Remnant 2 The Awakened King: Best Items + Locations

Learn about the items to pick up in The Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2, along with some recommendations on which ones you should get first.

The Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2 introduces several new items, including traits, rings, amulets, weapons, a brand-new archetype, and more. Of course, like most players, you’ll want to search for the best items first and incorporate them into your build. So, my ideal strategy would be to get the weapons first and then your other add-ons like rings and such.

Key Takeaways
  • The Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2 has 63 new items, including 1 Archetype, 1 Trait, 2 armor sets, 7 weapons, 2 relics, 12 amulets, 26 rings, 3 mods, and 8 Mutators.
  • Most of these items are designed to go with the newly introduced archetype, the Ritualist, focusing on Elemental Damage and Negative Status Effects.
  • Unfortunately, besides that, I personally felt disappointed by the lackluster versatility of the items since they weren’t too helpful with base-game archetypes.
  • As such, the criteria for deciding the best new items in Remnant 2’s DLC is based on their reliability and how much they impact a character’s build during combat.

My Picks For Best New Items In Remnant 2 DLC

Here’s a quick breakdown of the best new items you can get in the Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2, detailing their item type and item effect:

1WrathbringerMelee WeaponWeapon Mod: Turns incoming damage into +5% Melee Damage for 10 seconds.
2Index Of The ScribeAmuletRaises Mod and Skill Weakspot Damage by 35%.
3Atonement FoldRingInflicts the user with Bleed, and increases Crit Chance by 10%.
4Sparkfire ShotgunLong GunApplies Burn effect.
5Knight GuardWeapon ModSummons a figure that hurls penetrating slashes.
6MonarchLong GunWeapon Mod: Fires a harpoon which turns bullets into Homing Rounds.
7Tainted BladeMutatorIncreases Melee damage by 5% per stack of Corroded on the target.
8Lighthouse Keeper's RingRingGenerates +3 Mod Power for every nearby entity with a unique Status Effect.
9Participation MedalAmuletRaises HP and Stamina by +10 each. Raises Movement Speed and Damage Reduction by +10% each.
10Crimson DreamstoneRingIncreases Skill Damage by 1% for 10 seconds with every Critical Hit.

1. Wrathbringer

The best Melee Weapon in the DLC.
Wrathbringer remnant 2
The Wrathbringer Melee Weapon (Screenshot Grabbed by me)
  • Why I Chose This: With the appropriate setup, the Wrathbringer can undoubtedly become the highest damage-dealing melee weapon.

Topping my list of items is the Wrathbringer, which is arguably the best melee weapon in Remnant 2. Its Weapon Mod, Awakening, turns incoming damage into +5% Melee Damage for 10 seconds. Furthermore, you can stack this ability up to 10 times, giving a possibility of a whopping +50% Melee Damage. From my experience, I’d recommend pairing it with the Atonement Fold ring since the ring will automatically trigger the Wrathbringer’s ability.

  1. For the Wrathbringer, you must kill The One True King when his mace is destroyed to get the Tormentor’s Pommel.
  2. You can then give the Pommel to Ava McCabe at Ward 13 to craft the weapon.
one true king
One True King boss fight (Image by me)
Important: Killing the One True King when his mace is destroyed will bar you from getting the Monarch Long Gun.


  • One of the highest in-game Melee Damage.
  • Quick time-to-kill.
  • Works well with self-inflicting equipment.


  • Buggy animations.

2. Index Of The Scribe

The best Amulet in the DLC.
amulet 1
The Index of the Scribe Amulet (Screenshot Captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: Weakspot Damage can be a game-changer against certain bosses, which is why the Index of the Scribe is an influential item.

The Index of the Scribe amulet flatout raises Mod and Skill Weakspot Damage by 35%, which is a huge jump. You can apply this bonus to any Long Gun or Secondary Weapon, but I’d recommend using it for weapons that have a good Fire Rate, like the Nightfall, which becomes automatic with its Weapon Mod, Dreamwalker.

