Remnant 2: Dog Companion Modes & Usage

Explore strategic depth in Remnant 2 with the Handler's dog, featuring unique combat modes, healing abilities, & a revival mechanic.

Unleashing a whole new layer of strategic gameplay, Remnant 2 introduces a loyal canine companion to the Handler archetype. This clever pet, simply known as the Dog, not only aids players in the heat of battle but also enriches exploration, making every journey less lonely.

Key Takeaways
  • The Remnant 2 Dog is a unique companion for the Handler class.
  • Assists in battle and exploration with three modes: Guard Dog (attracts enemies), Support Dog (heals), and Attack Dog (deals damage).
  • Mode is indicated by the dog’s bandana color change.
  • Capable of reviving the player with a Dragon Heart if available.
  • Control the Dog through a ping system for strategic advantages in combat.
  • Substantial health bar reduces concerns about its survival in battles.
  • Enhances both solo and team play experiences for the Handler class.

Who Is Dog In Remnant 2?

Dog Companion of Handle Class

The Dog is a new and pivotal companion of the Handler archetype.

This faithful canine companion aids players in battle and operates in three distinct modes: Guard Dog for attracting enemy attention, Support Dog for area healing, and Attack Dog for dealing damage.

How Dog Is Helpful To Handler Class?

The handlers added a permanent dog companion as a new element that will follow you everywhere. The dog is not specific for battle but will explore the world with you like it can find hidden items, smell, or detect enemies. This is a unique feature that the developers have added to the game. The furry team member (Dog) has three modes, which we will discuss below.

1. Guard Dog

Dog Guard Mode 

The first mode is known as Guard Dog, and it will be used to seduce the enemy’s attention by howling. The players who want to divert enemies can use this mode, but they have to make their way through the level. In this mode, the dog serves as a distraction or a decoy to enemies, helping the Handler manage hostile threats strategically.

2. Support Dog

Dog Revive Mode 

The Support Dog mode highlights the Handler’s role as a support class. In this mode, the dog performs Area of Effect (AOE) healing, restoring the health of the Handler and nearby allies. This can be particularly beneficial in intense combat scenarios or when the player’s health levels are critically low. Personally, the Support Dog is my favorite dog mode in Remnant 2.

3. Attack Dog

Dog Attack Mode 

The third mode is called Attack Dog. This mode is used for players who are fighting vigorous enemies. This mode will make the furry dog stronger and able to deal more damage to the enemies during combat.

How To Change Or Indicate Dog Modes?

Each mode can be indicated by a colorful bandana that the dog is wearing around its neck. This will make it easy for you to track its motion and performance, and this will allow you to adjust your strategy accordingly.

In addition to this, you can also send the dog to an allocated area and attack your enemies there. It is not very difficult to activate these modes, but it can be done with simple button presses. So it will be easy for you to control the dog’s actions during the battle.

In all modes, the dog’s bandana changes color, providing a visual indicator of the current mode. This mechanic ensures players are constantly aware of their dog’s role, enabling them to strategize and react accordingly during battles. 

My most preferred dog is the Support dog while playing the Handler Class. There are a lot of other uses of uses the Support dog; however, being able to revive yourself with the help of the dog once you are dead is, I think, the most useful feature of the Support Dog.

This brings me to the end of Remnant 2 Dog Guide, where I have discussed everything there is about the Handler’s trusty companion in the game. Before you leave, I’d recommend you also read about All Remnant 2 Editions & Which One to Get, and Remnant 2 Release Platforms guides.

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