the ground floor and open another door inside to go to the basement and open a chest.
  • The chest will give you some Scraps, Lumenite Crystals, Hardened Iron, and a Mystery Jerky.
Chest with Mystery Jerky
Chest in the basement (Screenshot Grabbed by me)

That wraps up my brief guide on escaping the Ethereal Manor in Remnant 2. I spent 10 minutes stuck at this place, constantly bumping into the ghost without a clue on what to do. With my guide, I hope you won’t face the same frustration and efficiently complete the Event. If you’re struggling with peeking inside each room, the following YouTube video can show you how that’s done.

For more intriguing puzzles to solve in Remnant 2, Sameer Tahir has a guide on the Malefic Palace, including the card puzzle that you can encounter. If you want to learn more about The Awakened King DLC itself, you can check out my guide on unlocking the Ritualist Archetype in Remnant 2. And, besides puzzle-solving, don’t forget to test your in-game skills with some help via Sameer’s guide on the Corruptor.


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