Follow the steps below to get the Index of the Scribe in Remnant 2:

  1. Find the Misplaced Memoir in Losomn (it’s a random drop, but from my experience, I found it twice at the same spot in the Drowned Wen.)
  2. Without inspecting or altering the Memoir, give it to Leywise in the Forlorn Coast’s sewers.


  • Raises Weakspot Damage.
  • Versatile and Reliable.
  • Great for Mod-spamming.


  • Mostly works well with high Fire-rate weapons.

3. Atonement Fold

The best Crit-raising ring.
Atonement Fold remnant 2
The Atonement Fold (Image taken by me)
  • Why I Chose This: Increasing Crit Chance is already a massive bonus, but the Atonement Fold is a must-have for the aforementioned Wrathbringer.

The Atonement Fold is a frenzy-like that inflicts the user with Bleed, causing 1.1 Bleed Damage per second, but increases Crit Chance by 10%. Fortunately, there are several synergies that not only alleviate the Bleed effect but use it to add some bonuses to your build.

These include using the Neckbone Necklace to reduce the DoT effect, the Alchemy Stone to bypass the Bleed’s debuff to healing, and using the aforementioned Wrathbringer to get more damage output.

You can purchase the Atonement Fold for 500x Scrap from Leywise.

atonement fold from leywise
Atonement Fold’s buying price (Image taken by me)


  • Noticeably raises Crit Chance.
  • Works well with Wrathbringer and Ritualist builds.
  • Easy to get.


  • Applies DoT effect.
  • Lowers the effectiveness of healing items.

4. Sparkfire Shotgun

The best status-building Long Gun.
The Sparkfire Shotgun Long Gun (Picture Captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: The Sparkfire Shotgun is not only fun to use, but it’s a crucial part of DoT builds.

Thanks to its status-effect-building ability, the Sparkfire Shotgun is easily one of the best close-range Long Guns in Remnant 2. Even without any Mutator or Weapon Mod, every shotgun bullet applies the Burn effect on enemies, causing severe damage over time. This makes the shotgun a perfect addition to a Ritualist build, which you can learn more about from my recent guide.

Here’s how to get the Sparkfire Shotgun in the Derelict Lighthouse dungeon of the updated Losomn world:

  1. From the dungeon’s starting point, make your way to the western edge of the map until you find a Checkpoint near a Lighthouse in the distance.
  2. After taking the checkpoint, head east and kill the Gorecarver and Thunderpiercer bosses, after which you’ll receive the Lighthouse Key.
  3. Proceed to the Lighthouse and take the passageway near the entrance that’ll take you to the basement.
  4. Open the locked basement door using the key and grab the Sparkfire Shotgun stored inside.
  • derelict lighthouse
    Lighthouse's location (Screenshot taken by me)
  • Gorecarver Thunderpiercer
    Gorecarver and Thunderpiercer bosses (Image by me)
  • Lighthouse key derelict lighthouse
    The Lighthouse key (Screenshot taken by me)
  • lighthouse route
    Passageway at the foot of the Lighthouse (Picture Captured by me)
  • Locked door lighthouse
    Basement door of the Lighthouse (Screenshot taken by me)
Important: Using the Lighthouse Key on the basement door will restrict you from getting the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring. To get the ring, you must use the Lighthouse Key on the balcony door inside the Lighthouse.


  • Applies Burn effect instantly.
  • Insanely potent at close range.
  • High ammo capacity.


  • Vulnerable in long-range engagements.
  • Bullet spread is significantly worse than Double Barrel Shotgun.

5. Knight Guard

The best Weapon Mod in the DLC.
guard remnant 2
The Knight Guard Weapon Mod (Screenshot Captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: Weapon Mods usually feel weak, but the Knight Guard Mod is useful against enemy waves.

The Knight Guard is a Weapon Mod that summons a figure mid-combat that can hurl penetrating slashes randomly at nearby enemies for 15 Damage. The Guard is a fairly unique Mod that can help stagger enemies and lower their HP while you’re busy dealing with other threats. It’s a great add-on against hordes of enemies.

