How To Solve The Water Harp Puzzle In Remnant 2

This guide contains a complete walkthrough of one of the challenging puzzles in Remnant 2, The Water Harp.

A lot of challenging puzzles are featured in Remnant 2. Solving these puzzles can be really interesting and time-consuming as well. And, of course, some of them might give players a headache as well—however, the water harp puzzle is no different from the rest. There are two layers to solving this puzzle. In this guide, I will show the proper walkthrough of the Remnant 2 Harp Puzzle Solution.

Key Takeaways
  • Remnant 2 Harp Puzzle is one of the hardest puzzles featured in Remnant 2. 
  • Players will encounter this puzzle at the center of the Forbidden Grove while on their way to the Lost Temple.
  • On the first attempt, players will not be able to solve the water harp puzzle.
  • To solve this water harp puzzle, players will have first to power up the water harp.
  • Players have to explore more of the biome until they find a room with a lever inside.
  • After powering up the water harp, players can get back to the center of the Forbidden Grove and solve the water harp puzzle.
  • Once the puzzle is solved, the missing part of the broken bridge will come out of the water.
  • The bridge is fixed, and players can now get into the Lost Temple to fight with the Ravager.

What Is The Water Harp Puzzle

Remnant 2 harp puzzle
The Water Harp Puzzle [Image Credit: Gamer Heroes]
The water harp puzzle is one of the challenges that you will face. The water harp is a massive bronze device that resembles a wolf’s head with pipes coming out of its mouth. It is said to be a tribute to the Ravager, a legendary beast that dwells in the Lost Temple, a hidden sanctuary that holds ancient secrets and treasures. To enter the temple, you must play the Beast’s Song on the water harp, which will activate a bridge across a deep chasm.

Where To Find The Water Harp In Remnant 2

The Pan Flautist Remnant 2
The Pan Flautist [Image Credit: Rubhen925]
The Water Harp is located at the Forbidden Grove of Yaesha. You can find the water harp close to the center of the Forbidden Grove. The Pan Fluatist in Remnant 2 will give you a quest where you have to find and defeat the Ravager that lives inside the Lost Temple. 

On your way to the Lost Temple, you will encounter a river. However, in order to cross this river, that prevents you from crossing to the other side. You will have to solve the Remnant 2 harp puzzle.

How To Complete The Water Harp Puzzle

While you are at the Lost Temple of the Forbidden Grove, you will come across the water harp puzzle. But on the first attempt, you cannot solve the puzzle no matter how much you try as I have mentioned above that there are two layers to solving this puzzle. 

Powering It Up

  1. The first layer is that you will have to power on the water harp in order for it to work.
  2. Explore more of the Remnant 2 biome, and eventually, it will lead you back to the water harp at the Forbidden Grove’s Center.
  3. As you venture more into the biome, you will find a place known as the World Stone Room.
    The World Stone Room
    The World Stone Room [Image Credit: Gamer Heroes]
  4. You will see a lever inside the room.
  5. Pull the lever, and it will power on the water harp.
  6. Inside the World Stone room, you will also find a book.
  7. This book consists of instructions that guide you on how to solve the water harp puzzle. 
  8. However, decrypting the book is quite a hard challenge.
  9. If you want to keep things simple, then keep following the instructions.  
  10. Once you have powered up the water harp, get back to the location of the water harp, and now it is time to solve the puzzle.

Solving The Water Harp Notes

In order to solve the water harp puzzle, you have to raise five notes in the given order to play the correct musical tone.

For that, follow the table below to solve the puzzle. 

Harp RowsSymbol 1Symbol 2Symbol 3Symbol 4Symbol 5
  • Once you have solved the puzzle while following the table mentioned above, now get back and pull the lever on the left.
    Pulling the lever to the left of the water harp
    Pulling the lever to the left of the water harp [Image Credit: Gamer Heroes]
  • You will see that the water harp will start playing the musical tone
  • After that, a part of the bridge will come out of the water and will complete the broken bridge, which will let you cross over the river.
    Part of Bridge coming out of the water
    Part of the Bridge coming out of the water [Image Credit: Gamers Heroes]
  • Cross through the bridge, and you will reach the Lost Temple, where you can fight the Ravager. 

With all the information provided, my guide on Remnant 2 Harp Puzzle comes to an end. In this guide, I have mentioned the complete tutorial, by following which one can solve the water harp puzzle that is located at the center of the Forbidden Grove

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