Remnant 2: Faelin Or Faerin Choice [All Outcomes]

Players will face formidable bosses, Faelin and Faerin, and must defeat one to progress in Remnant 2 and earn the exclusive item.

Upon placing the Faelin and Faerin Mural Pieces into the expansive circle at Remnant 2 Palace Courtyard, a new path will open up, granting players entry to both the Beatific and Malefic Galleries. Within these areas, players will come face-to-face with formidable bosses, Faelin and Faerin, who demand that their respective counterparts must be defeated to progress.

Key Takeaways
  • Placing Faelin and Faerin Mural Pieces in Remnant 2 Palace Courtyard opens a new path to Beatific and Malefic Galleries.
  • In each gallery, you’ll face formidable bosses, Faelin and Faerin, and must defeat one to progress.

  • Killing Faelin grants “Traitor” and “Was this Supposed to Happen” Achievements.
    • Rewards the “Imposter’s Heart” for crafting long gun Deceit.
    • You also get Faerin’s Sigil ring for Mod Power generation by 10% for Critical and Weak Spot Hits
  • Killing Faerin earns “Traitor” Achievement.
    • Rewards the “Melded Hilt” for crafting Melee Weapon Godsplitter.
    • You also get Faelin’s Sigil ring for Mod Power generation by 10% for Melee damage. 

  • To switch between Faelin or Faerin, use the lever in the center of the mural circle.
  • The choice affects the rewards and weapon crafting options but does not significantly impact the story.
  • If you want both rewards, you’ll need to reroll Remnant 2 progression, retaining character progress while starting over to fight the other boss.

Should You Kill Faelin Or Faerin In Remnant 2?

The decision to eliminate either Faelin or Faerin depends on the rewards offered by each option. Both opponents are difficult, and the choice ultimately lies in your hands, as each one provides a different reward upon completion.

Kill Faelin (Beatific Gallery)

Faelin Item remnant 2
Crafting Faelin Weapon – [Image by eXputer]
Facing Faerin in the Beatific Gallery grants you the “Traitor” Achievement and the “Was this Supposed to Happen” Achievement if it’s your initial encounter with an alternate World Boss. 

  • The “Imposter’s Heart” item, which allows Ava to craft the long gun Deceit
  • You will also get Faerin’s Sigil, a ring that boosts Mod Power generation by 10% for Critical and Weak Spot Hits.

Ultimately, killing Faelin in this gallery bestows items that are better suited for melee builds.

Kill Faerin (Malefic Gallery)

Faerin Item remnant 2
Crafting Faerin Weapon – [Image by eXputer]
On the other hand, confronting Faerin in the Malefic Gallery only earns you the “Traitor” Achievement. As for the rewards, you will get:

  • You will receive the “Melded Hilt” item, allowing Ava to craft the Melee Weapon Godsplitter
  • Faelin’s Sigil, a ring that increases Mod Power generation by 10% for Melee damage.

Overcoming Faelin in this gallery provides items that are more advantageous for ranged builds.

How To Switch Between Faelin And Faerin In Remnant 2?

Faelin and Ferin Switching
Using Lever to switch between Faelin and Ferin – [Image by eXputer]
Locate the lever situated in the center of the mural where the Faelin and Faerin Mural Pieces are inserted. Pulling the lever will set the large circle into motion, allowing you to change the direction it faces.

  • If the light half of the circle is pointed toward the door, passing through the portal will take you to the Beatific Gallery and Faelin.
  • On the other hand, if the dark half of the circle is pointed toward the door, it will lead you to Faerin in his Malefic Gallery.

Do The Choices Affect The Story?

After defeating either Faelin or Faerin, the story will advance, and you’ll be taken to the Labyrinth. The storyline doesn’t significantly change based on your choice; the main difference lies in the weapon you can craft using the special item you receive.

If you wish to obtain both items, you will need to reroll the progression. Keep in mind that you’ll retain all character progress, but you’ll have to start over to fight the other version and access the alternative weapon.

That’s all you need to know before fighting either Faelin or Faerin. Furthermore, read the guide on How To Respec to adjust your character attributes. Also, learn about the Remnant 2 Classes and select the best one that suits your playstyle. Remnant 2 features 6 Locations as stages and levels and the one you’ll face Faelin or Faerin will be in Losomn.


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