Remnant 2: BEST Katana Weapon & Build

The Remnant 2 Best Katana guide showcases the Edge of the Forest, it's upgrades, stats, and an optimal DPS build surrounding it.

Remnant 2 allows players to choose through various weapons, ranging from ranged and melee weapons, two of which range from katanas, one of which is the Remnant 2 Best Katana. The Edge of the Forest is an excellent katana, and players might want to know what it is, its stats, its location, and if a build surrounds it. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Best katana in Remnant 2 is the Edge of the Forest which is a lightweight yet mighty melee blade with a high damage output to detonate enemies during combat.
  • To get the katana, players need to go to the Imperial Gardens, and you need to turn left, defeat an enemy and find the Katana placed on a table. 
  • Any melee mutators such as the Overdrive, Dervish, Disengage, Shield Breaker, Misfortune, Reinvigorate, Resentment, and more can work out with it. 
  • Players can figure out a DPS-based build with the Hunter/Gunslinger Dual Archetypes, Dragon Heart relic, and its needed accessories. 

Best Katana Weapon In Remnant 2

Here is an overview of the best Katana blade in Remnant 2 along with useful information of it such as location, Mutators, Upgrades, Accessories, and more. 

Best Edge of the Forest Katana in Remnant 2Description
LocationImperial Gardens
MutatorsDisengage, Dervish, Overdrive, Reinvigorate, Misfortune, Shield Breaker, Resentment, Transference, Steadfast, Striker, Vampire Blade, Weaponlord, Vengeful Strike.
UpgradesForged Iron, Galvanized Iron, Hardened Iron, Simulacrum, Scraps.
Compatible Build WeaponsXMG57 Bonesaw, Blackmaw AR-47, MP60-R
AccessoriesGunslinger's Ring, Vestige of Power, Wax Sealed Ring, Braided Thorns, Gunslinger's Charm
RelicDragon Heart
TraitsExpertise, Vigor, Footwork, Ammo Reserves, Endurance, Handling

What Is The Best Katana In Remnant 2? 

Edge Of The Forest StatsAttributes
Crit Hit Chance9%
Stagger Modifier-15%
Weak Spot Damage+105%

With the choice of katanas in Remnant 2, players can use the Edge of the Forest, one of the Remnant 2 Best Katanas. 

  • The Edge of the Forest is a melee weapon that allows players to wield it and engage in combat. 

The Edge of the Forest is a melee weapon, that allows players to take part in battles where they can face enemies up close and personal. 

Edge Of The Forest
Edge Of The Forest (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The weapon is known to be pretty lightweight, making it easier to carry, and it also looks absolutely beautiful with its craftsmanship and would suit any fine blade-men. 
  • The overall damage output of Edge of the Forest is pretty high, too, and allows players to unleash slashes that will render any enemies useless. 

Edge of the Forest is described as in the hands of Linedhel, who became one of the deadliest and most vicious swordsmen. 

Edge Of The Forest Location 

Now, when it comes to actually obtaining the Edge of the Forest weapon, you won’t be able to find it all that easily. Players must have entered Imperial Gardens, a crucial location if they get their hands on the weapon. 

  • The actual location for Imperial Gardens will be within Yaesha, one of the major worlds that can be explored easily. 
  • Yaesha itself featuresforest-based world but is known to be on the verge of practically rotting, leaving behind nothing but remembered tree branches and roots. 
    Imperial Gardens On Map
    Imperial Gardens On Map (Image Credits Exputer)

The steps listed to get the katana are as follows. 

  1. From your map, you want to go ahead and track the Imperial Gardens location, and you can see it being highlighted on the map. 
  2. After reaching there, you should be at a checkpoint, essentially just an orange stone that glows and marks the waypoint. 
    R2 Orange Waypoint
    Orange Waypoint
  3. From here, you want to start to head forth and keep running straight ahead until you come across your first left turn. 
  4. Instead of turning left, steer right and keep heading forward until you see some ruins
    R2 Ruins In Distance
    Ruins In Distance
  5. Keep heading deeper into the ruins, and you want to head past the lamp that marks the ruins’ entrance and go deeper into the branches lining the ruins’ roof. 
  6. Instead of heading up the stairs, take the first left and then another left; an enemy will be waiting for you to defeat it. 
    R2 Enemy In Distance
    Enemy In Distance
  7. Defeat the enemy, then keep heading down the stairs, and then you want to steer right. 
  8. Go through a small hole in the wall marked by a broken stone and carefully shift your way through it. 
    R2 Broken Stones
    Broken Stones
  9. The Edge of the Forest is placed on a table and can be picked and equipped. 