To get the Knight Guard, you’ll have to go through the secret passage in the Walk of Remembrance while wearing the Crown of the Red Prince. Here’s a YouTube video you can watch for the whole tutorial.


  • Distribution of agro.
  • Long duration.
  • Sometimes, it inflicts Curse.


  • Low damage output.
  • Challenging to get.

6. Monarch

The best Long Gun for accuracy.
dlc weapon
The Monarch Long Gun (Picture Captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: Once the Monarch’s Influence meter is filled, it becomes unstoppable if it’s not bugged.

While I initially quoted the Monarch as the best weapon in the DLC, I now find it somewhat unreliable since its damage figures usually get bugged, and it does 33% less damage. The Monarch’s Weapon Mod shoots a harpoon onto a target and makes your bullets turn into Homing Rounds, where they track onto the harpoon regardless of where you aim and shoot.

  • Homing Rounds build the Influence meter, and once your Influence reaches its max, it creates a shockwave and gives you infinite ammo and a 20% damage boost.
  • Although the bug knocks down the Monarch a few spots on my list, it’s still very capable and easily the most fun weapon to use in the DLC.

To craft the Monarch, you must give the Agony Spike to Ava, which you can get after killing the One True King while he has his mace in hand. Of course, as mentioned, you won’t be able to get the Wrathbringer after killing the One True King that way.


  • Insanely high Fire Rate.
  • Fun to use.
  • Great accuracy.


  • Low Damage Output.

7. Tainted Blade

mutator 1
The Tainted Blade Mutator (Image Source: My Gameplay)
  • Why I Chose This: The Corrosive Rounds and Tainted Blade combo can amplify melee attacks up by a tenfold.

The Tainted Blade, in my opinion, is easily the best Mutator introduced in Remnant 2’s DLC. This Mutator increases Melee damage by 5% per stack of Corroded on the target. Once the Tainted Blade gets to Level 10, your melee’s Charged Attacks automatically apply the Corroded effect.

  • The reason why I picked the Tainted Blade was its synergy with other DLC items, including the Ritualist Archetype.
  • It also becomes self-sufficient at Level 10, so you wouldn’t need any necessary add-on beyond that point.
  • Furthermore, it works extremely well with the Corrosive Rounds Weapon Mod, another great modification that you can find in the base game.

You can purchase the Tainted Blade for 75x Relic Dust and 500x Scrap from the Dwell, an NPC near the World Stone at Ward 13. 

Purchasing Tainted Blade in Ward 13 (Picture Grabbed by me)


  • Can be stacked to get up to 20% Melee Damage.


  • Only works with Corroded effect.
  • Needs leveling to be self-sufficient.

8. Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring

The best Mod-generating Ring.
ring remnant 2
The Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring (Screenshot taken by me)
  • Why I Chose This: For any Ritualist player who always wants a ready-to-go Weapon Mod, this is the ideal choice.

DoT builds are currently defining the meta in Remnant 2’s DLC, which is why the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring gets a mention on my list. This ring generates +3 Mod for each entity within 10m suffering from a Negative Status Effect, and you stack the effect up to 5 times. 

  • I personally ranked the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring one of the best new rings in the DLC, primarily because of how it fits so well into a Ritualist or any DoT-focused build.
  • As such, I’d recommend pairing the Keeper’s Ring with the Ritualist archetype, Atonement Fold, Band of the Fantastic, and the Stone of Malevolence.

