Remnant 2: Corrosive Rounds [How To Get & Usage]

Corrosive Rounds in Remnant 2 modifies weapons, adding toxic ammo for more critical hits and ongoing corrosive damage.

Corrosive Rounds serve as a weapon modification in the game “Remnant 2.” This mod enriches ammunition with a toxic characteristic, elevating the likelihood of critical hits while simultaneously inflicting a lasting corrosive damage-over-time effect on the target.

Key Takeaways
  • Corrosive Rounds enhance ammo with additional damage over time effect in Remnant 2.
  • Increased critical chance by 15% for ranged attacks with Corrosive Rounds.
  • The corroded status effect deals 100 damage over 10 seconds, effective against high-health enemies.
  • It can be an alternative to Hot Shot as it inflicts corrosive damage over time and applies ‘CORRODED’ status.

  1. To obtain Corrosive Rounds, begin in Adventure Mode at Morrow Parish for a boss encounter.
  2. Reach Namyue’s Retreat and request to be sent to the Hunting Grounds.
  3. Navigate to the Forsaken Quarter as directed, following the main quest line, and find the Shattered Gallery to face the boss, Magister Dullain.
  4. Collect Tainted Ichor from the defeated boss to craft Corrosive Rounds at Ward 13.

What Is The Effect Of Corrosive Rounds In Remnant 2

Corrosive Rounds remnant 2
Corrosive Rounds Via: True Vanguard Gaming

The Corrosive Rounds weapon mod in Remnant 2 provides a unique and powerful effect when equipped with a weapon that has an available weapon mod slot.

When you attach Corrosive Rounds to your weapon, it imbues your ammunition with toxic properties, offering the following significant enhancements during combat:

  • Toxic Ammunition: This means that every shot you fire from the weapon carries a corrosive effect, dealing additional damage over time to the target it hits.
    • This toxic damage stacks with your weapon’s base damage, providing a consistent source of extra damage on top of your regular attacks.
  • Increased Range Critical Chance: One of the most significant advantages of Corrosive Rounds is the substantial boost it provides to your ranged critical chance.
    • With the Corrosive Rounds mod attached to your weapon, your chance to land critical hits from a distance is increased by a noteworthy 15%.
    • This increase in critical chance can greatly enhance your damage output, especially if you have a build that focuses on critical hits or if you’re using weapons with high damage potential.
  • Corroded Status Effect: In addition to the toxic damage, each shot fired while using Corrosive Rounds applies the “CORRODED” status effect to the target it hits.
    • The corrosive Rounds status effect deals 100 damage over a span of 10 seconds.
    • The application of the CORRODED status effect allows you to deal damage over time.
    • This makes it particularly effective against enemies with higher health pools or enemies that you need to chip away at from a safe distance.
  • Alternative to Hot Shot: Corrosive Rounds offers a unique alternative to the Hot Shot weapon mod.
    • While both mods enhance your ammunition, Corrosive Rounds differ by inflicting corrosive damage over time and applying the CORRODED status effect.
    • This distinction makes Corrosive Rounds a preferred choice for players seeking an alternative damage source with tactical advantages, especially against enemies vulnerable to the corrosive effect.

How To Get Corrosive Rounds 

Tainted Ichor corrosive rounds remnant 2
Tainted Ichor Via: True Vanguard Gaming

Acquiring the Corrosive Rounds weapon mod in Remnant 2 involves a specific process that requires both exploration and a bit of preparation. To obtain Corrosive Rounds and add them to your arsenal, follow these steps:

  1. Re-roll in Adventure Mode: Begin by entering Adventure Mode, as it provides a faster way to target specific areas. You can also attempt this in the Campaign, but Adventure Mode is generally more efficient.
  2. Start at Morrow Parish: Your goal is to begin your run at Morrow Parish. This choice determines the boss you’ll face at the end of your journey, which is essential for obtaining the Corrosive Rounds mod.
  3. Navigate to Namyue’s Retreat: Progress through the areas as Remnant 2 directs you, eventually leading you to Namyue’s Retreat. Once there, speak to Namyue and ask her to send you to the Hunting Grounds.
  4. Reach the Forsaken Quarter or Equivalent: Following Namyue’s directions, you’ll likely be directed to a location like the Forsaken Quarter.
    • This stage is crucial for the next step, so be sure to follow the main quest line diligently.
  5. Find the Shattered Gallery: You have just reached the Corrosive Rounds Remnant 2 location!
    • Continue moving through the streets until you encounter an exclamation point-marked doorway. This location is the Shattered Gallery, where you’ll face the boss you need to defeat.
  6. Defeat Magister Dullain: The boss you encounter in the Shattered Gallery is Magister Dullain. This boss fight is challenging but manageable, especially if you have strong area-of-effect (AOE) attacks in your build. Defeat Magister Dullain to obtain the required drop.
  7. Obtain Tainted Ichor: From your victory over Magister Dullain, you’ll obtain Tainted Ichor, a crucial material for crafting the Corrosive Rounds mod.
  8. Return to Ward 13: Once you have the Tainted Ichor, head back to Ward 13, the central hub in Remnant 2.
  9. Craft Corrosive Rounds: At Ward 13, find Ava McCabe, who is responsible for crafting weapon mods.

Provide her with the required materials to craft the Corrosive Rounds mod:

  • Tainted Ichor x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x5
  • Scrap x500

This is it from my side! I hope now you know how to obtain corrosive rounds remnant 2! Feel free to check out our take on Remnant 2: Faelin Or Faerin Choice and Remnant 2: How Many Players Can Play?


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