Compatible Mutators For Edge Of The Forest Katana

Edge Of The Forest Mutators
Edge Of The Forest Mutators (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the Remnant 2 Best Katana won’t have its own set of mutators. Therefore, players will be required to choose from their own set of melee mutators that are made available, such as the ones below. 

Compatible MutatorsEffects
DisengageAny melee strikes will increase the damage that the Backdash evade attack carries out by 4% and it can be stacked 5 times.
DervishIt ends up increasing the melee damage by 20% for a total of 10 seconds anytime a skill has been activated.
OverdriveThe melee crit hits that you cast out will get increased critical chance and crit damage by 5% for a total of 7.5 seconds.
ReinvigorateThe stamina cost of all melee attacks that are charged is decreased by 25%.
MisfortuneThe melee damage can be increased by 5% for every Negative Status that your enemy will be facing.
Shield BreakerThe melee attacks will give players a shield for 2% of their overall max health and it maxes out at 20%.
ResentmentPlayers can get 10% melee damage anytime Grey Health is active.
TransferencePlayer's melee hits will generate 5% ammo reserves for both Firearms.
SteadfastThe charged melee attacks won't get interrupted and players will gain 10% damage negation from all areas.
StrikerMelee hits will increase the overall melee damage by a total of 3% for 10 seconds with max 5r stacks.
Vampire BladeThe melee damage gets increased by 10% while being within 10 meters of a target that is bleeding.
WeaponlordYour basic melee attacks increase the next charge attacks by a total of 7% with 5 max stacks.
Vengeful StrikeThe melee damage gets enhanced by 20% anytime the max health is decreased by 50%.


Another thing that players might want to know about the Best Katana in Remnant 2 is the different upgrades. 

Upgrade LevelsCostsDamage Increase
14 Iron, 200 Scrap64.9
24 Iron, 220 Scrap70.8
3240 Scrap, 4 Iron76.7
44 Iron, 260 Scrap82.6
5280 Scrap, 12 Iron88.5
64 Forged Iron, 300 Scrap94.4
76 Forged Iron, 320 Scrap100.3
88 Forged Iron, 340 Scrap106.2
98 Forged Iron, 360 Scrap112.1
108 Forged Iron, 380 Scrap118
114 Galvanized Iron, 400 Scrap123.9
124 Galvanized Iron, 420 Scrap129.8
134 Galvanized Iron, 440 Scrap135.7
144 Galvanized Iron, 460 Scrap141.6
154 Galvanized Iron, 480 Scrap147.5
164 Hardened Iron, 520 Scrap153.4
174 Hardened Iron, 520 Scrap159.3
184 Hardened Iron, 560 Scrap165.2
194 Hardened Iron, 580 Scrap171.1
201 Simulacrum, 600 Scrap177.0

DPS-Based Build With Edge Of The Forest 

Last but not least, players can choose to be a DPS by pairing together the Edge of the Forest as the melee weapon of choice instead of the Spectral Blade in Fextralife’s Hunter/Gunslinger-based build. 


R2 Gunslinger Archetype
Gunslinger Archetype

When it comes to the archetypes, players will want to go with the Hunter and the Gunslinger archetypes. 


The hunter archetype focuses on being a long-range class that allows players to deal damage while focusing on the enemy’s weak points as well as being able to deal burst damage. 

  • Dead To Rights: Unleashing 65-based weak spot damage that is ranged will increase the duration of the active Hunter skills by 2.5 seconds at unlocking. 
  • Longshot: The archetype trait focuses on enhancing the Weapon’s ideal range. 


As far as the Gunslinger is concerned, it will be a DPS-focused archetype that will be medium-range and focuses on saving ammo. 

  • Loaded Prime Perk: Anytime you activate a Gunslinger skill, both of your weapons will get reloaded automatically, and you will get infinite ammo for all weapons for 5 seconds. 
  • Ammo Reserves Trait: The overall ammo reserves will be increased. 


R2 Weapons
Weapons (Image Credits Exputer)

For the weapons, you can go for the following weapons. 

  • XMG57 Bonesaw 
  • Blackmaw AR-47 
  • MP60-R 

If it works, you can replace the Spectral Blade with the Edge of the Forest for the melee weapon


For your accessories, you can go for: 

  • Gunslinger’s Ring 
  • Vestige of Power 
  • Wax Sealed Ring 
  • Braided Thorns 
  • Gunslinger’s Charm 

Pair it with the Dragon Heart relic and focus on traits like Expertise, Vigor, Footwork, Ammo Reserves, Endurance, and Handling, and you’re good to go! 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Remnant 2 Best Katana, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Remnant 2 Release Platforms guide, which will detail its available platforms? Apart from this, the Remnant 2 How To Play Early guide will tell you all you need to know about how to play it early!

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