You can get the Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring via the following procedure:

  1. From the Derelict Lighthouse dungeon in Losomn, head west towards the checkpoint near the Lighthouse.
  2. Kill the nearby Gorecarver and Thunderpiercer bosses to get the Lighthouse Key.
  3. Follow and go inside the Lighthouse and proceed up to the balcony.
  4. Open the locked door using the key and grab the Lighthouse Keeper’s RIng from the desk on your left.
  • Checkpoint at the Derelict Lighthouse (Image by me)
  • minibosses remnant 2
    Gorecarver and Thunderpiercer minibosses (Image by me)
  • key
    Lighthouse Key (Screenshot taken by me)
  • lighthouse remnant 2
    Lighthouse location (Screenshot taken by me)
  • door
    Lighthouse's Balcony Door (Image by me)
  • keeper ring
    Lighthouse Keeper's Ring (Screenshot taken by me)


  • Enables much quicker Mod-regeneration.
  • Must-have for DoT builds.
  • Works well with most DLC items.


  • Useless with non-DoT builds.

9. Participation Medal

The best all-rounder amulet.
amulet 2
The Participation Medal Amulet (Screenshot Captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: Like the Ring of Favor from Elden Ring, this is the perfect choice if you’re unsure about the right Amulet.

The Participation Medal is a strong option for survivability, thanks to its all-rounder nature, by raising HP and Stamina by +10 each while raising Movement Speed and Damage Reduction by +10% each. I’d personally rank it as the safe option if you’re unsure about which amulet to go for.

To get the Participation Medal, you’ll have to die a World Boss several times in Apocalypse Mode, the toughest in-game difficulty. This is applicable to any boss at any location, but the exact number of deaths needed to get the amulet is random. In my experience, I got it after dying to the Sunken Witch 10 times.


  • Easy to get.
  • Safe choice.
  • Applicable on any build.


  • No unique effect.
  • Cannot be stacked.

10. Crimson Dreamstone

The best skill-enhancing ring.
Crimson Dreamstone Remnant 2
The Crimson Dreamstone (Picture Captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: This ring’s ability is easy to activate and stack with almost any build.

The Crimson Dreamstone ring increases Skill Damage by 1% for 10 seconds with every Critical Hit (stacks up to 15 times.) Obviously, the ring only works effectively with items that raise Crit Chance. Personally, I go with the Battery Mutator, Butcher’s Fetish Amulet, and the Atonement Fold to get roughly a +40% Crit Chance, making the Dreamstone a more influential part of my build.

  1. To get the Crimson Dreamstone, reach the Ethereal Manor in the Forlorn Coast dungeon in Losomn.
  2. Activate the Ethereal Manor Event by interacting with the ghost-like man inside the manor.
  3. Drink Liquid Escape, and you’ll obtain the ring.
Ethereal Manor remnant 2 one true king
The Ethereal Manor (Image taken by me)


  • Large timeframe to chain Skill Damage increase.


  • Needs Crit-chance-raising items.
  • Gets overshadowed by other support rings.

My Take On The New Items In Remnant 2

As I’ve mentioned in previous guides, the newly added items to Remnant 2, except for the weapons, were mostly disappointing. None of the rings, amulets, Mods, and other such items could be crowned the best in their category. In fact, they were either very straightforward or situational, making them viable for specific builds.

remnant 2 save
My hours on Remnant 2 (Steam ID: Random_Spectator)

Fortunately, the weapons didn’t face the same drawback. Throughout my gameplay, I was having a blast with the Wrathbringer, Monarch, Ritualist Scythe, and the Sparkfire Shotgun. You’ve seen my personal rankings of these weapons in the list above, but you can honestly pick any combination since they’re extremely fun to use and play around with.

That wraps up my extensive guide on the best items you can find and equip in the Awakened King DLC of Remnant 2. It was difficult for me to narrow down the top 10 from 63 options, but as you’ve seen from my take, a lot of the new items are very situational, so they were easy to eliminate. However, I would suggest looking into these items and seeing which ones suit your playstyle.

Be sure to visit Usama’s Remnant 2 Awakened King DLC’s review to see if finding these items is worthwhile in the first place. For testing out your newly obtained items in the DLC, check out my guide on Remnant 2’s Forgotten Commune, a dungeon you can visit to have fun and kill enemies. Also, I have a guide on the Abyssal Hook, a top-tier melee weapon introduced in the DLC, which sadly got butchered in the recent patch notes, but I’d still recommend testing it.


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