Remnant 2: How To Unlock And Use The Ritualist Archetype

Learn how to unlock and abilities of the Ritualist, the latest archetype in Remnant 2, as part of The Awakened King DLC.

The Ritualist is the latest archetype you can unlock in The Awakened King DLC in Remnant 2. Unlike other archetypes that offer you several temporary buffs and equipment, the Ritualist focuses on utilizing status effects. This includes removing status effects from your character, adding debuffs to enemies, and even using your debuffs to harm opponents.

Key Takeaways
  • Ritualist is one of the 12 main archetypes in Remnant 2, and it specializes in utilizing debuffs and Negative Status Effects.
  • Players can unlock this archetype by getting the Ragged Poppet at the Forlorn Coast located in The Awakened King world.
  • To get the Poppet, players must first traverse the early section of the Forlorn Coast, complete the Sunken Haust dungeon, and finally grab the item from inside a cave in the Coast’s late section.
  • After getting the Poppet, players must give it to Wallace at Ward 13 to craft the Cursed Effigy Engram, unlocking the Ritualist class.
  • Like other archetypes, the Ritualist in Remnant 2 has 1 Prime Perk, 1 Archetype Trait, 3 Archetype Skills, and 4 Perks.

It’s worth mentioning that eXputer has a video guide available for unlocking the Ritualist class which I highly recommend watching:

How To Unlock The Ritualist In Remnant 2

To unlock the Ritualist archetype, players must craft their Engram by obtaining the Ragged Poppet in the Forlon Coast beyond the Sunken Haunt dungeon.

Before starting your journey, you must first access the DLC world, The Awakened King, which is the only One-Shot world thus far. To do that, simply interact with the World Stone at Ward 13, go to Adventure Mode, and select the Awakened King option. This will prompt you to a new location in Losomn, the Forlon Coast.

  • Ward 13 remnant 2
    World Stone at Ward 13 (Image by me)
  • Awakened King Remnant 2
    The Awakened King DLC world (Image taken by me)
  • area remnant 2
    Forlorn Coast (Screenshot Grabbed by me)

Here are the steps to unlocking the Ritualist Archetype in The Awakened King DLC in Remnant 2:

  1. From the Forlon Coast, continue following the docks until you reach a speaker talking to a crowd of Drans in the open.
  2. When you get too close to the speaker, the nearby Drans will turn hostile, and you’ll have to face the Dire Fiend, the first DLC boss.
  3. After killing the boss, head up the stairs, and it’ll lead to a gateway that takes you to the Sunken Haunt dungeon area.
  4. Complete the dungeon by killing the Sunken Witch boss, after which you can head for the exit that takes you back to the Forlon Coast.
  5. Make your way down the alley and continue going straight until you reach your next Checkpoint at the docks.
  6. Head to the bridge alongside the coast and align yourself to the boats floating below you.
  7. Drop down and carefully traverse the boats until you enter the cave on the other side.
  8. Inside, you can pick up the Ragged Poppet at the far end, which you can then give to Wallace at Ward 13 to get the Ritualist’s Cursed Effigy Engram.
  • crowd remnant 2
    Crowd of Drans (Image taken by me)
  • Dire Fiend
    Dire Fiend at Forlorn Coast (Screenshot Grabbed by me)
  • Entrance
    Entrance to Sunken Haunt (Picture Captured by me)
  • The Sunken Haunt (Picture Captured by me)
  • Witch remnant 2
    Sunken Witch boss fight (Picture Captured by me)
  • checkpoint remnant 2
    Checkpoint on the planks (Screenshot Grabbed by me)
  • boats folorn coast
    Boats below the bridge (Image taken by me)
  • entrance
    Cave entrance beyond the boats (Image taken by me)
  • ragged poppet ritualist remnant 2
    Ragged Poppet location (Screenshot Grabbed by me)
  • Crafting the Cursed Effigy Engram (Image by me)

Ritualist’s Abilities, Skills, And Perks

As mentioned earlier, the Ritualist focuses much more on debuffing enemies and removing debuffs from your character in Remnant 2. The archetype highlights this in its Prime Perk, Vile, which applies the Inflicted status on enemies whenever you get applied by any negative status effects.

ritualist remnnant 2
The Ritualist Archetype (Picture Captured by me)

You can also pick up similar abilities from the Ritualist’s Archetype Trait, Affliction, which increases status effect duration against enemies by 10%.

For more details, here’s a quick breakdown of the Ritualist archetype’s skills and abilities:

EruptionSkillCreates 1.5m explosion for 150 damage on all enemies within 22.5m.0
MiasmaSkillCasts an AOE blast that applies Bleeding, Burning, Corroded, and Overloaded to all enemies within 22.5m.5
DeathwishSkillNegates all healing to self. Increases all Damage by 35% and grants 10% Base Damage dealt as Lifesteal.10
WrathDamage PerkIncreases all damage to enemies affected by a Negative Status Effect by 2%.1
TerrifyTeam PerkKilling an entity applies Terrified to all enemies within 5m of the killed entity.2
Dark BloodUtility PerkReduces Damage received from Negative Status Effects by 25%.3
PurgeRelic PerkOn Relic Use, cleanses all Negative Status Effects4

That wraps up my brief guide on how to unlock the Ritualist archetype in Remnant 2, detailing the location of its Engram and the base abilities you get after unlocking the archetype. I’ve been using this archetype for a few hours now as of writing this guide, and so far, it’s extremely fun and unique.

For other intriguing archetypes to get your hands on, here’s a guide curated by Rabiya Rizwan on how to unlock the Archon class in Remnant 2. If you want to test out your newly acquired archetype instead, do so by fighting the Corruptor using tactics from Sameer Tahir’s guide. Also, don’t forget to improve your build by getting the best melee weapons in Remnant 2.


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